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You’ll find numerous references associated with our detailed topic descriptions. Here we provide a few more you might find helpful.

  1. For an introduction to NED, we suggest an informational video. (Note that this video was made before the pipeline route was changed to go through southern NH.)
  2. Kinder Morgan’s pipe dream is economic nightmare,” CommonWealth magazine.
  3. Gordon Van Welie, do your job: LNG makes pipeline expansion unnecessary,” CommonWealth magazine.
  4. Summary on Compressor Stations and Health Impacts,”Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project.
  5. Natural Gas Pipeline Projects – Community Talking Points,” written by an industry insider who wishes to remain anonymous to protect his/her job.
  6. Drilling Deeper: A Reality Check on U.S. Government Forecasts for a Lasting Tight Oil & Shale Gas Boom,” David Hughes, Post Carbon Institute.

Web Sites & Social Media

Opposition to NED is widespread and ongoing. Consequently, a lot of additional information is available on-line. Rather than duplicating a list here, take a look at the list of web sites and social media available at


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