Petition for Hollis, NH to change the speed limit of Fletcher Lane

Dear Honorables,

This petition is to request an article be placed on a warrant and an upcoming town meeting.

Residents of Fletcher Lane have become increasingly concerned with cars speeding down our small .4 mile long dirt road. There are 15 houses on this road, including (but not limited to) 19 kids, most of them being younger than 10 years old. We would like to discuss the possibility of changing the speed limit from 25MPH to 20MPH and having signs posted at each end of the road. In addition, we would like to discuss the possibility of three signs warnings motorists there are children at play, at both ends of the road, and also in the middle.

We live in a very friendly community, frequented by area residents who are out for walks or runs. It’s very common to see kids crossing the street to visit neighbors, or out riding bikes. Unfortunately, a lot of motorists treat Fletcher Lane as a shortcut from South Merrimack Rd. to Witches Spring Rd (and vice versa) and carelessly speed down the road. We feel it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hit by a car and therefore would like to request this change. We are also open to additional suggestions from the Board of Selectmen, should there be any.

Residents of Fletcher Lane


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