Town of Amherst, New Hampshire

Information about Amherst can be found on the Town of Amherst website

Pipeline information can also be found on the town website under Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C. (“Tennessee”)

The Town of Amherst has done a lot of research about the proposed NED pipeline.  Some of that research is evident in the following letters to the FERC.

Town of Amherst Letter 6/8/2015

“An additional area of concern stems from the widespread citation of “regional energy needs” as the main justification for the pipeline under the FERC process. We believe discussion has reached a critical point where confusion over the true status of the State of New Hampshire’s energy needs — or rather, the lack thereof — requires clarification to our residents before this process continues any further under such justification, especially since Amherst homeowners are already concerned about negative economic impacts on property values as speculation about the proposed pipeline increases.”  Read more …

Town of Amherst Letter 3/23/2015

The Amherst Planning Board completed and made public the Town’s latest Master Plan in July 201o. It documented the town’s existing condition and our community’s historical significance, its existing and unique historic, “small town” and semi-rural character and values, and also its goals for improving the quality of life in town and carefully managing new residential and industrial development in Amherst through the year 2030. The document also references the fact that Amherst is often ranked “one of New Hampshire’s most desirable places to live.”  Read more …