The town of Merrimack, New Hampshire

Information about the town of Merrimack can be found on their website
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The town of Merrimack offers pipeline information on their town website.
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Merrimack Citizens For Pipeline Information

Additionally Merrimack has a Facebook page for social media sharing of information. Click the link to be redirected to Merrimack Citizens For Pipeline Information.


Comments of the Town of Merrimack, NH to the FERC – 7/16/2015 

The Town of Merrimack does not believe that the NED project will make a significant impact to New Hampshire’s power generation situation. New Hampshire currently generates more power within its borders than is used by its residents and businesses. As such, a good portion of the power generated in the state is “exported” to other New England s Merrimack questions why the NED project must pass within southern New Hampshire without any real connection to the power generation grid within the State. It appears as though the current proposed route through New Hampshire is merely a “pass through” in order to connect to the hub in Dracut, MA. It is our belief that the route through New Hampshire is merely a matter of convenience and a perceived “path of least resistance” as opposed to a route based on the needs of the State of New Hampshire.”  Read more …

Identification of Town of Merrimack Property Owners Impacted by NED Project in FERC Docket No. PF14-22

On March 13, 2015 the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.0 (-TGP”) filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“Commission”) its Draft Resource Reports and Appendices. This filing included Appendix AA, the List of Affected Landowners which is privileged and not. available for review. Since this filing, the Town of Merrimack (“Town”) has had interactions with TGP in which TGP has indicated that there are sixty-one (61) impacted residents along the proposed 4.49 miles of the Northeast Energy Direct Project (“NED Project”) in Town. The Town’s research regarding impacted property owners differs dramatically from that which TGP provided the Town. The Town tax maps indicate that there are seventy-seven (77) landowners along the NED Project route through Town including three parcels of common area with rights in those three common parcels flowing to an additional seventy-six (76) landowners. Together, the total number of those whose property rights will be directly impacted by the route crossing over their land in Town is one hundred and fifty three (153).”   Read more …