Town of Hollis, New Hampshire

Information about Hollis is available on their official website
» Town of Hollis website

Information about the pipeline can also be found on the town website
» Natural Gas Pipeline Information

Pipeline advocates selling New England a bedtime story


As gas providers jockey for a piece of New England’s energy pie, policy makers ask us to embrace natural gas as our go-to fuel for heating, transportation, and electric power generation. Five New England gas projects, including the proposed Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline, sprouted from a brief peakdemand constraint, worry over electric-market price-spikes and indecision on plans for our aging power plants. These common energy sector challenges became a “crisis” just in time to meet the availability of Marcellus shale gas. Thus launched New England’s NEDtime story, a tale of three fables: It’s cheap, it’s clean and we need it.”  Read more …
Kat McGhee, M.Ed., PMP