Green Energy Conversion

Reducing the customer base for fossil fuel generated electricity is another way to decrease the need for additional natural gas pipeline infrastructure.  New England is already overdependent on natural gas with over 50% of the electric generation portfolio tied to the volatile pricing of these gas markets.  Additionally PSNH/Eversource has petitioned the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to allow for a distribution rate tariff.  This  “pipeline tax” would shift the billion dollar construction costs of new pipelines onto electric rate payers.

Switching to renewable sources for electricity as a consumer would send a strong message to the PUC and electric distribution companies (EDC).  Make the change today to promote energy efficiency and the expansion of renewable energy sources rather than funding additional pipeline infrastructure.

Follow the below link for information on how to switch to green energy plans. Once you’ve made the switch, please return to this page and complete the form below to help promote the the change to renewable sources of electricity.

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