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Pelham/Windham Pipeline Awareness

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Litchfield and Hudson Residents Join in Protest at the Public Utility Commission

NHPUC Rally 2015-07-31

Area residents gather at the Public Utilities Commission in Concord to protest approval of a contract between Liberty Utilities and Tennessee Gas Pipeline that could help advance the Northeast Energy Direct project forward

Originally, PUC staff testimony recommended against approval of the proposed Liberty agreement, citing it as “speculative” and not least cost, and that it would leave Liberty Utilities and ratepayers with substantial excess capacity over the life of the contract. Later, a settlement agreement was reached in which Liberty scaled back the 115,000 dth/d to 100,000 dth/d and the agreement is now receiving a nod to the Commission by staff member Melissa Whitten.”  Read more …

Pelham Board of Selectmen Oppose Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Neighborhood Kids Say No Pipeline

Deer Hill Circle, Pelham NH Photo: Donna Kimball Butler

“Pelham Board of Selectmen have signed a letter opposing Kinder Morgan’s Northeast Energy Direct pipeline proposal. The pipeline would be 36 inches in diameter cutting through roughly 100 properties across five miles of town. Amherst, Litchfield, and Merrimack are among the other towns to have signed onto the letter addressed to Governor Hassan and elected officials.”  Read more …

The following Letters to the Editor are from Pelham’s representatives and residents:

FERC Scoping


Arthur H. Peabody Memorial Town Forest

Since January residents in New Hampshire have been filing comments to the FERC paper hearings regarding the Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct project. To date over 3,000 comments have been submitted. Massachusetts accounts for 1, 151 of those comments and New Hampshire is responsible for 1, 135. Of those, only 3 comments are in support of this project. The town of Pelham has the highest number of “Deny Survey Access” paper forms filed with FERC, largely owing to the fact that Pelham has the highest number of affected property owners by this project in a single New Hampshire town.”  Read more …

Efficiency and renewables — not more pipelines — keys to our region’s energy needs
Kinder Morgan-Tennessee Gas Pipeline has put word out that this pipeline route will “co-locate with an existing power line utility corridor,” leading the public to believe this new route eliminates the concerns that pipeline tract would cut across private property and conservation lands. This statement is misleading at best. At worst it is false and manipulative because there is no room in the existing power line corridors for pipeline construction. In fact, the pipeline construction is set to run alongside the corridors where private properties and conservation lands and streams that travel to lakes will be temporarily ripped apart, just as before, and then stand at risk of contamination and worse into perpetuity.”  Read more …

NED Pipeline Will Not Serve This Area

IMG_0345“To date, Kinder Morgan is still in the pre-filing phase of their approval process with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and are seeking a customer base to justify the proposed pipeline. Since re-routing away from Massachusetts and into New Hampshire, the company has failed to sign on any additional contracts with firm shippers of natural gas for home heating. The company has also failed to secure a contract with a gas-fired power plant that would provide a potential for cheaper electricity rates to the public. Without such contracts, Kinder Morgan lacks evidence to suggest its proposed pipeline will benefit the state of New Hampshire. Because Pelham does not have equipment for distribution of natural gas for home heating or to provide energy to its schools, town office buildings, or business district, the pipeline project currently poses no benefit to the town of Pelham.” Read more …

Not all pipeline propositions are equal
“The problem with the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline proposal is that it does nothing to reduce New England’s electricity rates. Ratepayers would actually begin to see higher prices as they pick up the cost for this project. Local utility companies, if approved to sign long-term precedent agreements for capacity on this pipeline, would pass the expense on to their electric ratepayers without any guarantee of new gas customers across the state. This is a pipeline that will root us to and maximize the inefficiencies of New Hampshire’s high electricity costs. We need to look away from this proposal by Kinder Morgan if we seriously want to change the course and lessen our energy prices in the northeast.”  Read more …


Pelham/Windham Pipeline Awareness