About Us

live-free-or-dieWe are a grassroots, community-based organization initially formed in the spring of 2014 by a group of citizens of Hollis, New Hampshire, in response to the threat of imminent destruction of private property and hard-won conservation land in our community. This threat came in the form of a plan (Northeast Energy Direct, formerly called the Northeast Expansion Project) proposed by Tennessee Natural Gas Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, to build a high-pressure pipeline to transport fracked gas from shale fields in Pennsylvania.

Since the group’s inception, the proposed route has changed multiple times, with the result that as of this writing it is no longer expected to traverse any portion of Hollis. This has not shaken our conviction that the pipeline should not be built. In fact, the re-routing of the project has placed 17 New Hampshire communities in the destructive path of the pipe and has galvanized the opposition of a greatly expanded number of our state’s citizens.

The precise plan for distributing and consuming the fuel that the pipe would carry has not been revealed to us. However, we know that it would not be available for use by many affected communities, and we have considerable reason to believe it would be intended primarily for export from the Canadian Maritime provinces.

Although this was the initial impetus for forming our organization, our interests extend well beyond our local communities. We are deeply concerned about climate change and environmental pollution, and wish to work in partnership with groups and individuals everywhere who share our conviction that public policy must cease to favor the interests of the petrochemical industry and must focus instead on conservation, efficiency, and development of clean, sustainable technologies.

It is the mission of NHPipelineAwareness.org to help New Hampshire citizens achieve the following objectives:

  • Shut down the NorthEast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline project at every level and through every phase in which it is allowed to continue.
  • Prevent the energy exploitation in New Hampshire by decision makers or private speculators where the net benefits disadvantage NH citizens, favor those outside our state, or fail to measure their true cost to the New Hampshire way of life, its natural resources, local economies or sustainable energy future.
  • Understand the true environmental, economic, and emotional impact of overbuilding  and disproportionately depending on new fossil fuel infrastructure.
  • Insist on the safety and repair of dangerous and inefficient existing gas pipelines before consideration of any new infrastructure.
  • Protect our homes and our communities against those who seek to seize, exploit or abuse them for financial and political gain and without private or collective consent .
  • Preserve the rural character of our landscape.
  • Act without further delay to combat climate change, by increasing energy efficiency and transitioning from fossil fuels to clean, sustainable, energy-independent technologies as the basis for state and regional energy policy.
  • Partner with our neighbors in other states who pursue these and other similar objectives.

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