2014 Baytown Nature Conservation Summit: How To Look After Natural Resources

The 2014 Baytown Nature Conservation Summit was one of the most valuable events that took place in that year, in our humble opinion. In case you fail to remember, that was around the same time when typhoons, earthquakes, and floods brought severe damage to various countries. Even in the United States, tornado outbreaks and winter storms were reported.

Despite the different disasters that struck the nations, though, the experts blame it all to one thing: the destruction of natural resources. That is the reason why we should learn how to look after the following aspects of nature now that are supposed to protect us against calamities.

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What requires your utmost care at the moment are the forests. Because companies used to take the trees there to make firewood, paper, and other products without planting new ones, the land becomes exposed to rain or extreme heat. The result is that landslides, mudslides, or forest fires occur and cause damage to the residents living near them.


More and more people resort to buying drinkable water in a bottle instead of trusting the liquid that comes from the tap. That is due to the undeniable fact that a lot of water resources these days have already been contaminated with chemicals or trash. If we want to be able to drink fresh water again, we have to avoid using detergents too much or throwing garbage anywhere since they will eventually end up in rivers and other bodies of water.

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The air is another natural resource that we need to breathe and live. However, many individuals usually go out wearing a face mask since they don’t wish to inhale the polluted air that circulates all over the city. The only way to decontaminate it is by reducing the use of technological gadgets or cars as they emit chemicals that cause pollution.


What else can you do to look after our natural resources?


3 Natural Alternatives To Our Home Concerns

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A clean home is a must to protect our health as it is through greasy, dusty, and grimy environments that bacteria thrive. They expose us to diseases such as influenza, strep throat, tuberculosis, and urinary tract infection. There are those who are very particular with tidiness, especially mothers who have little ones.

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Paper, Plastic, Or Cloth: The Debate On Packaging For The Environment 

Packaging is one of the most easily recognized sources of pollution. It is not surprising, considering that most of the trash we usually see out in the streets are discarded wrappers, bags, containers, and other forms of packaging. The choice of packaging that we use can significantly change our environmental impact, and there are only three standard options for packaging materials: paper, plastics, and cloth. 

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Small Changes At Home That Make A Big Difference For The Environment 

Good news for Kermit the Frog: being green is in. At least we’re referring to being environmentally-conscious. As the condition of our environment continues to worsen, we feel more compelled to make significant lifestyle changes. People are turning to solar power, smart houses and green cars. 


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Counseling Residences On Sustainable Living 

 More and more people are now waking up to the fact that our planet Earth is being destroyed and we might not have anywhere else to go after it is destroyed. This destruction certainly did not happen overnight, but it was catalyzed by the industrial revolution and the march of progress.   

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3R Strategy: The Right Way To Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle 

We’ve all heard of it since grade school. The popular concept of “3R” refers to the three activities related to waste management, “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” Just like a good motto, it is a reminder of how we should take care of our environment and treat it with respect. 

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