Petition: Call Upon Governor Hassan to Stop NED

nhpipelineawareness_logo_200x200Kinder Morgan’s Northeast Energy Direct (NED) is a high-pressure pipeline carrying excessive amounts of natural gas through New Hampshire without a primary benefit to the state. It is a bad deal for NH that would take lands by eminent domain, likely raise energy rates, decrease home values, and threaten water quality across the region.

We demand a more sensible course for NH’s energy future with a plan that is flexible and forward-leaning while preserving our “live free or die” state.

We demand the Governor unequivocally oppose the forfeiture of New Hampshire lands and the use of utility ratepayers’ funds to construct the NED pipeline. We call upon Governor Hassan to stop NED.

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Call Upon Governor Hassan to Stop NED

Kinder Morgan’s Northeast Energy Direct (NED) is a high-pressure pipeline carrying excessive amounts of natural gas through New Hampshire without a primary benefit to the state. It is a bad deal for NH that would take lands by eminent domain, likely raise energy rates, decrease home values, and threaten water quality across the region.

We demand a more sensible course for NH's energy future with a plan that is flexible and forward-leaning while preserving our "live free or die" state.

We demand the Governor unequivocally oppose the forfeiture of New Hampshire lands and the use of utility ratepayers' funds to construct the NED pipeline. We call upon Governor Hassan to stop NED.


4,196 signatures

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4,196John BennettBelmont, MASSACHUSETTS02478Oct 11, 2016
4,195Monica LehnerGreenfield , NHFeb 14, 2016
4,194Sheila Boberpelham, NHFeb 08, 2016
4,193Gerald VanwinkleWilton, NhJan 13, 2016
4,192Cynthia BarrySarasota, FlKeep our Earth safeJan 12, 2016
4,191Diana DamatoKeene, NHPlease listen to the voices of the people you represent, who are concerned about the real dangers of this high-pressured gasline carrying toxic chemicals. And please do not allow a corporation to cost us an average of $600 each per year to finance the infrastructure of building a pipeline for its own profit with no benefit to us.Jan 11, 2016
4,190Michael AlanGreenville, nhJan 08, 2016
4,189James Tyler-WallTemple, NHPlease don't let this happen to our town.Jan 07, 2016
4,188Lisetta SilvestriHolderness, NHNH does not need this terrible project - keep it out please!Jan 07, 2016
4,187marilyn stillwellfitzwilliam, New HampshireSTOP THE PIPELINE PYTHON!Jan 07, 2016
4,186Madelyn HamppJan 06, 2016
4,185Paul LandryNew Ipswich, NHJan 06, 2016
4,184Harold PopeFrancestown, NHBad idea... I am a Realtor and this is having a major impact on home sales as it draws uncertainty to the market. Just as uncertainty in the financial markets is bad, so is uncertainty in the real estate market right here in Southern NH. A LOT of towns are affected.Jan 06, 2016
4,183Amy GrubeWindham, NHThank you for your support.Jan 06, 2016
4,182Sharon PleskowiczPelham, NHHELP! Please stop the pipeline.Jan 05, 2016
4,181Cristina PiwowarskiNashua, New HampshireJan 05, 2016
4,180Nancy LaBonneRindge, NHThe supposed pipeline is NOT worth risks and impacts to our communities.Jan 05, 2016
4,179Brenda EavesPelham, NHPlease stop the pipeline from coming through Pelham, NH.Jan 05, 2016
4,178Michael Fafelnew ipswich, nhJan 04, 2016
4,177Edward LoringFripp Island, SCStop the pipline from going through a populated area.Jan 04, 2016
4,176Michael FlandersTemple, NHWell-documented negative health effects; construction of compressor station in Temple NH planned in immediate proximity to local elementary school and the town water supply. Consider if your profit is sufficient justification for giving the children Southern NH a lifetime of struggle with chronic disease. Jan 04, 2016
4,175Karen FariaNew Ipswich, New HampshireI do not support this pipeline for environomental reasons, nor do I support anything that increases the use of fossil fuels.Jan 04, 2016
4,174Wendy RavenGoffstown, NhSTOP NED, please don't destroy our beautiful state.Jan 03, 2016
4,173Andrew GomesFitzwilliam, New HampshireWe will defend our land...... Live free or DieJan 03, 2016
4,172Carol GroskyPortsmouth, New HampshireJan 03, 2016
4,171Sara SnowCambridge, MassachusettsRead Attorney General Healey's report which says,"we do not need increased gas capacity to meet electric reliability needs."Dec 31, 2015
4,170leah garlandLos Angeles, CABorn in NH. Most of my family lives there. My ancestors have lived iin NH for centuries. I am very invested in NH. I strongly oppose the NED pipeline. Dec 31, 2015
4,169Linda OConnellAndover, MassachusettsI love to vacation in NH and this threatens to violate beautiful NH.Dec 28, 2015
4,168Daniel BlissJaffrey, NHDec 28, 2015
4,167Omar DohertyNashua, New HampshireDon't allow them to pollute and give us cancer. Property values will crash and towns will become abandoned due to health risks.Dec 27, 2015
4,166Cynthia BoundyWest Townsend, MANED Pipeline is not needed. Dec 27, 2015
4,165Diana DevineAtkinson, New HampshireDec 26, 2015
4,164Patrice DohertyDec 26, 2015
4,163Molly Bond Dec 25, 2015
4,162Patricia RoweDec 25, 2015
4,161Toomas SeppPlymouth, MADec 25, 2015
4,160Samantha BondTemple, NHKeep NH healthy and beautiful!!!Dec 24, 2015
4,159Justin BaronNashua, NHDec 24, 2015
4,158Jaime ThompsonTemple, New HampshireDec 23, 2015
4,157Dan ThompsonDec 23, 2015
4,156Christine KannWilton, NHPlease preserve the beautiful land we have in New Hampshire and keep our citizens safe from pollution and pipeline leaks and explosions. I want my grandpa's log cabin home and yard to stay a wonderful place to live.Dec 21, 2015
4,155Karen St. ArnaudDracut, MassachusettsPlease stop the NED pipeline. It is not needed and my house is within a half mile from a proposed compressor station.Dec 21, 2015
4,154MARCEL LIBERGEMANCHESTER, NHWould you want it in yorur own backyard or even near you or your school or church?Dec 20, 2015
4,153Lisa MilletteNashua, New HampshireDec 20, 2015
4,152Stanford LongNew Ipswich, New HampshireStop this action nowDec 19, 2015
4,151Roger LaFontaineBridgewater, NHKeep NH pristineDec 17, 2015
4,150Pamela Hicksonamherst, New HampshireDec 16, 2015
4,149Marion DewyngaertHudson, New HampshireDec 16, 2015
4,148Arlene LaurenitisWilton, NHThe proposed pipeline and 41,000- horsepower compressor station will put many local businesses out of business. The Monadnock region is recognized as a quiet, unpolluted area. People come from out of state to go to riding camps, hunting clubs, to hike and to buy pollution free food. The pollution from the Compressor will cause people to go elsewhere, causing economic disaster here.Dec 16, 2015
4,147Paul Holmes Portsmouth , NH I remember Seabrook...are we getting this shoved down our throats too?Dec 15, 2015
4,146Eugenio PetrellaPelham, New HampshireDec 14, 2015
4,145Heidi MandelRESEDA, CaliforniaDec 14, 2015
4,144Allen DavisDublin, NHWe don't need it. Say no now!Dec 14, 2015
4,143gail duplerHollis, nhWhy would NH want to be part of this pipeline?Dec 14, 2015
4,142Patrice PenningtonPeterborough, New HampshireDec 14, 2015
4,141Donna PalmerNHDec 13, 2015
4,140Heidi HagemeyerPhoenix, AZMakes me rethink relocating to Rindge, NHDec 13, 2015
4,139Eric NelsonMerrimack, NHDec 13, 2015
4,138Michelle AudetLitchfield , NhNo! Pipeline! In NH!Dec 13, 2015
4,137kathy BriandHudson, New HampshireSo Glad someone took the time to explain this to meDec 13, 2015
4,136Paul CezanneKeene, NEW HAMPSHIREThis doesn't seem to benefit NH, and it certainly seems to harm it.Dec 12, 2015
4,135Ellen KambolNew Boston, NHThis benefits Kinder Morgan, not NH. The jobs are temporary; the damage is permanent. We need lower fossil fuel consumption, not a grid that must be maintained for generations.Dec 11, 2015
4,134Aglaia PanteliodisManchester, NhLive free or dieDec 11, 2015
4,133Daniel GlassBrooklikne, New HampshireDec 11, 2015
4,132Kasey LutherLee, NHDec 11, 2015
4,131Tyler EllwoodNashua, NHDec 11, 2015
4,130Cody EllwoodNashua, NHDec 11, 2015
4,129David EllwoodNashua, NHDec 11, 2015
4,128Gayle EllwoodNashua, New HampshireDec 11, 2015
4,127Michael BurnsKeene , NHrenewable energy only, wind-solar-water, no fossil fuels, save the environmentDec 10, 2015
4,126Corey StanleyWolfeboro, New Hampshire Dec 10, 2015
4,125Sydney LittleNashua, NHDec 10, 2015
4,124Mary PicardWebster, NHNo to eminent domain for a project like this.Dec 10, 2015
4,123Don SelbyNHDec 10, 2015
4,122Dianne ArsenaultAlstead, NHNo pipeline, sustainable energy onlyDec 10, 2015
4,121Allison TerryWorcester, MADec 10, 2015
4,120hunter cinq-marsdurham, NHDec 10, 2015
4,119shannon burnskeene , nhDec 10, 2015
4,118Jaclyn KoelschFranklin, MADec 10, 2015
4,117Aryanah HayduEssex, CTDec 10, 2015
4,116Miles DuhamelDec 10, 2015
4,115samuel wilsonwoodsville, nhDec 10, 2015
4,114Teal HertzKeene , New Hampshire Dec 10, 2015
4,113Jessica Harrington Newburyport, MAGood Luck!!!!!!!!Dec 10, 2015
4,112Steven LautureManchester, New Hampshire Dec 10, 2015
4,111steven hamelsouthington, ctDec 10, 2015
4,110Scott BradleyDerry, NHDec 10, 2015
4,109Maura Doylekeene , nhDec 10, 2015
4,108Jurien GarrisonKeene , New Hampshire Dec 10, 2015
4,107Brianna GeorgeFremont, NHDon't Do It!Dec 10, 2015
4,106seanna flynnrochester, nhDec 10, 2015
4,105Amy SulborskiHancock, New HampshireDec 10, 2015
4,104Devon LarrabeeKeene, NHNot worth it-short and sweet.Dec 10, 2015
4,103Courtney DusablonBurlington, VTThanks! Dec 10, 2015
4,102Bill HayKeene, NH This looks like a bad deal for everybody but those who'd profit from it.Dec 10, 2015
4,101Jessica SnyderRutland, VTDec 10, 2015
4,100andrew schlechtkeene, nh joining the causeDec 10, 2015
4,099Robert BorgesonRindge, New HampshireDec 10, 2015
4,098Gregg SoloveiPeterborough, NHDec 10, 2015
4,097allen nelsonauburn, nhDec 10, 2015
4,096Reed HayesNew Ipswich, NHThis project is NOT good for NH and its residents. Please help us stop it now.Dec 10, 2015
4,095Owen LandisJaffrey, New HampshireDec 10, 2015
4,094Evan MoloneyHollis, New HampshireDec 09, 2015
4,093Alexander AmannAlton Bay, New HampshireWe need to stop this fossil fuel crap and invest in renewable resourcesDec 09, 2015
4,092Tara GreenblattNew Ipswich, New HampshireNO Pipeline please!Dec 09, 2015
4,091Elizabeth BurkeDec 09, 2015
4,090Tania VeraBROOKLINE, New HampshireDec 09, 2015
4,089Madison MortonAlton, NHDec 09, 2015
4,088Nathan DemersMerrimack, NHThe surveyors are marking the pipeline route just beyond our back property line. ItDec 09, 2015
4,087James JudgeMason, NHWe don't want it and we don't need itDec 09, 2015
4,086Anna ThomfordGreenville, NHDec 08, 2015
4,085thor thomfordegreenville, NHDec 08, 2015
4,084Jeanne NieuwejaarMilford, NHDec 08, 2015
4,083Virginia MahanManchester, NHDear Governor Hassan, The Northern Pipeline is Seabrook 2. Windfalls for investors, bad for the environment, and higher rates for consumers. Please protect us.Dec 08, 2015
4,082Mary DemersMerrimack, NHThis is bad for everyone and every living thing!Dec 08, 2015
4,081Elizabeth MaresMason, NHDec 08, 2015
4,080Deanna DurstMerrimack, NHDec 08, 2015
4,079Neal BrackenLansdale, PennsylvaniaDec 08, 2015
4,078Sharon Dicolla Albrightsville , paDec 07, 2015
4,077Andrew KennedyWilton, NHIt is imperative that you, our governor, take a stand and protect the interests of the citizens you serve by making your voice heard against the pipeline project. Your silence on this issue can only mean that you are willing to put the interests of an out-of-state corporation ahead of the interests of the people you are supposed to protect.Dec 07, 2015
4,076Elizabeth WattsLynbrook, NYDec 07, 2015
4,075Heather CarverMont Vernon, New HampshireKinder Morgan is the only entity that will benefit from this pipeline. NH deserves better. Please do what is best for NH and your constituents and oppose NED.Dec 07, 2015
4,074John GageWindham, New HampshireAs demonstrated by the meeting of world leaders in Paris to discuss and plan fossil fuel use and climate change this month, participation in this $5 billion project investment in fossil fuel infrastructure makes no sense for NH. Rather than be a necessary infrastructure project as described by Kinder Morgan, this pipeline is an absolutely backwards project that will delay us from making the necesDec 07, 2015
4,073ML YonikaMilford, NHThis does not benefit NH... Dec 07, 2015
4,072Tracy JasnowskiAmherst, NHDec 07, 2015
4,071Lisa BeaudoinTemple, 03084Dec 07, 2015
4,070Elise HeffelfingerMerrimack, NHDec 06, 2015
4,069Steve HeffelfingerMerrimack, NHWe pay more $$$ so a gas company gets rich?Dec 06, 2015
4,068Judith FORDLondonderry, NHDec 06, 2015
4,067State Rep. Dick HinchMerrimack, New HampshireDec 06, 2015
4,066Teresa LandisJaffrey, NHDec 06, 2015
4,065Phyllis Gregoire-MarksDec 05, 2015
4,064Rose MellinoCenter Ossipee, New HampshireDec 05, 2015
4,063Pamela MoburgLondonderry, NHDec 05, 2015
4,062Chris AlbertsonDec 04, 2015
4,061David CotterAmherst, New HampshireDec 04, 2015
4,060Christine ChaiLyndeborough , NHDec 04, 2015
4,059Barb Healybrookline, nhGovenor Hassan - Love us or leave us...stop Kinder Morgan.Dec 03, 2015
4,058Leslie PreissnerHollis, NHThis does not benefit NH, NH must have a coherent energy plan and corridors for the infrastructureDec 03, 2015
4,057Dorothy KeenanRindge, NHNO PIPELINEDec 03, 2015
4,056Duran Xiaolowell, MassachusettsDec 03, 2015
4,055Joy KubarekWilton, New HampshireDec 03, 2015
4,054Laura LewisMerrimack, NHit is wrong that a gas pipeline run close to a town's water supply. Water is not replaceable.Dec 03, 2015
4,053Amy SnedakerJaffrey, NHWe, the residents of New Hampshire do NOT want this pipeline!Dec 03, 2015
4,052Edward PoliquinNew Ipswich, NHPlease stop Kinder Morgan!Dec 03, 2015
4,051Patrice PinetteWilton, New HampshireFor the health of residents and the environment, I totally oppose the pipeline. Thank you for standing firmly against it!!Dec 03, 2015
4,050Laurel SoucyMason, NHDec 03, 2015
4,049Lulu ShaoLowell, MassachusettsDec 03, 2015
4,048Katlyn LawverDerry, New HampshireStop the pipeline! Don't ruin the natural beauty of NH. It's one of the few states left where you can find that kind of nature.Dec 03, 2015
4,047Craig MungerFranklin, New HampshireNatural Gas is no cleaner than other fossil fuels. Please invest in Renewable sources insteadDec 03, 2015
4,046Chris AndersonPeterborough, New HampshireThis is a bad deal for New Hampshire. We should invest more in local sustainable forms of renewable energy.Dec 03, 2015
4,045Charlotte PogueBrookline, New HampshireThere's never been a pipe that hasn't eventually leaked. Why would we jeopardize our environment for dirty fuel that's bound for foreign markets and will increase energy costs here?Dec 03, 2015
4,044Eric CarpenterPeterborough, NHTowns in MA reject original route and then proposal shifts to Southern NH as a way to move natural gas to MA destination does not make sense. Dec 02, 2015
4,043Bertram von ZabernTemple, NHDec 02, 2015
4,042David AgansWilton, New HampshireGovernor Hassan, I have voted for you because I believe you will not cave to business interests like the Republicans would. Please do not let us down.Dec 02, 2015
4,041William ParkerNashua, NHDec 02, 2015
4,040Karen Parkernashua, NHDec 02, 2015
4,039Carol Roberts - RepresentativeWilton, New HampshireState Representative Hillsbourough Cty, District 4Dec 02, 2015
4,038Rebecca KohlhorstRindge, New HampshireDec 02, 2015
4,037david weisbergkeene, NHthank you... we need more sensible plan for energy!Dec 02, 2015
4,036Donald TaylorRindge, New HampshireThis is the worst proposal with no sound benefits and lose of environentsDec 02, 2015
4,035Rebecca ThompsonMerrimack , New HampshireDec 02, 2015
4,034Anne MurrockSharon, NHMaggie, are you paying attention to global warming and climate change issues? We do NOT need this pipeline,and I am horrified that you would not be actively working to stop this that has so little to benefit NH and will become a great profit maker for Kinter Morgan, at our expense. The risk to our natural environment is too great! Please stop this!Dec 02, 2015
4,033Rikka WallinMy in-laws, who are 85 years old, will have the farm and home they've shared together for over 60 years impacted by this awful pipeline!Dec 02, 2015
4,032Michelle BarnhartRindge, New HampshireDec 02, 2015
4,031Virginia NotterNew Ipswich, NHPlease consider the people of NHDec 02, 2015
4,030Mark LeBlancLexington , KentuckyStop fracking Build windmills save New EnglandDec 02, 2015
4,029Tim GallagherAndover, NHSeems like a bad idea Dec 02, 2015
4,028Elizabeth PrestonSharon, NHDec 02, 2015
4,027Christine BrunnerKeene, NHThis project adds tremendously to the causes of climate change due to the process of unconventional fracking being done in PA . The whole infrastructure in itself releases methane to the air, and to envision those 30inch diameter pipelines is a nightmare......We need to consider using the current historical sources of natural gas as the transit natural gas a trDec 02, 2015
4,026Adam MisekFitzwilliam, NHDec 01, 2015
4,025JOHN SNOWSWANZEY, NHDec 01, 2015
4,024Harry LowenthalDublin, NHDec 01, 2015
4,023Marc RubinGreenville, NhDec 01, 2015
4,022Andrea LehtonenGreenville, NhDec 01, 2015
4,021Stephanie HurleyPeterborough, New HampshireProtect the people of your state from this horrendous pipeline!!!Dec 01, 2015
4,020David StalbirdNew Ipswich, New HampshireDec 01, 2015
4,019Jennifer WilhelmMadbury, NHDec 01, 2015
4,018Jennah CostaPelham, New HampshireNov 30, 2015
4,017Robert WorthingtonDracut, MaNov 30, 2015
4,016Kati Nichols Nov 30, 2015
4,015Frank HarndenNew Ipswich, NHIt's also a bad deal for Planet Earth!Nov 30, 2015
4,013Virginia HarndenNew Ipswich, NHI cannot express how disappointed I am that you have not heard your constituents. WE DO NOT NEED OR WANT THIS PROJECT. IT WILL PHYSICALLY HARM THOSE LIVING NEAR THE COMPRESSOR STATIONS. WHY CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND THIS?Nov 30, 2015
4,012Daniel WeeksNashua, NEW HAMPSHIRENov 30, 2015
4,011Gwyn BaldwinNew Ipswich, NHSTOP THE PIPELINENov 30, 2015
4,010Damian RoweWilton, NHWith regards to "eminent domain" Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, which states, "… nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." This gas pipeline through several towns in Southern NH has no direct benefit to the resource being sold for profit by Kinder Morgan. This benefits the citizens of the State of Massachusetts not New Hampshire. Nov 30, 2015
4,009Mary zipserSavannah, GeorgiaNov 29, 2015
4,008Eve KornhauserDurham, NHNov 29, 2015
4,007Anne MatviakNew Canaan, CTNov 29, 2015
4,006Jonathan SmithNashua , NHNov 29, 2015
4,005Jamiee MurrayNashua, NHNov 29, 2015
4,004mark mikoskiwinchester, nhdon't ruin our beautiful lands -- we do not need this !Nov 29, 2015
4,003Alan WalkerAshfield, MAThe NE pipeline would go through my parents' property in Ashfield, MA only a short distance from their house. It will destroy the safety and beauty of the entire Berkshire area.Nov 29, 2015
4,002Tammy CummingsJaffrey, NHNov 28, 2015
4,001Karen ManciniFitzwilliam, New HampshireNov 27, 2015
4,000Enid AmesLyndeborough, NHNov 27, 2015
3,999Thomas KershawMilford, NHJust say no for all of the reasons that have been presented.Nov 27, 2015
3,998Patricia CoxNewfields, NhNov 27, 2015
3,997Jennifer Blakleymilford, nhNov 27, 2015
3,996Eric BlakleyMilford, NHNov 27, 2015
3,995Emily & Herb ArcherMont Vernon, New HampshireGov. Hassan, this pipeline compromises everything we value about life in New Hampshire, with untold harm to the environment and quality of life. Please exercise your excellent leadership to stop this disaster while we can. Sincerely and respectfully yours, the ArchersNov 26, 2015
3,994Timothy PooleAmherst, NH - New HampshireNov 26, 2015
3,993Arzhang AhmadpourAmherst, NHPlz, stop ruining the environment and disrupting lives in the name of progress?!Nov 26, 2015
3,992Eleanor Rizzo Amherst, NHNov 26, 2015
3,991Elizabeth AuerLyndeborough, New HampshireNov 26, 2015
3,990Linda Millmanconcord, nhNov 26, 2015
3,989Susan CurrierAmherst, NHNov 25, 2015
3,988Lisa WilkinsonRindge, New HampshireNov 25, 2015
3,987L SumnerNov 25, 2015
3,986Kathleen ConnairClaremont, NHNov 24, 2015
3,985Elizabeth Lamy-HarrisHopkinton, NHNov 24, 2015
3,984Jessica ArnoldManchester, NHNO pipeline, please!Nov 24, 2015
3,983Cliff SumnerTemple, NHNov 24, 2015
3,982Kathryn Flynn MichaelsNewton, NHNov 23, 2015
3,981William GrubeWindham, NHSeems like a negative for New Hampshire residents with no benefits.Nov 23, 2015
3,980Caroline StapletonKeene, NHNov 22, 2015
3,979Elizabeth BrettAntrim, NHNov 22, 2015
3,978Robin GreggHancock, NHNov 22, 2015
3,977Jason BatchelderMerrimack, NHThis is a disaster in the making and it's strictly intended to put profit in the energy company's pockets in the form of fuel exports. This further entraps us on foreign fuel, and at the risk of NH with no benefit to NH. The jobs will be temporary and will mostly be imported from the fracking areas out west, so again, no local benefit.Nov 22, 2015
3,976Kerrie ArrudaSomerset, MANov 21, 2015
3,975Derek McCarthypelham, New HampshireStop the pipeline! This is a very bad option for NH residents. Nov 21, 2015
3,974Jennifer MelloPelham, New HampshireStop the pipeline! This is not the best option for us!Nov 21, 2015
3,973Matt PalmerN woodstock, NhPipe line in the south and power lines in the north why can't nh stay the way it isNov 21, 2015
3,972Bay S. kristinePeterborough, New HampshireJoin "your" People and SIGN against NEDNov 21, 2015
3,971Karen EnoPelham, NhStop this pipeline from destroying our land and harming usNov 20, 2015
3,970K SullivanNO TO NEDNov 20, 2015
3,969k sullivanJust say NO to NED Governor Hassan. This pipeline is not neededNov 20, 2015
3,968kay sullivanno more pippelines Govenor HassanNov 20, 2015
3,967k sullivannew ipswich, nhnot needed Govenor HassanNov 20, 2015
3,966sulli sullivanNew Ipswich, NHwe do not need more pipelines in NHNov 20, 2015
3,965k sullivannew ipswich, NH 03071just say NO to NED Govenor HassanNov 20, 2015
3,964Priscilla BordenFitzwilliam, New HampshireRobert and Priscilla Borden beleive the pipeline will contaminate the ground water both here in our town but all the way down stream as well it will also contaminate our air quality and destroy our way of lifeNov 20, 2015
3,963Sandra ZelenRindge, NhJust say noNov 20, 2015
3,961Robert LeBlancMerrimack, New Hampshirekeep it out! Build windmillsNov 19, 2015
3,960michael holbrookmarlborough, New Hampshire [NH]this plan will ruin many property values!Nov 19, 2015
3,959Nick Barnhart Rindge, NhPlease stop this pipeline that's going to ruin nh.Nov 18, 2015
3,958Carol MorrisseySalem, NHMy property will be impacted the most in my neighborhood. And what is frustrating is Salem doesn't even benefit from these natural gas mains; Salem uses propane. Another frustration is we get no tax break by allowing Kinder Morgan to use our property yet the state receives money from them...Nov 18, 2015
3,957edward martinFitzwilliam, NHNo benefit, no need.Nov 17, 2015
3,956Lenna BoatwrightNov 17, 2015
3,955Thomas KeenanRindge, NHNov 17, 2015
3,954Dorothy KeenanRindge, NHNov 17, 2015
3,953Lee OxenhamPlainfield, NHNov 17, 2015
3,952Terri PucciAshby, MassachusettsNov 17, 2015
3,951Gary NewstedWilton, NHNow is the time to show support for renewable energy. Say NO to dirty energy and invasive pipeline construction. Step up Governor!Nov 17, 2015
3,950Steve JacksonJaffrey, NhNov 17, 2015
3,949Laura MoranMerrimack, New HampshireNov 16, 2015
3,948Leonard BickfordGreenville, NhNov 16, 2015
3,947Rebecca DotyNov 16, 2015
3,946Jay SmithPembroke, NHNov 16, 2015
3,945Wendy DeMarcoTroy, NHStop the pipeline pleaseNov 16, 2015
3,944Steve SprattGreenville, NHNov 15, 2015
3,943Robert MaioccoMilford, NHNov 15, 2015
3,942Kathleen BatchellerPortsmouth, NHNov 15, 2015
3,941John MayNov 15, 2015
3,940Lisa JacksonJaffrey, NHNoNov 15, 2015
3,939Charles BrooksNew Ipswich, NHMy Natural Rights supersede the claimed rights of corporations!Nov 14, 2015
3,938Jeanne DietschPeterborough, NHMaggie, upcoming climate talks, sustainable acctg stds changes in 10-K filing reqmts and findings of fracking water pollution could likely cut demand for fracked fossil fuels to nothing, making this a second Seabrook fiasco. In addition, using a pipeline to cut marginal cost of fossil fuels reduces demand and increases cost of alternative fuels. Nov 14, 2015
3,937nicole provenchergreenville, New HampshireNov 13, 2015
3,936Teresinha Lameiraspelham, New HampshireNov 13, 2015
3,935Melinda BuxtonNov 13, 2015
3,934George MinnickFitzwilliam, New HampshireNov 12, 2015
3,933Francis Albanowilton, New HampshireNov 12, 2015
3,932Carol RugglesMarlborough, NHNov 12, 2015
3,931Russell E Brown, JrMason, New HampshireNov 12, 2015
3,930Christine CateBrookline, NHThis is NOT good for NH!Nov 12, 2015
3,929June ODonnellWinchester, NHPlease stop this not needed pipelineNov 11, 2015
3,928Kathleen MoynihanBrookline, NHPlease stop NED Nov 11, 2015
3,927Jeff BurnsRochester, NYMy family vacations near where the pipeline would be located. We believe construction of the pipeline will have an immediate negative impact on the environment and introduce unnecessary long term risks.Nov 11, 2015
3,926Kathleen CloseMerrimack, NHThis pipeline will go through the Horsehill Nature Preserve. That is ludicrous and unacceptable!Nov 11, 2015
3,925Laurene Jerome KentMerrimack, NHNov 11, 2015
3,924Steven KopsalaNew Ipswich , NHNov 11, 2015
3,923Kristin HowellNew Ipswich , NH Nov 11, 2015
3,922Leah RisemanBrookline, NHStop the Pipeline!Nov 11, 2015
3,921Katie MilewskiNov 11, 2015
3,920Stephen FalkNov 11, 2015
3,919Kristin TrentBedford, NHNov 11, 2015
3,918Gail ConnorRindge, NHNov 11, 2015
3,917stephen VerrecchiaRindge, NHNov 10, 2015
3,916Mary Belle IsleFitzwilliam, NHWe don't benefit from this, just get hurt on our real estate values.Nov 10, 2015
3,915Sharon MontourGarner, North CarolinaI am a former NH resident, and hope to retire back to NH within the next year. I will not retire to a state with a pipeline.Nov 10, 2015
3,914Jack HuberRindge, NHNov 10, 2015
3,913Edmond ChiassonWindham, New HampshireGovernor, we need your help.Nov 10, 2015
3,912Cassandra StoneMount Morris, IllinoisNov 10, 2015
3,911Christine SullivanBraintree, MAI grew up in Mason, NHNov 09, 2015
3,910Jim MartisPelham, NHNov 09, 2015
3,909josh AnkiewiczEpsom, NHScrew any time of pipeline or anything that would ruin the beauty of our great stateNov 09, 2015
3,908Becky LongvalBedford, NHGov Hassan HOW could you allow this to happen in our state. I wish I did not vote for you because you are not acting in the best interest of the citizens of NH. STOP this pipeline from damaging the enviroment, poisoning our land and hurting people. Killing wildlife, poisoning rivers and playgrounds. Support the people of this state. Dont take a deal with the devil , Big Oil.Nov 09, 2015
3,907Cheri FryPeterborough, NHNov 09, 2015
3,906Chris ChristensenMerrimack, NEW HAMPSHIRENov 09, 2015
3,905Rebecca LiubakkaMilford, New HampshireNov 09, 2015
3,904Debra DoylePelham, NhNov 09, 2015
3,903Eric GruePelham, New HampshireVote NO on the NED Pipeline!Nov 09, 2015
3,902Carlos ByrneMerrimack, NHNov 09, 2015
3,901Cathy Byrnemerrimack, nhThis is of no benefit to NH residents. Merrimack has received enough in our town. Toll booth town, outlet town and now more drilling for a pipeline that is so close to schools, wetlands, conservations lands, residential properties. Kinder Morgan GO HOME. Nov 09, 2015
3,900Rachel AndersonNew Ipswich, NHNov 09, 2015
3,899Gene JonasMason, NHpower to the people!Nov 09, 2015
3,898Jessica StevensPelham, NHNov 09, 2015
3,897Ryan StevensPelham, New HampshireNov 09, 2015
3,896Crystal hazeltonNew Ipswich, NHi l8ve less than 2 miles away from were the compressor station sight. I have lived in this town for years and am raising an amazing 5 year old little girl. we deserve to feel safe from these oil thugs.. Nov 09, 2015
3,895Debbie LaiHollis, New HampshireNov 09, 2015
3,894Catherine ProvencherMerrimack, NHNH residents do not want this pipeline! Please listen!!!Nov 09, 2015
3,893james davolimilford, NHNov 08, 2015
3,892Jerry RiversRoosevelt, New York Nov 08, 2015
3,891Jeffrey ScottSpofford, New HampshireDo the RIGHT thing!Nov 08, 2015
3,890Patrice McArthurPelham, New HampshireNov 08, 2015
3,889Jennifer CotePelham, New HampshireDo not allow this to happen.Nov 08, 2015
3,888Christopher LongGreenville, NhNov 08, 2015
3,887mark GodinPelham, NHNov 08, 2015
3,886Jerry FioreSummit, N.Y.I have already had my land stolen (EMINENT DOMAIN) from me by the constitution pipeline. PLEASE HELP! I don't want to have another 30 inch gas line on my property. I have 3 daughters and I fear for their safety.Nov 08, 2015
3,885Janice EspositoMILFORD, NHNov 07, 2015
3,884Anthony EspositoMILFORD, NHNov 07, 2015
3,883Rance WallestonWeare, New HampshireNov 07, 2015
3,882Joy Keener-Borresen Nashua , NHNov 07, 2015
3,881Marianne PenderSouthington , CTNov 06, 2015
3,880Randie MeyerAmherst, New HampshireNov 06, 2015
3,879Julie BergeronTroy, New HampshireOwner of this property, 24 year Air Force veteran,CMSGT Ronald J Clemente, will be moving again, after 24 yrs and dozens of moves and Service to our country, please don't let this happen to him.At 70 yrs old he believes this will likely be the death of him.Please Gov.Hassan, please stop the pipeline from going thru NH.. Thank you,Julie BergeronNov 06, 2015
3,878Alan DziejmaNashua, nhDo your job!Nov 05, 2015
3,877Derick BrownMerrimack, NHNov 04, 2015
3,876Lawrence PanfilDracut, MANov 03, 2015
3,875William TeeterNashua, NHStop the NH Pipleline. No to eminent domain.Nov 03, 2015
3,874Brooke SardellaMethuen, MassachusettsNov 03, 2015
3,873Jesse Kingston Wilton, NHNov 03, 2015
3,872Brendan Reid ReidNov 03, 2015
3,871Laurie KawskiPelham, NHNov 03, 2015
3,870Ceara Perez-murphyGreenville, NhNov 03, 2015
3,869nicole donnellMont Vernon, NHNov 02, 2015
3,868Austin MillerLitchfield, NHNov 02, 2015
3,867Alan Dziejmagreenville, New HampshireNov 02, 2015
3,866Andrew ChildsAmherst, NHNov 02, 2015
3,865Daniel BeaulieuAmherst, New HampshireNov 02, 2015
3,864Susan LaBrieManchester, NHNov 02, 2015
3,863Laura BridgeSharon, New HampshireNov 01, 2015
3,862Thomas PufkiWolfeboro, New HampshireOct 31, 2015
3,861Elizabeth BackesTemple, NHPlease save my child's elementary school.Oct 31, 2015
3,860robert theall srfitzwilliam, New HampshireOct 31, 2015
3,858Mary BassettBrookline , NHOct 30, 2015
3,857Willow GrahamWilton, NHOct 29, 2015
3,856Serafin AndersonWilton, NHOct 28, 2015
3,855Patricia MeissnerDublin, NHOct 28, 2015
3,854Elizabeth StubbsLexington, MAOct 28, 2015
3,853Constance RinaldoTemple, NhThe NED pipeline is not needed inNH, it is environmentally destructive and will cost us more! Focus on renewables. Oct 28, 2015
3,852julianna lichatzWilton, NHOct 28, 2015
3,851Gail HoarWilton, NHOct 28, 2015
3,850Susan PlinerWilton, New HampshireOct 28, 2015
3,849Margaret O'LearyWilton, NHThis is a no-win deal for New Hampshire!Oct 28, 2015
3,848Kevin O'ConnellGreenfield , NHNat Gas prices are between 2-5 times offshore. Allowing this pipeline will raise domestic prices. Supply & demand 101Oct 27, 2015
3,847Kathy GuilmetteHudson, NhPlease stop the pipeline . Oct 26, 2015
3,846Gil GilcreastHudson, NHPlease stop the pipeline . Voters are counting on you . Thank you.Oct 26, 2015
3,845Luana WhitefoxWinchester, NHOct 26, 2015
3,844ira lockePelham, New HampshireOct 26, 2015
3,843Bethany CalvettiMilford, New HampshireI have heard about this for a while, but did not do much research until now for a project on ethics/environmental science. I am opposed to this pipeline, and now want to get more involved! thank you NH Pipeline!Oct 25, 2015
3,842lacey stickneyMason, nhplease think of usOct 25, 2015
3,841anna veymerrimack, nh 03054enough is enough...stop the lineOct 25, 2015
3,840Alison MartinezAmherst, NHOct 24, 2015
3,839Nicole Langloispeterborough, nhNO PIPELINEOct 24, 2015
3,838francis huardhudson, New HampshireOct 22, 2015
3,837Steven DeSimoneDracut, MassachusettsOct 22, 2015
3,836Kenneth StickneyWilton, New HampshirePlease stop the pipeline! My father is losing land in Amherst that has been in our family for over 72 years! The pipeline will cut his property in half and make it totally worthless. Think about your NH citizens rather than big business!!Oct 21, 2015
3,835Craig LambertPelham, NhOct 21, 2015
3,834Jennifer LambertPelham, NhOct 21, 2015
3,833Tracy KaletskySwanzey, New HampshireOct 21, 2015
3,832Rick HusseyMerrimack, NHOct 19, 2015
3,831Rebecca HusseyMerrimack, New HampshireOct 19, 2015
3,830Lory HessTemple, NHOct 19, 2015
3,829Gail BergeronOct 19, 2015
3,828Marcos FreguliaNew Ipswich, NHNo pipeline NHOct 19, 2015
3,827Marcus PetersonHopkinton, NHWe oppose this pipeline.Oct 18, 2015
3,826Susan ParentiPutney, VTput the money into clean energyOct 18, 2015
3,825Mary ScheidelWilton, New Hampshire (NH)Oct 18, 2015
3,824Phillip LaJeunesseAmherst, New HampshireOct 18, 2015
3,823Jo-Ann PetersonHopkinton, NHWe are against the pipeline.Oct 18, 2015
3,822Laura LivieMerrimack , NHThis pipeline (which does not benefit NH) will negatively affect homeowners & drastically affect property values. The pipeline is too close to Thornton's Ferry Elementary school & NH doesn't need this risk so close to our kids. The pipeline is too close to Merrimack water supplies, which are critical natural resources. Please stop this pipeline from negatively impacting NH, Governor Hassen!Oct 18, 2015
3,821Tania Centramerrimack, nhOct 17, 2015
3,820Sarah PetersonMerrimack, New HampshireOct 17, 2015
3,819Bernard MartinGreenville, New HampshireOct 17, 2015
3,818Deanna Nealgoffstown, nhOct 17, 2015
3,817Tracy McGrawMerrimack, NHplease help us. stand WITH us against the pipelineOct 17, 2015
3,816Laura DeschenesMerrimack, NHOct 17, 2015
3,815Donna ClarkNew Ipswich, NH - NEW HAMPSHIREPlease act now and stop this disaster from happening.Oct 16, 2015
3,814David SmithMerrimack, nhOct 16, 2015
3,813Jarrod croninMerrimack , NHStop NEDOct 16, 2015
3,812Susan JonesPelham, New HampshireWe need renewable energy, not gasOct 16, 2015
3,811ryan waszczukmanchester, nhgoverner hassian spoke to my college class about "preserving new hampshires beauty and natural resources" and now she ok's a plan to destroy ecosystems and sending the state backwards. we need to Solar Up New Hampshire!Oct 16, 2015
3,810Fiona Morricekeene, nhOct 16, 2015
3,809Matthew HarrisonMerrimack, New HampshireOct 16, 2015
3,808Michelle BedardPelham, NHOct 16, 2015
3,807Barbara UrschelMerrimack, NHThis issue is especially crucial to Merrimack as they have change the route and it goes right near our hospice, elementary school, wetlands and water supply! This CANNOT go thru!Oct 16, 2015
3,806Michele TerlizziAmherst, NHOct 16, 2015
3,805Julia DuhaimeTemple, NHPlease, Please, Please help us!Oct 16, 2015
3,804Christine KossuthMerrimack, NHOct 14, 2015
3,803Dave BondOct 14, 2015
3,802Nick FulchinoManchester, New HampshireOct 14, 2015
3,801Lynda Mabbs-ZenoPeterborough, NHOct 14, 2015
3,800Kevyn ToNHOct 14, 2015
3,799Laura HegfieldAmherst, NHOct 14, 2015
3,798Lori LepageGREENVILLE, New HampshireOct 14, 2015
3,797Jennifer GoodchildLondonderry , NHThe pipeline is going to destroy conservation areas that have been set up to protect the lands in londonderry. This is not acceptable. Oct 14, 2015
3,796Dwight HogsnCampTroy, NHThis pipe line will go through one of the most beautiful places God craated In the Rhododend\eron Park. It will also go through some of the most beatuiful farmland in SW NH. I t also is too close to Hazzard waste dump from Troy Mills. The compressors will make a constant noise. It should be stopped before spending anything more on it.! Oct 14, 2015
3,795tyler greenamherst, New HampshireOct 14, 2015
3,794Mark BastillePeterborough, New HampshireThe unregulated emissions from the compressor station are just plain wrong. No small gain in energy is worth the health of our kids.Oct 13, 2015
3,793Myra EmmonsBrookline, NHOct 13, 2015
3,792nicholas schumannashua, New HampshireOct 13, 2015
3,791Jennie HillRichmond, New HampshireDon't sell out "we the people" to corporate bidders.Oct 13, 2015
3,790J. RossWilton, New HampshireOct 12, 2015
3,789Cynthia WhaleyMerrimack, NHOct 11, 2015
3,788Shawn SlavinChester, NHDoes not serve NH then keep it out of NH!Oct 11, 2015
3,787Cheryl SlavinChester, NHKeep the pipeline in the states it is serving which does not include NHOct 11, 2015
3,786Barbara KahnSwanzey, NHWe all have a little piece of NH heaven threatened by this atrocity. It's not safe, it's not in the bet interest of the people whose homes and lives are threatened. Please, please, stop KinderMorgan.Oct 11, 2015
3,785Laura AmaralPelham, NHPlease don't let this happen!Oct 11, 2015
3,784Kathleen KrzewinskiSanbornville, NHOct 10, 2015
3,783Gavin SturgesPeterborough, NhNo pipeline!Oct 10, 2015
3,782Patricia AnsdellMerrimack, New HampshirePlease block this as it is bad for NH!!!Oct 10, 2015
3,781David LangMerrimack, New HampshireOct 10, 2015
3,780Barbara BuscemiNew Ipswich, NHOct 10, 2015
3,779June LillihillGreenville, New HampshireThis is a no win for all the families, future of New Hampshire. I only see money going into Kinder Morgan... no one in New Hampshire benefits. Why is this even being considered? Oct 09, 2015
3,778Wendy AlmeidaNew ipswich, NhPLEASE do not let this happen!Oct 09, 2015
3,777Sheldon PennoyerGreenfield, New Hampshire (NH)It is time to take a position against this pipe line that is being shoved down the throats of New Hampshire citizens. There is no benefit to NH. This will only hurt our rural landscape for Kinder Morgan Profits. Oct 08, 2015
3,776Judith DriscollJaffrey, NhPlease do not allow this pipeline to destroy this area. It will damage so mich and have no benefit for us. The environment will suffer greatly. Please listen to the people. Much time, energy and money has gone into conserving land here in the monadnock region. Will you allow kinder Morgan to take this for their own gain. Please the people of nah elected you to speak for us so please do.Oct 08, 2015
3,775Brad HamblettLitchfield, New HampshireOct 08, 2015
3,774Dvid Duke r.Wincheter, New HampshirewWe dont need thi pipeline ...We need GREEN ENERGYOct 08, 2015
3,773Scott KoskelaMerrimack, NHPlease stop this proposed pipeline project.Oct 08, 2015
3,772Marcia Zurick-ThompsonFitzwilliam, New HampshireOct 08, 2015
3,771Patrick ArmstrongDublin, New HampshireOct 07, 2015
3,770Michelle LevesqueTemple, NHOct 06, 2015
3,769Lynn WilczynskiRindge, NhI moved to Rindge NH 29yrs ago from Mass. where I lived in a home with natural gas. I chose to start my life with my family were the enviromental resources are clean and safe. Heating with oil was a big choice for me because of its safety..I thought I lived in a free country were choice was still my right. No to pipeline in my backyard lets move it to yours. Any remote chance of a disaster is too Oct 06, 2015
3,768Tracy McGrawMerrimack, NHPlease do not let this happen.Oct 06, 2015
3,767Sarah Neylan NHOct 06, 2015
3,766Israel AlanisMerrimack, New HampshireOct 05, 2015
3,765Walsh BrianWinchendon, MassachusettsI live on Lake Monomonac.Moved here 11 years ago because of the beautiful,natural environment.I want it to stay beautiful and natural.Oct 05, 2015
3,764Katherine MorrisonEpping, NHOct 04, 2015
3,763Christopher WhiteHaverhill, NHOct 04, 2015
3,762Brad WinslowDanbury, NEW HAMPSHIREOct 04, 2015
3,760Brendan MayoManchester , NhOct 03, 2015
3,759Casey MayoManchester , NhNo pipeline!Oct 03, 2015
3,758nancy firstnorthampton, MassachusettsOct 03, 2015
3,757Veronica NormanSpofford, NHDO NOT! DO NOT! DO NOT allow this disaster. Humanity will do good things if allowed.Oct 03, 2015
3,756Nina YakuboffMerrimack, nhSTOP the NEDOct 01, 2015
3,755Thomas IndelicatoAmherst, New HampshireThis needs to stop. The destruction of the natural beauty of our region to satisfy the needs of another region are simply not justifiable.Oct 01, 2015
3,754Mary Eileen IndelicatoAmherst, NHSep 30, 2015
3,753Derek AdairNashua, NHOur natural resources are too precious to have them endangered by our own iaction or inactionSep 30, 2015
3,752douglas smithnottingham, nhSep 30, 2015
3,751Lucas MoranMerrimack, New HampshireSep 30, 2015
3,750Kim AdairNashua, NhGov Hassan please listen to the residents! This is a very bad deal for nh. It will not benefit the towns and children of this great state, it is only the want of corporate greed! This has to be stopped! It's not even anyone's choice! Sep 30, 2015
3,749Ellen PowellMerrimack, NHNo WAaaaay. Property values!!Sep 30, 2015
3,748Mark RoyMerrimack, New HampshirePlease stop the pipelineSep 30, 2015
3,747Edward TanMERRIMACK, NHSep 29, 2015
3,746Stephen HumphreyFitzwilliam, nhOur home will lose value, some of our neighbors homes will be forcibly taken and destroyed. Eminent Domain should only be used for necessary public benefit. This does not qualify. Sep 29, 2015
3,745sharon monahanpeterborough, nhfor god's sakes you are our spokesperson- speak outSep 29, 2015
3,744Elise HahnDelray Beach, FLServe the people who you represent. Not this corporation. This pipeline destroys local environments and communities in the sake of profit for others.Sep 29, 2015
3,743James CurrieBridgewater, MASep 29, 2015
3,742Terry BoczarMerrimack, NHPlease do not let NED ruin Merrimack for the people who live here. We live here so that we can keep our land-live free or die. We don't want any piplines, especially ones that don't benefit our comunity. Sep 29, 2015
3,741Tricia MooreMerrimack, New HampshireSep 28, 2015
3,740Doreen RollsMerrimack, NHThis pipeline should not be going through New Hampshire simply because they think it's easier.Sep 28, 2015
3,739Mark BukalaHudson, NHI don't feel high pressure gas lines should be located anywhere near high tension electrical towers especially since all of these are located just a few hundred feet from me and my family Sep 28, 2015
3,738Wendy Riman-ElsingTemple, NHOpposing the pipelineSep 27, 2015
3,737Nick RayAtkinson, NhSep 26, 2015
3,736James MoultonSpofford, NHFracking alone is a disastrous approach to meeting energy needs. A pipeline increases the lunacy multi-fold.Sep 26, 2015
3,735Maura DaddonaMerrimack, NHSep 25, 2015
3,734Shari VietryMerrimack, New HampshireSep 25, 2015
3,733Melanie GaiserAmherst, NHSep 24, 2015
3,732Owen VlahosAmherst , New HampshireI lost my liscense early!Sep 24, 2015
3,731ryan hanks Amherst , New HampshireI like Fantasy Football!Sep 24, 2015
3,730Julie PenneyMerrimack, NHNH has no need for this pipeline and would not benefit from it even remotely enough to outweigh the frightening impact on our towns and state. Please stop this.Sep 23, 2015
3,729Nathalie WatsonMilford , NHSep 23, 2015
3,728Eric GermanNew Ipswich, New HampshireSep 23, 2015
3,727Kerry McDonaldTemple, NHPlease stop this immediately! We already have >2.3Million miles of pipeline and we certainly DO NOT need more especially so close to a public elementary school!Sep 23, 2015
3,726richard kahnwilton, NHSep 23, 2015
3,725Mackenzie FieldHampton, New HampshireSep 22, 2015
3,724Sarah AntonucciSep 22, 2015
3,723Ralph BuschmannWilton, NHStop corporate greed and eminent domainSep 21, 2015
3,722Zach Tinkernew ipswich, nhwatch Gas Land on google. I like drinking from my well.Sep 21, 2015
3,721Tracy RamsdellAmherst, NHWe cannot have this cutting around our school, needlessly putting out children in peril!Sep 21, 2015
3,720Lillian SomeroPeterborough, New HampshireSep 21, 2015
3,719Jennifer TotaroGreenville, NHThis is unacceptable, please represent your constituents and put an end to this, NH does not need to get money this way!Sep 21, 2015
3,718Beverly CusatoMerrimack, NHThere is no valid justification for putting this pipeline through NH. Tell them to use existing pipeline routes.Sep 21, 2015
3,717Andrew LibertMERRIMACK, New HampshireSep 20, 2015
3,716Laureen LafondFitzwilliam, NHPlease stop the pipeline!Sep 20, 2015
3,715Julianne CoyeWilton, New HampshireSep 20, 2015
3,714Donna LehnusGreenville, NHSep 20, 2015
3,713Christopher FollomonNashua, New HampshireI own a family home in New Ipswich!!!!Sep 20, 2015
3,712Kevin SquiresNew Ipswich , NHStop the pipeline in NHSep 20, 2015
3,711Greg RobidouxTemple, NHSep 20, 2015
3,710Olivia TardiffWinchester, NhSep 20, 2015
3,709Ashley EnoPelham, NhSep 19, 2015
3,708Cathleen DoonanPeterborough, NHPlease keep your eye on our state and wellbeing Gov. Hassan.Sep 18, 2015
3,707Robert HillMerrimack, New HampshireGovernor, STOP the pipeline and protect the rights of the citizens of my town and our state.Sep 18, 2015
3,706Susan HennasMerrimack, NHStop NEDSep 18, 2015
3,705John SaundersMerrimack, NHSep 17, 2015
3,704Natalia WelchNew ipswich, NHNO PIPELINESep 17, 2015
3,703David WelchNew Ipswich, NhNo pipelineSep 17, 2015
3,702Ryan NayAntrim, New HampshireConsidering real estate in affected areaSep 17, 2015
3,701Wendy O'BrienFitzwilliam, New HampshireSep 17, 2015
3,700Samuel ElkinsFitzwilliam, New HampshireSep 17, 2015
3,699John PageStrafford, NHStop the greedy oil & gas company exploitation. Alternatives are far better for the long haul.Sep 17, 2015
3,698John RockwellPeterborough, New HampshireSep 15, 2015
3,697Lan DiSciulloPeterborough, New HampshireSep 15, 2015
3,696Kristin BuschMilford, NHSep 15, 2015
3,695Antonio GiancolaMerrimack, New HampshireNo to pipelineSep 15, 2015
3,694Jeff LaphamMont Vernon, New HampshireMake like Belichick and Do Your Job and get rid of thisSep 15, 2015
3,693Hayley Feyhtemple, nhStop Kinder Morgan, I'm 18 with asthma and allergies. Southern NH is a beautiful place to live, but not with air,noise, and light pollution from your monster compressors......Governor Hassan, stop this and protect the people that elected you to do the right thing!Sep 15, 2015
3,692Elizabeth CoxWilton, New HampshireSep 15, 2015
3,691Rebekah FloydWilton, New HampshireSep 15, 2015
3,690Mark DuckworthMerrimack, New HampshireThe gas pipeline is not needed for New Hampshire, and not needed at all. It is too dangerous and should not forcibly take NH residents' land for it.Sep 14, 2015
3,689Elizabeth RoyceTroy, NHSep 14, 2015
3,688Glynn SchulzeAmherst, NHPlease help us fight this pipeline. Thanks.Sep 14, 2015
3,687John WadeAmherst, NHIMO - The cons associated with this pipeline far outweigh the benefits. As a resident of Amherst, I firmly oppose it.Sep 14, 2015
3,686marc HouleNew Ipwsich, NHSep 13, 2015
3,685fernand houlenew ipswich, New HampshireSep 13, 2015
3,684audrey greeneWindsor, MASSACHUSETTSPlease protect your state.Sep 12, 2015
3,683Dale CaillerAmherst , Nh We don't need this financial or health and safety burden. No pipeline. Sep 12, 2015
3,682Maia RoutskaiaAmherst, New HampshireSep 11, 2015
3,681Dmitri RoutskiAmherst, New HampshireNO PIPELINE IN AMHERST!Sep 11, 2015
3,680Jen FritzFitzwilliam, NHSep 09, 2015
3,679Dean ZirolliFitzwilliam, New HampshirePlease stop this madness. Thank you.Sep 09, 2015
3,678Tom RezuchaFitzwilliam, NHPlease stop this pipeline!Sep 09, 2015
3,677Jeremy GregoryNew Ipswich, New HampshireSep 08, 2015
3,676frederick campbellwinchester, New Hampshireno pipeline!Sep 08, 2015
3,675michelle campbellwinchester, New HampshireDO NOT WANT THE PIPELINESep 08, 2015
3,674Sandy MackenzieNelson, NHSep 08, 2015
3,673Laura Pilkington Mont Vernon, NHSep 08, 2015
3,672Brian MellorManchester, New Hampshireprobably will not buy a house on proposed pipeline route. My wife and I really fell in love with the place tooSep 08, 2015
3,671Tracey DziadekAmherst, NHSep 08, 2015
3,670Jeff WellsMilford, New HampshireStop NEDSep 08, 2015
3,669Andrea MelasManchester , NHSep 08, 2015
3,668Elena HeidenWinchester, NHPlease, help spare us this.Sep 08, 2015
3,667Tom MatsonTroy, NHWhy are we letting them put pipelines through our State ParksSep 08, 2015
3,666Shelley EarleyFitzwilliam, NHSep 07, 2015
3,665Carey bluhmfitzwilliam, New HampshireSep 07, 2015
3,664Leslie Erdoben-EvansAlstead, NHIt is time greed was stopped. It is what is destroying our world and our lives. There is no other reason, except greed, to place this pipeline in this part of the woods!Sep 07, 2015
3,663Daniel LamontagneAmherst, NHAs someone who voted for you I hope you will continue to increase your support in NO PIPELINE! It will go through right next to our house. The one with my infant and toddler sons. It will jeopardize our well water, the wetlands surrounding us, my land values and most certainly, my future support of you in office. Please make this go away. My family, neighbors and NH need you.Sep 07, 2015
3,662Michael TowneWinchester, NHDon't let out of state business destroy our way of life, the natural beauty of our state and wildlife habitat that is already disappearing at an alarming rate .. We don't need a pipeline to feed the greed of an out of state businessSep 06, 2015
3,661Mike SwartzFitzwilliam, NHSep 06, 2015
3,660Stacie PirozziFitzwilliam, NHSep 06, 2015
3,659Kitty DotyFitzwilliam, NHSep 06, 2015
3,658Patricia ToomeyFitzwilliam, NHSep 06, 2015
3,657tim stevensonathens, VTif we are to avoid climate catastrophe, we must cease to extract and burn fossil fuels. This effort must also include the cessation of building the infrastructure for same, like pipelines.Sep 06, 2015
3,656Steven JohnsonSep 06, 2015
3,655Matthew KangasRindge, New HampshireStop this pipeline. There is nothing in it for NH except disruption, noise and pollution. Place it between the east and West bound lanes of the Massachusetts Turnpike.Sep 06, 2015
3,654Linda OrdwayFitzwilliam, New Hampshireplease stop NEDSep 06, 2015
3,653Robert ODonnellWinchester, NHPlease help us GovernorSep 06, 2015
3,652Alek WilliamsOrlando, FLSep 05, 2015
3,650Jessica Gryszkofitzwilliam, nhSep 05, 2015
3,649Lonnie HowellClermont, FloridaSep 05, 2015
3,648Edward Davenport Clermont , Florida I had hoped to retire to southern NH, but now I'm doubtful. I grew up in New Hampshire. Sep 05, 2015
3,647Mark TannerRindge, New HampshireRindge is one of the town's effected. it will be about 1/2mile from my house. I am worried about the safety of my well.Sep 05, 2015
3,646Betty Doolittle TuiningaThis has a direct affect upon my family and my grandchildren. It must be stopped!Sep 05, 2015
3,645brian kennedyfitzwilliam, nhDon't sellout Maggie!Sep 05, 2015
3,644dr. tom NeilsonGreenfield, MassachusettsSep 05, 2015
3,643Judy JacobetzSep 05, 2015
3,642Melissa FryeRichmond, new Hampshireplease.Sep 05, 2015
3,641Bonny PetersWinchester, NHSep 05, 2015
3,640Nancy HarrowitzPeterborough, NHSep 05, 2015
3,639Charles BorowskiFitzwilliam, NHStop NED we need better alternatives>Sep 05, 2015
3,638Emily SpencerWindham, NHSep 04, 2015
3,637Zak BooberRichmond , Nh Say NO to NED!!!Sep 03, 2015
3,636Cursty BooberRichmond , Nh Say NO to NED!!!!!!Sep 03, 2015
3,635Rebecca RobinsonAmherst, NHSep 03, 2015
3,634Lori ClarkeConcord, New HampshireSep 02, 2015
3,633Amy RohacikMerrimack, New HampshireSep 02, 2015
3,632Jackson WhitehouseNew Ipswich, New HampshireSep 01, 2015
3,631Nina GlendinningSep 01, 2015
3,630Lisa KniggePrinceton, New JerseySep 01, 2015
3,629Mary McNamaraMont Vernon, NHSep 01, 2015
3,628Colin ReginaSep 01, 2015
3,627Brielle WaltersSep 01, 2015
3,626Nathan PodgalskyPrinceton, New JerseySep 01, 2015
3,625robert laplantemilford, New Hampshirei dont want this mess in my back yardAug 31, 2015
3,624Yvette Ponceprinceton, New JerseyAug 31, 2015
3,623Ava RandAug 31, 2015
3,622grace zhangAug 31, 2015
3,621Rebecca LayCambridge , MAI have spent 53 years of my life going to Richmond, NH and learn to swim, taught my kids to swim and still enjoy a swim in nearby Sandy Pond. The pipeline will dissect a portion of this pond. It's hard to believe that this pipeline can benefit any American resident, family or child in a positive way. We don't need a pipeline and all the risk it brings. Please stop the pipeline!!Aug 31, 2015
3,620Erin DevineAug 31, 2015
3,619Jennifer BakerNorth Ferrisburgh, VTAug 31, 2015
3,618Eli WassermanPrinceton, NJAug 31, 2015
3,617Esme KotsenRichmond , New Hampshire Aug 31, 2015
3,616Margaret MoodyNorth Ferrisburgh, VermontI completely disagree with this pipeline and the fracking of natural gas; the impacts of this pipeline are not only unsafe for water sources and nearby land owners, but are also environmentally negative.Aug 31, 2015
3,615Lauren PriceAug 31, 2015
3,614Amy MoodyN. Ferrisburgh, VTWe come to NH to an old family place on Sandy Pond Road in Richmond NH. We oppose this pipeline. The area is a mostly undisturbed and we feel this pipeline construction would have a harmful impact on the forest, small streams and lakes in the area. It offers no benefit to the citizens of Richmond... but seeks to take advantage of an underpopulated area- please stop NEDAug 31, 2015
3,613Monique DumontWaltham, MAAug 31, 2015
3,612Elena KotsenPrinceton, NJAug 31, 2015
3,611Shana HopkinsNorthborough, MaStop the pipeline!!!!Aug 31, 2015
3,610Seth HopkinsRichmond, NHThis plan destroys area behind family homesteadAug 31, 2015
3,609Virginia JohnstonAug 31, 2015
3,608Carly ReumanCanton, New YorkAug 31, 2015
3,607Chrissy RobertsNew Ipswich, New HampshireAug 31, 2015
3,606Charles RicciActon, MassachusettsAug 31, 2015
3,605Clara RichardsTemple, New HampshireAug 31, 2015
3,604dru chichesterN. Hampton, NHAug 30, 2015
3,603diane valladaresNashua, NHAug 30, 2015
3,602Katherine MoodyRichmond, New HampshireAug 30, 2015
3,601Ara LynnNew Ipswich, NHreally really would like Governor Hassan to take us seriouslyAug 30, 2015
3,600Julia DuhaimeTemple, NHFamily of four opposes pipeline!! Julia, Stephen, Danielle & DarrenAug 30, 2015
3,599chris kotsenprinceton, NJPlease stop this madness!Aug 30, 2015
3,598Isabelle MoodyMonkton, VermontAlthough I am from Vermont, I have spent every summer for all 18 years of my life at my family's shared home in Richmond, NH. Our house, which was built just over 200 years ago, will be affected should the pipeline route be approved. I am strongly in favor of preserving New Hampshire's pristine landscape, and hope the state can also promote green, renewable energy. Thank you for your time.Aug 30, 2015
3,597Michael CroteauLitchfield, NHIt would be in my backyard with the power lines Aug 30, 2015
3,596Edward GoodellFitzwilliam, NHPlease stop the gas pipeline project proposed by Kinder Morgan. It has the adverse effect on our states natural resources, aquifers, property values, our citizens safety, land which is conserved which is supposed to be protected from any future development, and our stated natural beautyAug 30, 2015
3,595Kevin CaravouliasPelham, NhPlease stop the pipeline. I do not want to move further away. Aug 30, 2015
3,594Heiko MoritzMilford, NHNH is a rural state. There are not many properties per square mile. Somebody who says gas supply lines will be built to those houses for the benefit of the owners is a fool or a criminal. Aug 30, 2015
3,593Robert GottMilford, New HampshireWhen did the free people of New Hampshire surrender our liberty to the interests of a criminal corporationAug 29, 2015
3,592Luann KulbashianMason, NhAug 29, 2015
3,591Dartha HopkinsRichmond, NHIt is crucial to oppose this proposed pipeline.Aug 29, 2015
3,590Thomas HopkinsPrinceton, New Jersey2nd Residence, Sandy Pond Richmond NHAug 29, 2015
3,589Mary TerrioHollis , NHWe do not need a pipeline. It is expensive, supports a soon to be obsolete energy source (fracking) and places our children,our health, environment and water at risk. Our efforts, energy and resources need to be directed to sustainable and renewable energy!Aug 28, 2015
3,588Sarah BockusRichmond, New HampshireStop this now before we ruin even more of our natural resources in thi State. This will benefit no one in the State of NH. Aug 28, 2015
3,587Ron LabonteAmherst , NhStop it! Keep our state free of the pipelineAug 27, 2015
3,586tara davolimilford, NHNO pipelineAug 27, 2015
3,585Lea LabonteAmherst, NhKeep our town and state the beautiful place to live that it is.Aug 27, 2015
3,584Sherry PeasleeNew Ipswich, New HampshireAug 27, 2015
3,583Tiffany HarrisSwanzey, NHI am also a state employee and union member. Aug 27, 2015
3,582Yvette Bigelow, Esq.Greenville, NHNOT "NIMBY." This threatens to devastate the Monadnock region, for NOTHIN'.Aug 27, 2015
3,581James AntosNew Ipswich, NHwant to join your groupAug 27, 2015
3,580Nancy AntosGreenville, NHWould like to join your groupAug 27, 2015
3,579Cynthia TellierMerrimack, NHAug 26, 2015
3,578Melissa Connor fort Collins, coloradoplease stop. The natural gas companies are successful and we need to protect our environment before our grandkids tell us it's too late. Stop this pipeline. It is unfair to those it will impose on. Aug 26, 2015
3,577michael mcguiremason, New HampshireAug 25, 2015
3,576Daryl JohnsonAmherst, NHAug 25, 2015
3,575Elizabeth BackesNew Ipswich, NHAug 24, 2015
3,574Doreen BrownePalm Coast, FlThe threat is not worth any gain that "might be"Aug 24, 2015
3,573Garth YoungPelham, NhAug 24, 2015
3,572Daniel LuomaGreenville, NhPipeline can take their eminent domain and stuff it Aug 24, 2015
3,571Thomas CusatoMerrimack, NHHello. Please do what you can to stop this. The primary beneficiaries are the folks in Massachusetts. They should find the path for the pipeline in their state. My land is being threatened. My water supply is being threatened. All because Massachusetts citizens have louder voices than New Hampshire's. We need you to be our voice! Thanks.Aug 24, 2015
3,570Jennifer HoweManchester, New HampshireI do not support the Pipeline project in NHAug 24, 2015
3,569Joe PelletierAug 24, 2015
3,568Douglas HallHudson, NHThe pipeline will literally destroy my back yard!Aug 23, 2015
3,567Michael SilvaBedford, NHAug 22, 2015
3,566Faith KotsenRichmond, NHThis project drastically hurts our home (we are in incineration zone), our local children's camp, our lake, and our town. In NO WAY do we support the destruction of all we hold dear!Aug 22, 2015
3,565Betty LabonteAmherst, NHYou have the power to save New Hampshire. I voted for you. Please be responsible and STOP NED!Aug 22, 2015
3,564Ruth DesmaraisGreenville, New HampshireThese people are nothing but trouble, other states have petitioned not to have this put and we do not need to destroy our water, air, and most importanly our people that live here.. You need to read these petitions Governor and tell these people no way in hell will this be allowed in NH.Aug 21, 2015
3,563Aldene FredenburgWest Swanzey, NHI will not vote for any politician who supports this pipeline.Aug 21, 2015
3,562michael conleymilford, New HampshireGovernor Hassan, please consider longer term, more ecological alternatives!Aug 20, 2015
3,561amy conleymilford, New HampshireAug 20, 2015
3,560Kenneth DesmaraisGreenville, New HampshireThis is Maggie Hassan's pipeline, not ours.Aug 20, 2015
3,559Alice FarnhamHanover, NHAug 20, 2015
3,558Alice DansbyLebanon, NHPlease stop this pipeline!Aug 20, 2015
3,557Theresa Newkirkbedford, MassachusettsAm looking to purchase a home found a beautiful one in hudson nh. Change my mind when found that the pipeline is gonna be half mile from the home. Pipeline should stop. Aug 19, 2015
3,556David AndersonMerrimack, NH - New Hampshirethe NED has not been proven to be needed. Alternative Energy needs to be considered to meed any new demand.Aug 19, 2015
3,555Rosalind HumesWinchester, N.H.Aug 19, 2015
3,554Allen HumesWinchester, N.H.please let sense prevailAug 19, 2015
3,553Virginia CostaMethuen, MAWe don't want this pipeline because we don't need it. It's only for Kunder Mirgan to make a will destroy our planet and our environment.Aug 19, 2015
3,552tom laveybrookline, NHStop the pipelineAug 18, 2015
3,551Tamara KartheiserRindge , NH Aug 17, 2015
3,550Ben SchaeferManchester, New HampshireAug 17, 2015
3,549Giuseppe Rotondomilford, NHthis will not help us at all and take away from our beautiful landscapes. Even if it benefited our state we still should not do it.Aug 17, 2015
3,548Alicia LangilleNew HampshireAug 17, 2015
3,547john gibbonsPelham, NHopposeAug 17, 2015
3,546Keith BadgerLyndeborough, NHstop this craziness please!!Aug 16, 2015
3,545Rebecca Van DamTemple, NHAug 15, 2015
3,544Jesse RoseChino, CaliforniaAug 15, 2015
3,543Lynn HebertWinchendon, MASTOP THE PIPELINE!!!!!Aug 15, 2015
3,542Collen GuiryMason, NHAug 15, 2015
3,541Ron KardosAug 15, 2015
3,540Diane LeBlancKeene, New HampshireAug 15, 2015
3,539Brian LuhrsMerrimack, NHAug 14, 2015
3,538Petra LongmanPeterborough, NhAug 14, 2015
3,537Natasha ThomasMilford, NHAug 14, 2015
3,536Jaime LaRoche BrewerE Templeton, MAAug 14, 2015
3,535Dana WelchLyndeborough, New HampshireI vote.Aug 14, 2015
3,534Faith SheridanMadbury, NHStop Kinder Morgan's pipleline. Please.Aug 14, 2015
3,533Andrew PressmanJaffrey, NHThis short-term approch for energy is not in the best interest of NH. Aug 14, 2015
3,532Kim GovoniLyndeborough, New HampshireAug 14, 2015
3,531Sandra FradesMilford, NHYou need to step up for this issue. We don't want this pipeline in NH!Aug 13, 2015
3,530Karl MartinsonFitzwilliamAug 13, 2015
3,529Rhonda MatsonWestport, MassachusettsAug 13, 2015
3,528Nathan KartheiserRindge, NHPlease do what you can to stop this pipeline, it hurts the people of your state and benefits them in no way. Drop the politics and stand up for the people that have built a life in your state.Aug 12, 2015
3,527James MoodyRichmond, New HampshireAug 12, 2015
3,526Dorothy CrawfordFitzwilliam, NHAug 12, 2015
3,525Thomas MoodyRichmond, VermontThe proposed pipeline would devastate a 180-acre parcel purchased by my family over 50 years ago. The land was put in current use by our family to preserve the land. In the 1970s, a giant powerline cut a swath of land through the property, cutting off the back acrage from the house. The pipeline will more than double the devasting environmenntal effect. It has to be stopped.Aug 12, 2015
3,524Rina PetitLitchfield, New HampshireThe Kinder Morgan Pipeline Is Against The Public Interest!Aug 11, 2015
3,523Catherine KoningKeene, New HampshireAug 11, 2015
3,522Matthew ZinicolaNew Ipswich, New HampshireAug 11, 2015
3,521Karin eisenhaureMason, NhPlease stop this pipeline through. Our many townsals Also,I think it is very sinful to make people lose their homes that they built themselves,like us.. And eminent domain is against what NH is all about " Live free or Die" please please make these people stop doing this to settled people kids in school. What is this world. .......please do not let this come and ruin Many lives.Aug 11, 2015
3,520Amy van LoonHudson, NHAug 10, 2015
3,519CJ BestChester, NHDear Governor Hassan,What are we the utility intersection of the world? NH is growing too fast and losing its character. Go Solar not electric or other. And eminent domain? Come on! I thought we dealt with that already! Aug 10, 2015
3,518Carol YungkNew Ipswich, NHThis will become a ghost town. Many people including myself are all looking to move. We moved here from CT three years ago to make a new home that would be safe and peaceful. The dread we residents feel is overwhelming. Now we realize what little say we have in what happens to our home when big companies see dollar signs. People who have lived their whole lives here are abandoning their homes. Aug 10, 2015
3,517Josephine NasonNEW IPSWICH, NHAug 10, 2015
3,516Daniel NasonNEW IPSWICH, NHPipeline provides zero benefit to NH. Renewables are the futureAug 10, 2015
3,515Erik DurmerFitzwilliam, NHI am not saying that NH does not need a reliable energy source, I am saying that NH does NOT NEED the NED pipeline.Aug 08, 2015
3,514Karin EisenhaureMason, NHDon't want it!!!Aug 08, 2015
3,513Clint YoungEnvironmental, safety, noise, land value concerns. Stop this thing!Aug 07, 2015
3,512david dohenyamherst, New Hampshirestop this pipeline, support your peoples rightsAug 07, 2015
3,511Marian CaisseTemple, NhPlease don't support the pipeline.Aug 06, 2015
3,510Stephanie SelbySandown, New HampshireAug 06, 2015
3,509Sara ThibaultMilford, New HampshireAug 06, 2015
3,508Giselle HartCohasset, MassachusettsAug 06, 2015
3,507Cody HusseyDover, New HampshireThis should not even be happening!Aug 05, 2015
3,506Linda LangilleNew Ipswich, NHstop the pipelineAug 05, 2015
3,505Allison MurphyBoston, MAAug 05, 2015
3,504Gregg WaymanNew Ipswich, New HampshireI do not want this pipeline in New Ipswich!!Aug 05, 2015
3,503Melissa SchuftAmherst , NHI just moved here and will be right on the edge of the incineration zone... Please don't make me regret moving to NH! Aug 05, 2015
3,502Lisa MontesantoAmherst, NHPlease, please do not let this pipeline happen!Aug 05, 2015
3,501Rufus ChaffeeAug 05, 2015
3,500Shilo PorterSharon, NHNo Pipeline!!!!Aug 04, 2015
3,499Heike MoritzMilford, New HampshireWe do not gain anything from the pipeline, no jobs, no renevue, do not need the gas, we just get the burden.Aug 04, 2015
3,498Jonathan MayAmherst, NHYou need to take a strong stand on this -- not sit on the sidelines and hope for the best!Aug 04, 2015
3,497Lauren GuetlingAug 04, 2015
3,496Barbara DuckworthMerrimack, NEW HAMPSHIREThis pipeline will be incredibly harmful for the community and the environment Aug 04, 2015
3,495Veronica Walsh Donmason, nhAug 04, 2015
3,494Maureen McLatchyGreenville, NHProtect the health and rights of NH residents, this project is a BAD deal for NH!Aug 04, 2015
3,493Kim AhearnAmherst, NHStop the pipeline from coming through our townAug 03, 2015
3,492Heather Bogonisamherst, New HampshireAug 03, 2015
3,491Barbara GrantzMont Vernon, New HampshireAug 03, 2015
3,490William BinghamAmherst, New HampshireAug 03, 2015
3,489Kathy DohertyAmherst, NHThis is a bad idea for NH. Governor we need you to stand up for our state. Aug 03, 2015
3,488Edward mayersAmherst, nhstop the km pipelineAug 03, 2015
3,487Daniel St. JamesAmherst, New HampshireSpeak out Maggie!!Aug 03, 2015
3,486Barbara RoseNorthfield, MAStop Kinder Morgan NO PIPELINE in MASS.Aug 03, 2015
3,485Jennifer D'AuteuilAmherst, New HampshireAug 03, 2015
3,484Jason NurmiAug 03, 2015
3,483Carrie HoltAmherst, NhAug 03, 2015
3,482Sam GuayGreenville, New Hampshire (NH)Aug 03, 2015
3,481Elizabeth NulmanAmherst, NHAug 03, 2015
3,480Elizabeth KuzsmaAMHERST, New HampshireAug 03, 2015
3,479Bryan ArchambaultAmherst, New HampshireAug 03, 2015
3,478heather leachmilford, nhAug 03, 2015
3,477sherri LangoneAmherst, NHAug 03, 2015
3,476Joan McDonagh-BraultAmherst, New HampshireAug 03, 2015
3,475Nancy BennisonAmherst, NHAug 03, 2015
3,474Heike VogtAmherst, nhAug 03, 2015
3,473Amanda JensenAmherst, NHYou need to start taking a negative position on this and standing up for NH.Aug 03, 2015
3,472Barbara SmithMilford, NHThis is fracked gas. Bad choice for many reasons.Aug 03, 2015
3,471Courtney DillonRindge, NHAug 03, 2015
3,470Jane SenkAmherst, New HampshireAug 03, 2015
3,469Lynn Yeiterrindge, NHPlease do not destroy our state, our water, our environment.Aug 03, 2015
3,468Kali MondorAmherst, New HampshireAug 03, 2015
3,467Holly HartshornAug 03, 2015
3,466Martin GouletAmherst, NHAug 03, 2015
3,465Pauline ShireAmherst, NHNo reason for this pipeline, and many reasons against it. Please make sure it does not go through. Thank you.Aug 03, 2015
3,464Wendy RannenbergAmherst, NHThe proposed pipeline only benefits a large corporation and not the citizens of NH. Aug 03, 2015
3,463Lara McGuireAmherst, NHAug 03, 2015
3,462Lisa HeneyAMHERST, NHPlease stop this in our communities!!!!Aug 03, 2015
3,461Jill CamittaAmherst, New HampshireAug 03, 2015
3,460diane hewittGroton, MAAug 03, 2015
3,459Ray PatalanoPelham, NHAug 03, 2015
3,458June HarrisBrookline, NH - New HampshireThis pipeline is not in the interest of the people or the environment of NH; It is your responsibility to look out for NH's best interests and to help protect us from this blatant corporate bullying. Aug 03, 2015
3,457nzenalu ObineloAug 03, 2015
3,456Thomas SchmidtMilford, NHDevelop renewable energy alternatives, not more use of fossil fuel.Aug 03, 2015
3,455John LeonardAmherst, NHAug 03, 2015
3,454Susan LeonardAmherst, NhAug 02, 2015
3,453Lisa BollingDallas, TexasAug 02, 2015
3,452Bonnie GormanDerry, NHAug 02, 2015
3,451Daniel ParrAug 02, 2015
3,450Jacki LariviereNew Boston, New HampshireAug 02, 2015
3,449Nancy StewartHollis, NHAug 02, 2015
3,448Megan Barrpelham, nhAug 02, 2015
3,447Timothy HarveyCampton, New HampshireAug 02, 2015
3,446Shawn KelleyPeterborough, NhAug 02, 2015
3,445Edith BednarcykGoshen, NHThis does not benefit NH and will only harm! Stop this madness! We need renewable energy not fossil fuels!Aug 02, 2015
3,444Timothy AdamsNashua, NHSTOP the pipeline!Aug 02, 2015
3,443CHRIS SMALLAug 02, 2015
3,442simona amietmanchester, New HampshireThis gas will not be going to industries and businesses in New Hampshire; it will not decrease the cost of electricity. In New Ipswich they plan on building an 80,000-horsepower compression station; it will be the largest built in this country. This plant will be fully automated and monitored from Texas. It will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will be pumping toxic fumes.Aug 01, 2015
3,441Catherine SofikitisNashua, NHAug 01, 2015
3,440Christian MartinoTemple , NHGovernor, listen to the people, not to corporate America. Your putting lives at risk. Aug 01, 2015
3,439Bonnie WrightSalem, NHAug 01, 2015
3,438Barbara Shapiro-DedousisNashua, NHStand up to this corporate greed for your NH residents.Aug 01, 2015
3,437Margo & Jonathan PikeAug 01, 2015
3,436Heidi RoeschLodonderry, New HampshireAug 01, 2015
3,435Sylvie McFarlandPelham, New HampshireNo pipeline in PelhamAug 01, 2015
3,434Stephanie UrquhartNew Ipswich, New HampshAug 01, 2015
3,433Denise gellarpelham, nhPlease stop NEDAug 01, 2015
3,432Shannon LundinPelham, NHAug 01, 2015
3,431susan hardenPelham, NHAug 01, 2015
3,430Deborah B RyanPelham, NHPlease do not allow this giant scar to be made right through our entire town. We already have 2 pipelines. No one should have to have it this one, but if it has to happen let it be towns that do not have pipelines already. ThaNK you.Aug 01, 2015
3,429Jennifer NalePelham, New HampshireAug 01, 2015
3,428Wendy BourqueMerrimack, NHAug 01, 2015
3,427Michael BourqueMerrimack, NHAug 01, 2015
3,426Greg ShearmanMerrimack, NHAug 01, 2015
3,425Reagh, Sr GreenleafMerrimack, NHStop the pipeline!Aug 01, 2015
3,424Roger HebertMerrimack, New HampshireNED: Not Needed. Not Wanted. Not Safe. !Aug 01, 2015
3,423Michael ReidMilford, New HampshireAug 01, 2015
3,422Gregory StatiresNew HampshireJul 31, 2015
3,421J keatinglondonderry, nh#Jul 31, 2015
3,420Barbara AmosHollis, NHI much prefer the clean energy that the Northern pass project would provide to natural gas. Please help us stop the NED gas pipline!Jul 31, 2015
3,419Pamela YoungRochester, NYPlease listen to the voters and taxpayers in your state who are asking you to STOP NED. Listen to them.....they are an intelligent lot of very concerned taxpayers and very savvy voters. Thank You Jul 31, 2015
3,418Jason McCuneBedford , NHThere's too much at stake to risk such a gamble. We ask you to say no.Jul 31, 2015
3,417Keri LoPilatoFitzwilliam, NHJul 31, 2015
3,416M O'NeillMerrimack, New HampshireThere is no benefit to New Hampshire and many perils.Jul 31, 2015
3,415Alicia FlandersMerrimack, New HampshirePlease stop the pipeline. My research reveals that it is of no benefit to NH residents while posing serious risks. Thank you. Jul 31, 2015
3,414Albert DavidianHaverhill, MassWatch the documenrtary " Gasland"Jul 31, 2015
3,413Nancy LavoieMerrimack, NHJul 30, 2015
3,412Stacey ReidMilford, New HampshireJul 30, 2015
3,411Deborah WyndhamNHWe do NOT want the pipeline in NH!!Jul 30, 2015
3,409Jane DeLueNew Ipswich, NHJul 30, 2015
3,408Mildred SniderMilford, New HampshireJul 30, 2015
3,407Astrid JuergesGreenville, NHJul 30, 2015
3,406Nikki Fisher-QuittmeyerMilford, NHJul 30, 2015
3,405Thomas IndelicatoAmherst, NEW HAMPSHIREThis pipeline is a solution to a problem that barely exists, but yet causes untold problems itself. The pipeline, if needed at all, should NOT go through New Hampshire, but should stay entirely in Massachusetts. We don't need it, it won't help us, and it will only harm our homes, environment, and pocketbooks (through higher energy costs). Please use your power as governor to STOP THE NED!Jul 30, 2015
3,404Patricia AnastasiaLONDONDERRY, NEW HAMPSHIREThis pipeline is not good for New HampshireJul 30, 2015
3,403Abby DawsonWilton, nhplease don't allow the pipeline to go throughJul 30, 2015
3,402Rhonda SalvailNashua, NHJul 30, 2015
3,401Theresa LinehanAmherst, NHPlease oppose - no benefit to NH. Great risk to wetlands, rivers, streams, aquifers, quality of life, property values. For what? To export gas?Jul 29, 2015
3,400Joyce AskenaizerHollis, New HampshireJul 29, 2015
3,399Michael AskenaizerHollis, New HampshireJul 29, 2015
3,398Karen HatcherPeterborough, NHJul 29, 2015
3,397Joanne LysonNashua, New HampshireLet's talk alternatives! No pipeline*Jul 29, 2015
3,396Diane SteeleNew Ipswich, NHJul 29, 2015
3,395Annie MullenAMHERST, New HampshireWe don't want it!Jul 29, 2015
3,394Jeff ElsingTemple, NHTake a page from MA and stop this pipeline from ever coming thru NHJul 29, 2015
3,393Sheila KingDublin, NHJul 29, 2015
3,392Douglas LippertJul 29, 2015
3,391charles paquinlitchfield, New HampshireJul 29, 2015
3,390Random DudleyNew Ipswich, New Hampshirebenefits don't outweigh the costsJul 29, 2015
3,389teresa paquinhudson, New Hampshireno pipeline!Jul 28, 2015
3,388rebecca jaspersontemple, nhthis is not good for the public. Only private company wins here at our expense.Jul 28, 2015
3,387John GolinskiPelham, NHJul 28, 2015
3,386Laura SimonMilfrod, NHJul 28, 2015
3,385Terri O'RorkeRichmond, NHIt's time to join the people who placed you in office to represent us, Gov. Hassan. WE DO NOT WANT OR NEED THIS PIPELINE!!Jul 28, 2015
3,384Jennifer SiegristMilford, NHPlease do what you can to save the air and water in our country!! Do not bend to wealthy campaign donors to destroy what is sacred. Please!Jul 28, 2015
3,383k sullivanNew Ipswich, New Hampshirejust say NO to NEDJul 28, 2015
3,382C. Rico BurrittTemple, New HampshireJul 27, 2015
3,381Karyn BurrittTemple, New HampshireDear Governor Hassan, please stop NED. New Ipswich and the surrounding towns are so beautiful in their simplicity. It is an area that is home to so many wildlife and human. For it to be defaced is an abomination. Think of the future of our children and our world. To give in to this greed is to sacrifice all that is beautiful and pure. Save our towns and you will be saving the world. Jul 27, 2015
3,380Jeffrey HooperLondonderry, New HampshireWe don't need more energy, we need to learn to live with less.Jul 27, 2015
3,379Elizabeth LindstromGreenfield, NHJul 27, 2015
3,378Louisa AmaralJul 27, 2015
3,377Julie CarwellosMason, NHThis will not benefit me, my neighbors, or New Hampshire. There will be too great a price, paid for by all of us, to ship gas to foreign countries. Please do not allow this to happen to us.Jul 27, 2015
3,376Jennifer MorrisseyBrookline, New HampshireJul 27, 2015
3,375Margo SantoroStoddard, NHJul 27, 2015
3,374Tom LangTemple, NHStop the pipeline!Jul 27, 2015
3,373Holly WoodwardFitzwilliam, NHThis in no way benefits New Hampshire and pollutes our environment!Jul 27, 2015
3,372Laurie LawsBedford, NhJul 26, 2015
3,371kyle raderJul 26, 2015
3,370Sal PerruccioPelham, NHIf state government supports this it is only because they have not studied it.Jul 26, 2015
3,369Dawn McGuireAmherst, New HampshireJul 26, 2015
3,368Rebekah Kaymen Wilton, NHJul 25, 2015
3,367Maureen DeJongRichmond, New HampshireWe have so much to lose... and so little to gain from this proposed pipeline. The damage that this would do to the environment would be irreversible. We owe it to future generations to continue to explore energy sources that are environmentally friendly. Jul 25, 2015
3,366Margaret CryerKeene, NHJul 25, 2015
3,365donna chabotAmherst, MAJul 25, 2015
3,364Dawn GuislainNew Ipswich, New Hampshire The pipeline has no value. The only thing it will do is destroy this beautiful town. It will and already has caused much stress and sadness to my family and everyone I have talked to feels the same. Please stop the pipeline!!!Jul 25, 2015
3,363Jasmine BellemareJul 25, 2015
3,362Charles RyllNew Ipswich, NHJul 25, 2015
3,361Tina RyllNew Ipswich, NHJul 25, 2015
3,360Gail CromwellTemple, NHJul 25, 2015
3,359Doreen RollsMerrimack , New HampshireJul 25, 2015
3,358Anna ScaleraMarblehead, MAI was born in NH, grew up there, and attended college and grad school there. I strongly oppose the current plan for NED and any new gas pipeline through southern NH.Jul 25, 2015
3,357Gail TupekNew Ipswich, NHNo pipeline!Jul 25, 2015
3,356Denise JacobusWilton, NHJul 25, 2015
3,355Jacqueline LachanceJul 25, 2015
3,354Lee MannebergWilton, New HampshireJul 25, 2015
3,353Douglas FyfePelham, NHBuild the power plants closer to the gas reserves and run power lines.Jul 25, 2015
3,352Carolyn ThompsonPelham, NHSTOP the Pipeline;Kinder Morgan is the only one profiting here not the citizens of NHJul 25, 2015
3,351Jeramy SoucyNew Ipswich, NHJul 25, 2015
3,350Jane ElwellNew Ipswich, New HampshireJul 25, 2015
3,349erin matthewsJul 24, 2015
3,348Tim StoklosaPortland , Maine“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt Democracy must be built through open societies that share information. When there is Jul 24, 2015
3,347Katie WebsterPelham, NHPlease stop the pipeline through NH!Jul 24, 2015
3,346Thomas MatsudaAmherst, MAJul 24, 2015
3,345William McCormickFitzwilliam, New HampshireThis will seriously harm our wetlands and water suppliesJul 24, 2015
3,344Rachel MoormanJul 24, 2015
3,342Kelsey DavisWilton, New HampshireJul 24, 2015
3,341Mell WeisWestmorland, NHJul 24, 2015
3,340Kris Martone-LevineWakefield, MAMy family and I spend a lot of time in NH and know many residents. This is simply not okay...please stop!Jul 24, 2015
3,339Donna DaileyMerrimack, NHPlease consider how this will impact your NH constituents & act on our behalf to stop the pipeline now!Jul 24, 2015
3,338Lauryn WelchPeterborough, NHJul 24, 2015
3,337John BlaineNew Ipswich, New HampshireJul 24, 2015
3,336Amanda PierceJul 24, 2015
3,335Stephanie RitchieMarlborough, New HampshireJul 24, 2015
3,334Emily BinghamRindge, NHJul 24, 2015
3,333Susie PeacockMerrimack, NHJul 24, 2015
3,332John GiardinaGreenville, NHI fail to see any humanitarian benefit to this project. What good will come from this besides lining the pockets of NED? What benefit does this have?Jul 24, 2015
3,331Michael ChadinhaPeterborough , NHJul 24, 2015
3,330Eric HakalaNew ipswich, NhStop the pipeline!Jul 24, 2015
3,329Timothy HarveyHollis, NHJul 24, 2015
3,328Colin McAlpine New ipswich , NhJul 24, 2015
3,327Kris CummingsJul 24, 2015
3,326James Tyler-WallTemple, NHJul 24, 2015
3,325Mary Tyler-WallTemple, NHJul 24, 2015
3,324Danielle ZancoNashua, NHStop the pipeline !!!! Stop it from going through the beautiful towns such as New Ipswich please. Jul 24, 2015
3,323Susan RolkeFitzwilliam, NHStop the pipeline. It will ruin our environment, our water, our homes we have worked so hard to buy and our lives.Jul 24, 2015
3,322eliza allenhancock, New HampshireJul 24, 2015
3,321Oliver FratesAmherst, NHJul 24, 2015
3,320jeannette brommagejaffrey, nhJul 23, 2015
3,319Jenny HamiltonStratham, NHJul 23, 2015
3,318Lauren ChicoineBennington , New HampshireJul 23, 2015
3,317Jessica Pierce Temple, New HampshireJul 23, 2015
3,316Tammy SpoonNew Ipswich, NHJul 23, 2015
3,315Seth Chatfield Peterborough , NHPlease. We are not overreacting. Please listen to your constituents who only want to preserve their beautiful home and the health of their friends and families. Stop the pipeline. Please.Jul 23, 2015
3,314Mark SalisburyTemple, New HampshireI own a beef farm on the Temple/New Ipswich line. This pipeline will contaminate my fields, which will effect my cattle and my livelihood. Jul 23, 2015
3,313Rosamund IselinHancock, NhJul 23, 2015
3,312Lynn QuadeRindge, NHJul 23, 2015
3,311Patrick QuadeRindge, NHJul 23, 2015
3,310Rebekah NorbyPeterborough, NhJul 23, 2015
3,309Jacqueline DeLoriePeterborough, NHJul 23, 2015
3,308Emilie NewshamBrookline , New HampshireJul 23, 2015
3,307Liam TannerBrookline, New HampshireAs a state official appointed by the people of New Hampshire, I believe it is your duty to listen to what the people of this state have to say. Failing to listen to those whose homes are at stake and express concern for the local (and often praised) ecosystem means you have failed in your duties as governor. Please, don't fail us.Jul 23, 2015
3,306Sarah McLaughkinDerry, NHHelp stop the pipeline please! Jul 23, 2015
3,305Shana HallPeterborough, New HampshireJul 23, 2015
3,304April WalkerGreenville, NHJul 23, 2015
3,303Amy McLellanLondonderry, New HampshireJul 23, 2015
3,302Cynthia Kirkpatrick Pelham , NHNo to the pipeline! Jul 22, 2015
3,301Christine KulisichPelham, NhJul 22, 2015
3,300Thomas MailhiotLitchfield, NHNO PIPELINE!!Jul 22, 2015
3,299Nichols TaraMerrimack, NHJul 22, 2015
3,298Vicki CoppingerNew Ipswich, NHJul 22, 2015
3,297suzanne aselgreenville, New Hampshireno no noJul 22, 2015
3,296Sara KellyNashua, NHJul 22, 2015
3,295Susan CyrNew Ipswich, NHJul 22, 2015
3,294Charles WarrenderNew Ipswich, NHJul 22, 2015
3,293Mitchell KlutschLondonderry , N HNo pipeline please!Jul 22, 2015
3,292Teresa CadorettePeterborough, New HampshireJul 21, 2015
3,291Meesook LimJul 21, 2015
3,290margaret bellwilton , nhplease stop the insanity Jul 21, 2015
3,289Patrice DesrochersTemple, NHWill not vote to reelect anyone who stands idly by on this pipeline issueJul 21, 2015
3,288Richard BullockFitzwilliam, New HampshireJul 21, 2015
3,287Myra MullenManchester, NHJul 21, 2015
3,286Janine KumpuMilford, NHJul 21, 2015
3,285Joyce Kennedyamherst, nhJul 20, 2015
3,284Amy SullivanLunenburg, MaJul 20, 2015
3,283Michelle MylottEpping, NHNH does not need this pipelineJul 20, 2015
3,282Xenia FrangusJul 20, 2015
3,281Vasilios FrangusJul 20, 2015
3,280Ann PapagiotasIpswich, MassachusettsJul 20, 2015
3,279Sturgis PapagiotasIpswich, MassachusettsJul 20, 2015
3,278Nathaniel RyanNew Ipswich, NHkeep my kids and property safe. find different energy !Jul 20, 2015
3,277Kari ShawNorwood, MAWe need ban such pipelines everywhere, move forward with alternative environmentally friendly fuel methods. Jul 20, 2015
3,276Heather BierschenkMilford, New HampshireJul 20, 2015
3,275Kelly AndersonBedford, MassachusettsSTOPJul 20, 2015
3,274Joan KolligianArlington, MassachusettsThis should not happen in a community with small children and families.Jul 20, 2015
3,273Lisa TellanderWellesley, MAJul 20, 2015
3,272Katherine CostelloAmherst, NHJul 20, 2015
3,271Michelle LoweMerrimack, NHJul 20, 2015
3,270Tracey Rutherford Jul 20, 2015
3,269Leah KotokKent, ConnecticutJul 19, 2015
3,268Edward ValituttoKent, ConnecticutJul 19, 2015
3,267Andi MillerLynchburg, VAAs a tourist to NH I would reconsider my plans if this pipeline plan moves forward. I will discourage others from visiting as well.Jul 19, 2015
3,266christine mishkincumming, gaJul 19, 2015
3,265Gerard Lavery Tyngsboro , MaJul 19, 2015
3,264Karen GordonMerrimack , NHJul 19, 2015
3,263Maya GryniewiczHollis, NhJul 19, 2015
3,262David LageNew Ipswich, NHJul 19, 2015
3,261William PalmerMilford, NHJul 19, 2015
3,260Robert MeissnerDublin, NHThis will disrupt the lives of many across NH while jeopardizing the safety and beauty of our communities!! Please vote NO!Jul 19, 2015
3,259Peter ZagoritesLitchfield, NHI live within 1000 feet of proposed pipe line it will drastically lower my propert value.Jul 18, 2015
3,258Mary FrangusMonroe , cJul 18, 2015
3,257Theresa GrantPelham, New HampshireJul 18, 2015
3,256JoAnn Deckertamherst, nhGovernor, please do not allow this pipeline to be built. Is it true that you received a large donation from Kinder Morgan? I voted for you!Jul 17, 2015
3,255CathyAnn VaillancourtGreenville, NHI have family history property in New Ipswich and I live with my husband at his family homestead. If this goes through it will be devastating. Especially with being near Temple school, Greenville town water, All the conservation land and everyone's property value will all go to hell. NO PIPELINE!!!!!!Jul 17, 2015
3,254catherine Durocher nashua, nhJul 17, 2015
3,253Tammy ShahManchester, NHJul 17, 2015
3,252Laurie AprilAllenstown, New HampshireJul 17, 2015
3,251Erin SmithTemple, nhJul 17, 2015
3,250Christian TrautmanBrookline, New HampshireI moved to this town because of its amazing culture and environment, adding this pipeline just destroys it in the name of big money. Please don't let the big corporations win.Jul 17, 2015
3,249Tracy BosworthKeene, NHJul 17, 2015
3,248Jeremy BlaiklockManchester, NHPlease don't let them do this!Jul 17, 2015
3,247peter templekeene, nhJul 17, 2015
3,246shelley BRENNANmerrimack, nhstop NEDJul 17, 2015
3,245Heather ThorntonTemple, NhYou cannot destroy Nh for money that won't be worth anything if we destroy the economy around usJul 16, 2015
3,244Bonnie RichardJul 16, 2015
3,243Harold BennettMiddleton, NHJul 16, 2015
3,242Dave CampbellJul 16, 2015
3,241John Evans IIJaffrey, New HampshireJul 16, 2015
3,240Kyle O'DeaNew Ipswich , New HampshireJul 16, 2015
3,239Jessica CushmanJul 16, 2015
3,238Jennifer GoselinNorthfield, MAJul 16, 2015
3,237felicia drewniaknashua, New Hampshirethis is so sad we already have cut away 75 percent of the forest we had all over the us dont take the little beauty we have leftJul 16, 2015
3,236Jon BourqueLiondonderry, NHJul 16, 2015
3,235Diana Spaulding New Ipswich , NHJul 16, 2015
3,234Scott HoodJaffrey, NhJul 16, 2015
3,233Leah ThistleJul 16, 2015
3,232Michelle Hutchinson Wilton, NHJul 16, 2015
3,231Patricia MeissnerDublin, NHJul 16, 2015
3,230Jennifer SperounisPelham, NHJul 16, 2015
3,229Penelope BuffeyJul 16, 2015
3,228Amber HebertGreenville, New HampshireJul 16, 2015
3,227Jasmine BishopGreenville , NHJul 16, 2015
3,226Brandon LussierNew Ipswich, New HampshireNobody here wants this... go away.Jul 16, 2015
3,225Natalie UvaDerry, New HampshireDon't you dare. Jul 16, 2015
3,224Danielle HeckerNew Ipswich, New HampshireDon't be fooled by their promises, or bought by their money. You are in office to protect and serve the people of this state. Think of the people who voted for you. Think of your family, think if *they* had to live next to this monstrosity. It will do nothing good for our economy, only cast a blister on a beautiful little town and it's environment. Please. We call upon your humanity.Jul 16, 2015
3,223Shaina MaciejewskiJul 16, 2015
3,222Candace Firmin SlobodnikGreenbelt, MDJul 16, 2015
3,221kassie hoadleynewport, nhJul 16, 2015
3,220Angela JohnsonRindge , New HampshireI don't want this in my beautiful neighborhood. It is supposed to be placed a few houses down from my home where my family built their forever home 30 years ago. My neighbor may lose his house and property. For the good of who? If local people who are being impacted by this benefit in some way, what is that benefit? We stand to lose propert/value to pad someone's pockets?Jul 16, 2015
3,219Alan FoxTemple, NHJul 16, 2015
3,218Molly BrownFitzwilliam, New HampshireJul 16, 2015
3,217Elizabeth TaftFrancestown, New HampshireJul 16, 2015
3,216Leahannr FentonFalmouth, MaineJul 16, 2015
3,215Jessica AndersonPeterborough , New Hampshire Jul 16, 2015
3,214Cherie Ahonew Ipswich, nhstop the pipelineJul 16, 2015
3,213Karl CroftConcord, New HampshireJul 16, 2015
3,212Jennifer CharlandNew ipswich, NHJul 16, 2015
3,211Andrew FrechettePeterborough , NHJul 16, 2015
3,210Anne JasperWilton, New HampshireGovernor, this may well be the most important action you've ever taken, not only for the reasons already stated but also to renew our faith in our government's ability to represent our wishes and interests!Jul 16, 2015
3,209Brenda HylandPelham, NHJul 16, 2015
3,208Gerard HylandPelham, NHPlease stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline through PelhamJul 16, 2015
3,207Stephen PearsallHampstead, NHThere are no benefits for NH and only concerns about environmental and health issues.Jul 16, 2015
3,206Samantha BloodDublin, NHJul 16, 2015
3,205Katie Atwood Allenstown , New HampshireJul 16, 2015
3,204Forrest NovotnySeate, WAJul 16, 2015
3,203Shannon MichaudNew Ipswich, New HampshireFor the love of our state, please do not allow this compressor station to forever change our state's beauty. May the Lord God open your eyes to all that is stake for our great state. Jul 16, 2015
3,202Annalisa FoxJul 16, 2015
3,201Carly PowersPeterborough, New HampshireJul 16, 2015
3,200Matt SimmonsBennington, NHJul 16, 2015
3,199Leslie Duerrbrielle, New JerseyJul 16, 2015
3,198Mark KobzikAmherst, NHJul 16, 2015
3,197scott tibbettsmason, New HampshireJul 16, 2015
3,195Bridget MooneyWilton, NHJul 16, 2015
3,194Corinne ChronopoulosPeterborough, NHJul 16, 2015
3,193Christine ClarryMerrimack, New HampshirePlease stop the pipeline.Jul 16, 2015
3,192Shawna WestRindge, New HampshireJul 16, 2015
3,191Maria LabarreLacona, NHWe don't need that. Try using wind turbines that actually help and supply energy to entire cities instead.Jul 16, 2015
3,190Charlotte Sturrock Medford , MaPlease stop this !!!!!Jul 16, 2015
3,189Carrie BuczynskiPeterborough, NHJul 16, 2015
3,188Kari BremerBrookline, NHRenewable Clean Energy is the only answer.Jul 16, 2015
3,187Anne LakeRindge, New HampshireJul 16, 2015
3,186Nicholas CoriglianoHudson, New HampshireJul 16, 2015
3,185Correl GallagherJaffrey, New HampshireDo not ruin our towns with this!Jul 16, 2015
3,184Jessica AlderJaffrey, NhJul 16, 2015
3,183Lynda BloombergLoudon, New HampshireJul 16, 2015
3,182SHERYL MONTERIOWest Bridgewater, MassachusettsJul 16, 2015
3,181Megan Murphy Amherst, Nh Jul 16, 2015
3,180Krystal MorinMilford, NhJul 16, 2015
3,179Sara HardwickFrancestown, NHJul 15, 2015
3,178Jamey ChenaultKingston, New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,177Alanah HagenTemple , Nh Jul 15, 2015
3,176Joan EproTroy, NHJul 15, 2015
3,175Branden VigneaultMedford, MADon't ruin the wilderness, families homes, wildlife, flora and fonna of NH!Jul 15, 2015
3,174Lia AnastasopoulosKeene, NhJul 15, 2015
3,173Tricia HalbedelBozeman, MTAlthough I do not live there anymore; people that I care about very much do. There is no benefit to anyone except the greedy NED owners themselves.Jul 15, 2015
3,172kristy powersgreenville, New Hampshirestop the pipeline from poisioning our air and water preserve live free or dieJul 15, 2015
3,171Loretta LaurenitisPeterborough, New HampshireNH property and natural resources need to be protected for the economic vitality of the region and the health and welfare of its people and our environment.Jul 15, 2015
3,170Sarah bergstrom-Aldaqqaplaistow, nhthis is a bad idea. Please don't let big oil ruin our beautiful stateJul 15, 2015
3,169Lorraine StockwellTemple, NHJul 15, 2015
3,168Eliza LewisLondonderry, NHJul 15, 2015
3,167Diane MayrSalem, NHToo much that can, and undoubtedly will, go horribly and dangerously wrong. Jul 15, 2015
3,166Tyler MartelManchester, NhWe will stop at nothing to stop this projectJul 15, 2015
3,165Deb BosseyLaconia, NHJul 15, 2015
3,164Kimberley MillerJaffrey, NHPlease stop the pipeline from destroying the natural beauty of NH- what it is known for!Jul 15, 2015
3,163Jade MichaudManchester, NhI do not want this in our state I like the mountain range and forests.Jul 15, 2015
3,162Linda PageHinsdale , New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,161Carol DionneN.H.Jul 15, 2015
3,160Erin MarloweBridgewater, NHJul 15, 2015
3,159Katherine BelangerNew Ipswich, NHDo the right thing and support your NH voters and say NO (learn from MA)Jul 15, 2015
3,158Samantha ShellRindge, NhJul 15, 2015
3,157Stacy Weibel Jaffrey , NHNo pipeline! Jul 15, 2015
3,156Karen ReedAmherst, New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,155Dale BernierJaffrey, New HampshireSTOP THIS NOW!!!Jul 15, 2015
3,154Ian TatroAntrim, New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,153Roy GoodmanNashua, New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,152Paula ButlerLeominster, MaI am not a resident of NH but I live close enough to the border to not want it near the area of my friends that live in these NH areas. We can do so much better than pipelines & cracking for energy. We just don't want to spend the cash when a large corp can foot the bill instead. Stop being owned my corporations & start listening to the people!Jul 15, 2015
3,151Tasha RoseJul 15, 2015
3,150David WeaverNashua, NHJul 15, 2015
3,149Janice NormanMeredith, NHJul 15, 2015
3,148Coleen LandryMERRIMACK, New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,147Tamara Marston Litchfield , NHJul 15, 2015
3,146Tricia TuckerGreenville, New HampshireTHIS is not the legacy I want to leave future generations with. Jul 15, 2015
3,145Laura Readdalton, nhJul 15, 2015
3,144Kelly CallahanHollis, NHJul 15, 2015
3,143Christopher CaresPelham, NHStop the pipelineJul 15, 2015
3,142Roseann carespelham, nhStop the pipeline thru NHJul 15, 2015
3,141Benjamin CaresPelham , NHNo Pipeline thru NHJul 15, 2015
3,140Cynthia BourgaultGreenville, New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,139Derek StevensJaffrey, NHKeep NH the way it is. No pipelines. Keep our wild life free from habitat destruction and our people free from bad water and other bad causes from this pipelineJul 15, 2015
3,138Angela MonteverdeNew Ipswich, NHJul 15, 2015
3,137Daisy YoungHancock, New HampshireStop the pipeline!Jul 15, 2015
3,136Alexis Gadwahfrancestown, nhWe have come so far with conservation and creating a natural, healthy state for our citizens as well as our tourists; this is most definitely a step in the wrong direction. Jul 15, 2015
3,135Megan Valliere SlonnegerJul 15, 2015
3,134Sheryl FortierGreenville, New HampshireStop this now before you loose more then you bargain for .. Jul 15, 2015
3,133David HensonABSECON, New JerseyJul 15, 2015
3,132Kimberly WallPeterborough, NHNo Pipeline!!!Jul 15, 2015
3,131Michelle Nordmangilsum, NHJul 15, 2015
3,130Ryan Ouellette Chicago, ILI grew up in Milford NH and this is not part of it!Jul 15, 2015
3,129Brian HandwerkAmherst, NhJul 15, 2015
3,128Melanie MunozTroy, New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,127Dan ConnellNashua, NHJul 15, 2015
3,126Kevin ChampagneNew Ipswich, NHsounds like a no-brainer - NOBODY wants this pipeline!Jul 15, 2015
3,125Tracy ChampagneNew Ipswich, NH - New HampshirePlease stop the pipeline! it is ruining our homes, our livelihoods.Jul 15, 2015
3,124Jennifer Siegristmilford, NHFund renewables instead!Jul 15, 2015
3,123Maureen ThompsonRindge, NHThere will be nothing left to Goodwill Farm if this goes thru. We are within feet of the power lines. Please save not only our farm but all the other peoples / homes / land that we have all worked so hard for by not allowing this to happen in our communities.Jul 15, 2015
3,122Heather Mason Milford, New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,121Cheyenne CookeRindge, NhJul 15, 2015
3,120Jo Ellen RyanCanterbury, NHSTOP this from happening!!! The people of NH say NO to this!!!!!Jul 15, 2015
3,119Jeff BergeronTroy, NHDo not forfeit NH lands so someone in Texas can get richer!Jul 15, 2015
3,118Olivier sakellariosnashua, NHJul 15, 2015
3,117Michaella FerrarinMilford, NHJul 15, 2015
3,116Sonja ObrienGreenville, New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,115susan BassMerrimack, New HampshirePLEASE STOP THIS FROM W RECKING OUR STATE!! Jul 15, 2015
3,114Kimberly RoseNashua, NHJul 15, 2015
3,113Aislynne Sambrook Portland , MeJul 15, 2015
3,112Erin LangilleHarrisville, NHJul 15, 2015
3,111timothy nelsonhancock, nhJul 15, 2015
3,110sarah nelsonhancock, nhJul 15, 2015
3,109Dawn CavaLondonderry, NHPlease don't allow pipeline.Jul 15, 2015
3,108Caitlin WardSurry, NHJul 15, 2015
3,107Wendy BorrunLitchfield, New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,106Rod WatkinsNew Ipswich, NHJul 15, 2015
3,105senia ducharmeAntrim, New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,104Beth DeRegoNashua, NHJul 15, 2015
3,103karen walchMurrells Intel, scJul 15, 2015
3,102Rebecca LazzaroSwanzey, NHJul 15, 2015
3,101Todd DeRegoNashua, NHWithout benefit to the cities the pipeline passes through, this pipeline should be stopped.Jul 15, 2015
3,100Margot SwansonPETERBOROUGH, New HampshireWe DONT need this!!!Jul 15, 2015
3,099jeanne thiemeswanzey, new hampshireno pipe line. put people firstJul 15, 2015
3,098Jennifer Diemand Sullivan , NHJul 15, 2015
3,097Tricia MartinTroy, New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,096Donna GuerretteDurham, New HampshireJul 15, 2015
3,095Emily GauthierGardner, MAJul 15, 2015
3,094Sarah Steinberg Peterborough, NHJul 15, 2015
3,093Tashin TalbotBoston, MassachusettsJul 14, 2015
3,092russ BrennanGreenville, NhJul 14, 2015
3,091Michael HoweDorchester, NHJul 14, 2015
3,090Tawnya BeaneDorchester, NHNO!!! Don't allow this to come hereJul 14, 2015
3,089Jeni LeonardNashua, NHJul 14, 2015
3,088Jennifer LangMilford, New HampshirePlease help us to save our homes!Jul 14, 2015
3,087Danielle SmithJul 14, 2015
3,086Beth BawellAmherst, NHJul 14, 2015
3,085Regina SuttonNashua, NHJul 14, 2015
3,084rob marstonmilford, nhJul 14, 2015
3,083James SteinTemple, New HampshireJul 14, 2015
3,082Stephanie JesseHollis, NHJul 14, 2015
3,081Gary YoungBrookline, NHWhy? We gain nothing, we lose alot. Please, Governor don't make me regret my vote. I believe in you. Support your constituents not Big Oil.Jul 14, 2015
3,080Dana EvansSayreville, NJJul 14, 2015
3,079Tiffany BatesNew Ipswich, NHThis pipeline will ruin the conservation land my family cares for. It will go right through the center of their neighbors yards and my neighbors as well. This is wrong. The actual people of NH have spoken, and I don't understand why our voices aren't being heard. So much for freedom, and a government for the people by the people. Jul 14, 2015
3,078Frank AlbaneseWoodland Park, New JerseyWe all must band together or SiFi Movies will not be so SiFiJul 14, 2015
3,077Kelly SheaJul 14, 2015
3,076Glenn DanskerCambridge, MAJul 14, 2015
3,075Angela ScesckeHooksett , NHThe state will be ruined. Jul 14, 2015
3,074Cecily SeldenChicopee, MABesides the lack of benefits to those who live there, the destruction of the beautiful land and displacement of lifelong residents is an abhorrent idea.Jul 14, 2015
3,073elizabeth freundbrooklyn, nyJul 14, 2015
3,072Jerry Ryan Smithville , New jersey No way Jose!!!Jul 14, 2015
3,071Ashli SiskNEW YORK, New 14, 2015
3,070Merrill TheriaultAmherst, New HampshireJul 14, 2015
3,069Lindsay petrellahollis, NHProtect NH!!! No pipeline here please! Listen to your constituents and stop the pipeline!Jul 14, 2015
3,068Carla BonneyMadbury, New HampshireJul 14, 2015
3,067Dale BernierJaffrey, New Hampshirestop the pipeline! Jul 14, 2015
3,066Carly BlaisMason, New HampshireJul 14, 2015
3,065kris youngJul 14, 2015
3,064Stephen SprattGreenville, NHJul 14, 2015
3,063Erin ManzoJul 14, 2015
3,062crystal learnefPeterboroughJul 14, 2015
3,061Brian ViglioneNew York, NYJul 14, 2015
3,060Jon BraughtFitzwilliam, NHJul 14, 2015
3,059ralph wegnerStrafford, nhGovernor, This pipeline provides many benefits to MA residents but minimal to us. Please oppose the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline.Jul 14, 2015
3,058Cynthia LynchPeterborough, NHJul 14, 2015
3,057Jason Durivage Milford, NHIf u wouldn't want it in your neighborhood it shouldn't be in others.Jul 14, 2015
3,056Barbara Bouleynashua, NhJul 14, 2015
3,055Ross WilkinHinsdale, NHJul 14, 2015
3,054Katrin HardikarPeterborough, NHbad idea - please oppose!Jul 14, 2015
3,052Stephanie Vore AppleJul 14, 2015
3,051Samantha NeubertWilmington , DeJul 14, 2015
3,050Patricia KileyManchester, NHJul 14, 2015
3,049Larry AhernPeterborough, New HampshireJul 14, 2015
3,048Jeffrey HarrisJaffrey, NHGovernor Hassan, growing up in Jaffrey I quite enjoyed the pristine lakes, forests, rivers, and hills of southern NH; the potential damage and pollution to these same forests, lakes, and rivers is in no way worth any potential tax brakes. NH is better than this and any state politician who is not paid off and actually cares about the people should tell NED to get lost.Jul 14, 2015
3,047Alison HueberArlington, VAJul 14, 2015
3,046Amanda ExelFitzwilliam, NHJul 14, 2015
3,045Cindy SullivanLaconia, NHWe need to stop destroying our small beautiful state. Especially when these ventures DO NOT really benefit the people in our state but other states! (Northern Pass is another fiasco!) Jul 14, 2015
3,044Silas ExelFitzwilliam, NhJul 14, 2015
3,043Sara CodairMerrimac, MassachusettsJul 14, 2015
3,042bonnie blancettjensen beach, nhI lived in New Hampshire for 15 years. It is pristine country.Jul 14, 2015
3,041Kathy DecellesBelmont, NHJul 14, 2015
3,040lacie angierJul 14, 2015
3,039Melanie BertoniPlease don't allow them to commandeer our beautiful state as nothing more than a toxic pathway for selling their product.Jul 14, 2015
3,038Jane TessierMilford , Nah No pipeline in Milford NHJul 14, 2015
3,037nathan smithFitchburg, MassachusettsJul 14, 2015
3,036Stephanie Head-Bishopnew ipswich, nhJul 14, 2015
3,035Steven Bellemarenew Ipswich, nhJul 14, 2015
3,034Aaron BraceHudson, NHJul 14, 2015
3,033Roland DumontRindge, New HampshireJul 14, 2015
3,032Lisa DumontRindge, New HampshireJul 14, 2015
3,031Michael Gilcreast Hudson, NHPlease don't take my land.Jul 14, 2015
3,030Tara Landry Nashua, NHNo!Jul 13, 2015
3,029Eric LandryAmherst, NHvote NOJul 13, 2015
3,028Kimberly LandryAmherst, NHplease nix the pipeline, we don't want it Jul 13, 2015
3,027Elena RicciActon, MassachusettsJul 13, 2015
3,026Sarah RoxburghBOSTON, MassachusettsJul 13, 2015
3,025Karen SchreiberDurham, NHJul 13, 2015
3,024Christina KanefskyCherry Hill, New JerseyJul 13, 2015
3,023Barry WallenmaierLitchfield, New HampshirePlease, no pipelineJul 12, 2015
3,022Mitchell CallSharon, New HampshireJul 12, 2015
3,021Patricia KellyRindge, NhJul 11, 2015
3,020Steven McGettiganTemple, NHJul 11, 2015
3,019Ellen CurranLondonderry, NHJul 11, 2015
3,018Elizabeth BannonNew Ipswich, New HampshireJul 11, 2015
3,017David YoungBROOKLINE, New HampshireJul 10, 2015
3,016Lauren McInnisGreenville, NHJul 10, 2015
3,015Risa swansonTemple, New HampshireJul 10, 2015
3,014James KowalskyFitzwilliam, NHWe need your help. Please.Jul 10, 2015
3,013Elyssa HarringtonBelmont, MAJul 10, 2015
3,012Donna DubePelham, NHJul 10, 2015
3,011Emily BensonManchester, New HampshireJul 10, 2015
3,010Tony RizzitanoRindge, NHJul 10, 2015
3,009Jane WilliamsNew Ipswich, NHJul 10, 2015
3,008Elizabeth EaganHudson, NHSave the Bald Eagles that nest in my treesJul 10, 2015
3,007lynette someronew ipswich, nhJul 09, 2015
3,006sam shainnew london , New HampshireReal governor Hassan Really1 Jul 09, 2015
3,005Jane WilliamsonNorth Sutton, NHThis is an unnecessary intrusion on NH without even addressing the problem of greenhouse gasses and climate change. Please oppose this pipeline through our beautiful state..Jul 09, 2015
3,004Francis SilvestriRichmond, CheshrieJul 09, 2015
3,003Frank MollicaFitzwilliam, NHJul 09, 2015
3,002john harrisnew ipswich, NHJul 09, 2015
3,001Rebecca CaseNew Ipswich, New Hampshire Jul 09, 2015
3,000carol lucyniakTemple, NHJul 09, 2015
2,999Jared StauffenekerNew Ipswich , NHJul 08, 2015
2,998Richard StauffenekerNew Ipswich, NHJul 08, 2015
2,997Kristen stauffenekerNew Ipswich, NHJul 08, 2015
2,996Nancy Kutcher New Ipswich , NhJul 08, 2015
2,995Thomas HallworthEast Hampstead, NHJul 08, 2015
2,994Susan DurlingHarrisville, New Hampshirebottom line:this pipeline is not neededJul 08, 2015
2,993Susan WillrichJul 08, 2015
2,992Graham HeagyNew Ipswich, NHJul 08, 2015
2,991Chyanne MaloneyJul 08, 2015
2,990Louis MaloneyJul 08, 2015
2,989Mandi MaloneyJul 08, 2015
2,988Kimberly SeppalaRindge, NHJul 08, 2015
2,987Ruth GalbraithJul 08, 2015
2,986Nadeen ThomasJul 08, 2015
2,985Jody KaartoNew Ipswich, NhJul 08, 2015
2,984Susan HallworthEast Hampstead, New HampshireJul 08, 2015
2,983Collin SmithKeene, New HampshireJul 08, 2015
2,982Barbara WeiderBrooklyn, NYPlease don't destroy a beautiful natural area for this monstrosity.Jul 08, 2015
2,981Brian BarthelGreenville, NHJul 08, 2015
2,980Joseph HannonRindge, NHPlease stop this pipeline. It will destroy the wetlands and eco system that are the head waters for the millers river and lake monomanac. Jul 08, 2015
2,979Cheyenne PattersonPeterborough , NHJul 08, 2015
2,978Danielle HiottGreenville, NhPlease no pipelineJul 08, 2015
2,977Lesley FinlaysonWilton, NHI cannot imagine that New England will let Texas tell us what to do with our land. Come on! This does not help us and it certainly doesn't help those who count on property values to survive their elder years. Stand up for what is right, and for what is New Hampshire - our own choices, our own resources!Jul 08, 2015
2,976Elmer McClainNew Ipswich, NHJul 08, 2015
2,975Kevin SeymourWinchester, New HampshireFossil fuels are not the future. Spend your money building alternative energy infrastructure. No fracking fracking man!Jul 08, 2015
2,974Camille priceTemple, New HampshireJul 08, 2015
2,973Crystal ScottNew Ipswich, NHWe just moved here from a city for nice clean fresh air of country.....never would have moved here if we had known a pipeline was going to come through! Would Governor Hassan want this in her backyard? Jul 08, 2015
2,972Angela BurrisBrookline, New HampshireJul 08, 2015
2,971Leanne PattonNew Ipswich, New HampshireSay no to Kinder MorganJul 08, 2015
2,970Leo Carr, IIIGreenville, NHPlease stop this corporate money grab and protect safety and rights of the residents of NH.Jul 08, 2015
2,969Kelly VokeyGreenville, NHJul 08, 2015
2,968Chris BaronNew Ipswich, NHJul 08, 2015
2,967Lori BaronNew Ipswich, NHJul 08, 2015
2,966Sara ClemensPeterborough, NHJul 08, 2015
2,965Jody CorbettNashua, NHPlease, please, please, for the love of NH, OPPOSE THE NH PIPELINE!Jul 08, 2015
2,964Melissa GearyLyndeborough, NHPlease stop the pipeline from entering NH.Jul 08, 2015
2,963Amy-Jo FalterJul 08, 2015
2,962Richard DennisAmherst, NHJul 08, 2015
2,961Arianne Koski-KleinJul 08, 2015
2,960Elizabeth Letters New Ipswich, NHJul 08, 2015
2,959Ryan SpencerGreenville, New HampshireJul 08, 2015
2,958Karen KangasNew Ipswich, New HampshireGovernor Hassan, A compressor station should not be built in New Ipswich, NH. Thank you for listening. Jul 08, 2015
2,957Tracie SmithNew Ipswich, NHI live on the proposed pipeline cooridor. Please stop this and save our neighborhoodJul 08, 2015
2,956Cindi KeatingNew Ipswich, New HampshireJul 08, 2015
2,955Mary LeBaronBrookline, New HampshireSTOP THIS TERRIBLE PIPELINE!Jul 08, 2015
2,954Scott DuanyNew Ipswich, New HampshireJul 08, 2015
2,953Natalie BreenGreenville, NHno pipelineJul 08, 2015
2,952Michael HolgateNew Ipswich, NHNo pipeline!!!!!!!!Jul 08, 2015
2,951Sarah HolgateNew Ipswich, NHStop the pipeline!!!!!! Jul 08, 2015
2,950Jennifer ShippeeGreenville, NHJul 08, 2015
2,949Joy LeoMilford, NHDo something right for the peopleJul 08, 2015
2,948Julie LampinenNew Ipswich, NHJul 08, 2015
2,947andy pelletiergreenville, nhJul 08, 2015
2,946Marlowe GautreauNew Ipswich, New HampshireJul 08, 2015
2,945William MacPheePeterborough, NHOne of 6 New Hampshire students to be a freshman at Harvard College this fall. This pipeline would relocate my grandparents and encourage me to move away from New Hampshire.Jul 08, 2015
2,944Steven Bellemarenew Ipswich, nhJul 08, 2015
2,943Jodi FaucherNew Ipswich, NHJul 08, 2015
2,942kathy caronGreenville, New HampshireJul 08, 2015
2,941jennifer lord New ipswich, nhJul 08, 2015
2,940Julie HowardNew Ipswich, NHNo to the pipeline and compressor station!!!Jul 08, 2015
2,939Keli Harden NHJul 08, 2015
2,938Panos Eliopoulos Richmond , NhJul 08, 2015
2,937Cynthia AlzapiediNew ipswich, Nh Jul 07, 2015
2,936jenny gregggreenville, nhJul 07, 2015
2,935Marcy StacyNew Ipswich , New HampshireJul 07, 2015
2,934Dawn SeppalaJul 07, 2015
2,933Monica BarthelGreenville, NHJul 07, 2015
2,932Gwen KrookNew Ipswich , NHJul 07, 2015
2,931Doris DonelanPeterborough, NHJul 07, 2015
2,930amy hilltroy, nhJul 07, 2015
2,929Kelsey TorphyJul 07, 2015
2,928william flanneryNew Ipswich, nhstop the pipeline. our community is struggling enough.Jul 07, 2015
2,927Michele LacroixNew Ipswich, NHJul 07, 2015
2,926Amy ReisertRindge, NHJul 07, 2015
2,925Erich MittleiderGreenville, NHJul 07, 2015
2,924Lisa EarleNew Ipswich , NHJul 07, 2015
2,923Deb sylvainmarlborough, nhJul 07, 2015
2,922Roman OjalaNew Ipswich, NHWe don't want the pipeline in NH. Do what's best for the people of NH. Jul 07, 2015
2,921Cali SaloRindge, NhJul 07, 2015
2,920Erich MittleiderGreenville, NHJul 07, 2015
2,919Gisele ThibaultNew Ipswich, NHJul 07, 2015
2,918Melissa MartelNew Ipswich, NHJul 07, 2015
2,917Louise HouleNew ipswich, NhJul 07, 2015
2,916Corrie AresNashua , New HampshireJul 07, 2015
2,915Dawn DavisNew ipswich , New HampshireStop pipeline plzJul 07, 2015
2,914Alan JemlichNew ipswich, NhSay noJul 07, 2015
2,913Tracey Renshawnew ipswich, nhJul 07, 2015
2,912David Fessenden New Ipswich , NhJul 07, 2015
2,911Aimee WallaceNew ipswich, NhSave our town pleaseJul 07, 2015
2,910Aja ProcitaPeterborough, NHplease!Jul 07, 2015
2,909Cheryl PineoNew Ipswich, NHJul 07, 2015
2,908Karen Sirois New Ipswich, NHJul 07, 2015
2,907Kellyann ElmsHinsdale, New HampshireJul 07, 2015
2,906Kris DuanyNew Ipswich, New HampshireJul 07, 2015
2,905Jody RautiolaNew Ipswich , NHJul 07, 2015
2,904Gwendolyn ParmenterNew Ipswich, New HampshireJul 07, 2015
2,903Wade OjalaJul 07, 2015
2,902Megan Borger New Ipswich , NhStop the pipeline!Jul 07, 2015
2,901Alma SomeroGreenville, NhJul 07, 2015
2,900Megan RogersGreenville, NHJul 07, 2015
2,899Samantha SeppalaRindge, New HampshireJul 07, 2015
2,898Hiram cutternew ipswich, New HampshireJul 07, 2015
2,897Taylor RautiolaNew Ipswich , NHJul 07, 2015
2,896Lyle RautiolaNew Ipswich , NhJul 07, 2015
2,895Lori RautiolaNew Ipswich , NhPlease NO PIPELINE or compressor station I new Ipswich or surrounding towns. Please don't harm our families!!Jul 07, 2015
2,894Chris GiardinaNew Ipswich, New HampshireJul 07, 2015
2,893Ethel McCartinLondonderry, NHMy home is very close to the pipeline route. Decreasing my property value would be devistating. As a 73 year old widow, I would not be able to recover from the financial blow. Please don't allow this to be built. Jul 07, 2015
2,892Margaret ViglioneGreenville, New HampshireThis proposed project would be a blight on the environment, scenery, soundscape, health and quality of life long treasured by NH citizens. Now is the time for our elected officials to take a stand FOR their constituents and AGAINST the interests of big business.Jul 07, 2015
2,891Katy McDanelPeterborough, NHJul 07, 2015
2,890Christine AmarilloWindham, NH - New HampshireI live right off Mammoth Road in a new development/Deacon Place. This pipeline will be built right next to my home and decrease it's value and put my family in danger. Please help stop this pipeline! Thank you.Jul 07, 2015
2,889Shannon MorrisseyNew Ipswich, NHpipeline= way to ruin a nice small town Jul 07, 2015
2,888Dean ZirolliFitzwilliam, New HampshirePlease do the right thing here GovernorJul 07, 2015
2,887Alicen ChampagnrNew Ipswich , NhJul 07, 2015
2,886Jennifer ReyesTipton, CAJul 07, 2015
2,885Bailey CohenTemple, NHJul 07, 2015
2,884Olivia KrommesPeterborough, NH New HampshireJul 07, 2015
2,883Cassie DaisyPeterborough, NHJul 07, 2015
2,882Marguerite KrommesJul 07, 2015
2,881Peter SaleraTemple, NH - New HampshireJul 07, 2015
2,880Carla RicciTEMPLE, NhJul 06, 2015
2,879Chris PearlMerrimack, New HampshireWant to buy a house on fields farm rd inerrimack but not if the pipeline is happeningJul 06, 2015
2,878Karen PearlMerrimack, New HampshireThinking of buying a house on fields farm rd until I saw the pipes me route...Jul 06, 2015
2,877Jean NigroTemple, NHThere are alternative ways to ensure adequate energy resources for New Hampshire. Do not allow Kinder Morgan to destroy the natural habitats of southern New Hampshire and jeopardize its residents.Jul 06, 2015
2,876John F. OrthmannMilford, New HampshireGovernor Hassan please stop NED from entering a pipe line in are New Hampshire State.Jul 06, 2015
2,875Karen JohnsonGreenville, New HampshireNot in my backyardJul 06, 2015
2,874Ragho MahalingamNashua, NHPlease kill it!!Jul 06, 2015
2,873Roxanne RubellSwanzey, New HampshireStop NED!!!!!!!Jul 06, 2015
2,872Dennis LeBaronBrooklineJul 06, 2015
2,871Gerald ShieldsWilton, NHThis is bad for New HampshireJul 06, 2015
2,870Michael LeBaron Jul 05, 2015
2,869Joan PoroAmherst, NH"Demand the Governor" is language unnecessarily "in your face" and strikes me as disrespectful to the governor. I respectfully request that Governor Hassan all the power of her office to stop the NED. Jul 05, 2015
2,868Kristene PierceAmherst, NHStop the pipeline !Jul 05, 2015
2,867John LeoutsacosTemple, New HampshireJul 05, 2015
2,866Lance McDonaldPelham, NHJul 04, 2015
2,865Erika Rowland Jul 04, 2015
2,864Abby OeserBelmont, NHJul 04, 2015
2,863Rickie HarveyPeterborough, NHJul 04, 2015
2,862Mark BelangerBrookline, NHJul 04, 2015
2,861Charlene DeRocheNashua, New HampshireJul 04, 2015
2,860Thgmas KrapfTemple, New Hampshireplease dontJul 03, 2015
2,859John McKiverganHudson, NHJul 03, 2015
2,858Judy ZolaRindge, NHMy house will be in the "incineration" zone...I moved to NH to "Live Free" not "Die"!!Jul 03, 2015
2,857Kathleen McmahonLondonderry, NhJul 02, 2015
2,856Hillary KrapfPortland, MEI was born in Temple and my family still lives there. This is ridiculous. Monadnock is sacred and this is the type of destruction that is ruining our planet. Wise up people. Evolve. It is time to look at more sustainable and resourceful ways of creating energy and economic growth.Jul 02, 2015
2,855Gilda GuttmanLondonderry, NHNot in NH's or Londonderry's best interestsJul 02, 2015
2,854Donna DoughertyWindham, New HampshireI am entirely against the pipeline in this location. It is dangerous, will be on my property. My mother lives with me. She has alzheimers. I take care of her. Recently divorced I invested in this property. We live in NH for the natural surroundings and the peace. I am terrified of this threat because these pipelines can be dangerous. This is inconsistent with NH living! Help please.Jul 01, 2015
2,853William SortorTroy, New HampshireNo pipeline is a good pipeline.Jul 01, 2015
2,852Matthew LeonguerreroLitchfield, NhWhy have it go thru NH when it does not even supply NH with natural gas. There is no benefit for us. Put it thru Massachusetts since they will benefit!! Jul 01, 2015
2,851Kandace Mattsonrichmond, nhSTOP THIS MADNESS NOW!!!!Jul 01, 2015
2,850steven banksmerrimack, nhsave our LAND and our ENVIRONMENT!Jul 01, 2015
2,849Suzanne GrayFitzwilliam, NHPlease oppose this pipeline. The damage it will do to our lovely state and countryside far outweighs the benefits to our businesses. KM is using that as leverage to install a much larger pipeline-NH is just a highway to get the gas to locations outside our state. Let's find a better way (together) we will help you. Jul 01, 2015
2,848rick Carpenteramherst, nhproposed gas line to be built in my back yardJul 01, 2015
2,847Seth BernierNew Ipswich, New HampshireJun 30, 2015
2,846Meghan StanleyMaynard, MassachusettsJun 30, 2015
2,845prof premraj pushpakaranJun 30, 2015
2,844Ryan Carletonpelham , nhJun 30, 2015
2,843Jeanne MaurandS Hamilton, MAStop the pipeline. Use solar, wind or water power.Jun 29, 2015
2,842Bradley DurrDerry, NhJun 29, 2015
2,841Randy wojcikpelham, nhPlease stop the pip line, it will not benefit usJun 29, 2015
2,840Sharyn RochePelham, NHI do not understand why this pipeline needs to come through NH when there is no benefit to NH!Jun 29, 2015
2,839Karen GenoterPelham, NHJun 29, 2015
2,838Kellie OverkaPelham, New HampshireJun 29, 2015
2,837Celine JordanNashua, NHNo PipelineJun 29, 2015
2,836kristina LetourneauPelham, New HampshireJun 29, 2015
2,835Ira MillstonePelham, NHJun 29, 2015
2,834Linda DohertyPelham, NHStop NEDJun 29, 2015
2,833Hope ChristiePelham, NHNO TO THE PIPELINE!!!!!!Jun 29, 2015
2,832Kathleen hubertJun 29, 2015
2,831Jerry Gage-AndersonHudson, NHUnited we stand!Jun 29, 2015
2,830Richard ORiordenpelham, nhJun 29, 2015
2,829Michael ConradPelham, New HampshireThis will not benefit NH at all!Jun 29, 2015
2,828Kristen CassidyJun 29, 2015
2,827Carolyn WeiszmannTruro, MANot this plan!!Jun 29, 2015
2,826Susan Messenheimer Truro, MAWe can do better than this plan!Jun 29, 2015
2,825Kimberly HirschPelham, NhJun 29, 2015
2,824Tania AguiarPelham , NhJun 29, 2015
2,823Steven SchaeferPelham, New HampshireJun 29, 2015
2,822Sharon MalapanPelham, NhJun 29, 2015
2,821sharon dugganPelham, N.H.Jun 28, 2015
2,820Curtis FreemanWindham, New HampshireJun 28, 2015
2,819Dorothy FreemanWindham, NHJun 28, 2015
2,818brenda heywoodrindge, New HampshireJun 28, 2015
2,817Jennifer TobinPelham, NHWe do not want the pipeline in PelhamJun 28, 2015
2,816Tony GuerrieroLondonderry, New HampshireJun 28, 2015
2,815Michael MaddenThe economics don't justify the risk and the destruction of habitat in rural NH.Jun 28, 2015
2,814Brenda LannanJun 28, 2015
2,813Susan JozokosPelham, NHStop the pipelineJun 28, 2015
2,812Susan mcdermottLondonderry, nHNo pipelineJun 28, 2015
2,811Roxanne RuppelLondonderry, NHJun 28, 2015
2,810Dan MilinazzoPelham, NHJun 28, 2015
2,809VICKI GOTAYWindham, New HampshireJun 28, 2015
2,808Jennifer waruszylapelham, NHstop tyhe pipelineJun 28, 2015
2,807Linette loconteJun 28, 2015
2,806Susan TruongPelham, NhJun 28, 2015
2,805Jennifer SaccoPelham, NHJun 28, 2015
2,804Tammy HarveyPelham, NHstop the pipeline for Pelham NewHampshireJun 28, 2015
2,803Carol decouxpelham, nhSTOPJun 28, 2015
2,802Sarah HurleyPelham, NhJun 28, 2015
2,801Corinne Holroyd Brookline, NhJun 27, 2015
2,800Diana HopkinsTroy, NHJun 27, 2015
2,799Shelly ZinsmeisterNew Ipswich, NHJun 27, 2015
2,798Nicole O'LearyPelham, NHMy family moved to Pelham, NH to enjoy a safer and healthier lifestyle. With this pipeline being planned in the area of our land and water we feel threatened for our future of ourselves and our son. We do not need to take a chance to spoil and polute our environment. Please do not make us regret moving to New Hampshire.Jun 27, 2015
2,797Joe GallantLondonderry, Nh.Jun 27, 2015
2,796Alana LarssenRindge, New HampshireJun 26, 2015
2,795Gail SzafirTroy, NHNot only is the proposed pipeline for our area made of thinner material than areas with larger population, but does nothing for our area in terms of jobs or helping with our energy costs. I already live with piowerlines on both sides of my property. I purchased my home in 2005 for $310,00 it is now valued at 185,000 and I can't refinance Jun 26, 2015
2,794Amy FreemanPelham, NHJun 26, 2015
2,793Susan ButtonMerrimack, NHJun 26, 2015
2,792Cathleen Pearsall!lMilford, New HampshireJun 26, 2015
2,791Theresa FletcherJun 25, 2015
2,790Jessica RushNashua, New HampshireI am originally from PA, and the gas companies have destroyed my state. I would hate for the same thing to happen to NH, my current home.Jun 25, 2015
2,789Glenn Kazo New Ipswich, NHPlease do not allow this project to ruin our states toursimJun 25, 2015
2,788David GallantRindge, New HampshireJun 25, 2015
2,787Randy KangasNew Ipswich, NHJun 25, 2015
2,786Mike Castriottabrookline , NHJun 24, 2015
2,785Paula BishopJun 24, 2015
2,784Lisa VisnaskasBrookline, NHJun 24, 2015
2,783Maxine DunnPeterborough, NHJun 24, 2015
2,782Martin DunnPeterborough, NHJun 24, 2015
2,781Sue CarrilloWashington, DCAs an Official Intervenor in the FERC proceeding on the Northeast Energy Direct Project, I am writing to inform you that I will be representing New Hampshire citizens and citizens from surrounding communities in opposing the New Hampshire pipeline.Jun 24, 2015
2,780gene faxontemple, nhstop the pipelineJun 24, 2015
2,779Karen BrownPeterborough, nhJun 23, 2015
2,778Jessica BennerTroy, new Hampshire Jun 23, 2015
2,777Wendy ChapmanKeene, New HampshireThe required fracking for this pipeline is far too dangerous to our air, ground, and crops, and the health of our residents.Jun 23, 2015
2,776Paul ParoJun 23, 2015
2,775Christopher BradlerNew Ipswich, NHThis project will ruin our way of living in the Southern part of New HampshireJun 23, 2015
2,774Nan FornalPeterborough, NHI love the Monadnock Region and have many friends who live near the pollution and danger zone that this pipeline would cause. Let's explore alternative energy instead of enriching oil companies.Jun 22, 2015
2,773Laura McCaddenBrookline, NH-New HampshireSTOP PIPELINE IN BROOKLINEJun 22, 2015
2,772Katherine YostPelham, NHPlease stop this project, it does not benefit our glorious state of NH. We are right down the street from the proposed pipleline and have a well, chickens, and kids. Please don't let this be their legacy!Jun 22, 2015
2,771Andre DeschenesPeterborough, NhJun 22, 2015
2,770kedon mandeltemple, nhenvironmental impacts - if disaster will they responsibly handle? who's going to bridge the gap when my house value goes down?Jun 22, 2015
2,769Conrad L. DionneHudson, New HampshireJun 22, 2015
2,768Diane O'RourkePeterborough, NHJun 22, 2015
2,767Frank FlandersTemple, NHThis compressor station is not acceptable, especially in such close proximity to our Elementary School and its children, teachers and staff. Even without a catastrophic event, the emissions and related negative disruptive effects normally associated with such facilities are well documented from existing stations in other U.S. locations. Please do not allow this to happen to us!Jun 21, 2015
2,766Leon BrassardJun 21, 2015
2,765Cynthia Van HazingaHillsborough, NHNo, Gov. Maggie. No. Think ahead.Jun 21, 2015
2,764J MaloufJun 21, 2015
2,763Rachael GilbertBrookline, NHJun 20, 2015
2,762k SullivanKings Park, NYno pipeline is safe. JUST SAY NO Governor Hassan. Jun 20, 2015
2,761Sue BonnerGreenfield, NHJun 20, 2015
2,760Joe GallagherAmherst, NHJun 20, 2015
2,759Rachel saleratemple, NHJun 20, 2015
2,758Priscilla ChambersMendon , maJun 20, 2015
2,757Jane BillingsHancock, NHwe may need to change our State motto to "Dying to live free " Please do NOT let this passJun 20, 2015
2,756Denise MorrissetteBrookline, New HampshireThere is no beneficial reason to route into NH, but to spare MA - when its destination is a MA harbor.Jun 20, 2015
2,755Marilyn WeirPeterborough, NHKinder Morgan is taking advantage of the people of New Hampshire to serve their own selfish purposes with only loss and no gain for the residents of the towns affected.Jun 20, 2015
2,754Emma TorseyPeterborough, NHJun 20, 2015
2,753Jennifer WagnerPelham, New HampshireJun 19, 2015
2,752Christine HowePeterborough , NHThere is nothing good for NH about the pipelineJun 19, 2015
2,751Elspeth SlaterCollingswood, new jerseyA friend that I care for very much lives right by the proposed pipeline site and I fear for her health and well being. Thank you for listening.Jun 19, 2015
2,750Michael WagnerPelham, New HampshireJun 19, 2015
2,749Katy HaasAcworth, New HampshireJun 19, 2015
2,748Lisa SutterJun 19, 2015
2,747Deborah Segedy Jun 19, 2015
2,746Pamela SaleraTemple, NHI am in the "kill zone" of the compressor stationJun 19, 2015
2,745Carolyn SimmonsRindge, New HampshireThis has no benefit for N.H. citizens. I see no reward for the risk.Jun 19, 2015
2,744Mark SimmonsRindge, New HampshireThis pipeline does not benefit the citizens of New Hampshire at all. A handful of executives will get richer and thousands of less fortunate folks will take the hit. I know someone in New Ipswich who has paid off their home. This pumping station is going in right near them which will render their property worthless. I see NO benefit for the citizens of N.H. Jun 19, 2015
2,743ashley desrosiersdracut, MassachusettsSTOP THE PIPELINEJun 18, 2015
2,742Greg & Barbara DomingueFitzwilliam, NHrespect and protect home owners and our precious environment! Do the right thing! Do what you are trusted to do as an elected official!Jun 18, 2015
2,741Michael NorkPittsfield, NHWhole-heartedly agree!Jun 18, 2015
2,740Thomas FitzgeraldWeston, MassachusettsJun 18, 2015
2,739james clarkwestmoreland, nhJun 18, 2015
2,738Sussenberger LisaLondonderry , NHPlease do thorough research on the impact of our granite infrastructure. Earthquakes happen here, and we can't afford to lose our stability the granite ridge gives us. Your decision affects the mountains, the rivers, and the generations that follow. Jun 18, 2015
2,737Peter GuthrieLondonderry, New HampshireLooking at the pipeline pathway and impacts, why would I want you to support a project that will pass costs/fees to my electric bill for Natural Gas that most of the states residents don't benefit from the use of? Jun 18, 2015
2,736Carl ShannonNorth Tonawanda, NY - New YorkWindham is my home-town, don't allow big money to ruin the residential atmosphere.Jun 18, 2015
2,735James reaManchester, NHJun 17, 2015
2,734Heather ShaverFitzwilliam, NHJun 17, 2015
2,733Mark HorowitzSeattle, WashingtonThis deal is nothing but a sweetheart gift to the industry that doesn't care about contaminating groundwater or contributing to global warming.Jun 17, 2015
2,732Rose ThomsonGreenfield, NHJun 17, 2015
2,731kate karpovaPelham, NHJun 17, 2015
2,730Robert FeyhTemple, NhDont invade my community!!!!!!Jun 17, 2015
2,729Christine RobidouxTemple, New HampshirePlease oppose the pipeline now!Jun 17, 2015
2,728Sheryl SawyerRindge, NHJun 17, 2015
2,727Eric JeitnerPhiladelphia, PAPlease reconsider this pipeline. NH won't benefit in the long-term.Jun 17, 2015
2,726Christine LongPeterborough, NHSTOP THE PIPELINE!Jun 17, 2015
2,725Laurie BrownHollis, NHWe need to look at more sustainable options - solar for example. We could put panels on top of municiple buildings that would help with the summer surge. Other methods could be used for winter. Jun 17, 2015
2,724Peter SoucyJun 17, 2015
2,723Sandra BibacePeterborough, New HampshirePLEASE stop this pipeline!Jun 16, 2015
2,722John SingelaisTemple, NHJun 16, 2015
2,721Dixie MeeksJun 16, 2015
2,720Deborah ReynoldsMarlborough, New HampshireJun 16, 2015
2,719paul morehousewinchester, NHwe dont need, or want this destroying our community!Jun 16, 2015
2,718Robert BennettPeterborough, NHJun 16, 2015
2,717k sullivanNew Ipswich, NHjust say NO when it comes to the pipeline. No pipeline is ever safe no matter what KinderMorgan says. Just say NO to the NED project. I have well water, I am within the 2 mile zone from the proposed compressor station. I do not want the water ways, lakes, streams, rivers or wells poisoned by this project.It is not going to help the people of NH with their heating/electricity bills. JUST SAY NO! Jun 16, 2015
2,716Kaity ThomsonDover, New HampshireJun 16, 2015
2,715Theresa BernaLyndeborough, NHPlease stop the pipeline!!!!Jun 16, 2015
2,714Chris BennettJaffrey, NHNED = New England DestructionJun 16, 2015
2,713Elizabeth HutchinsHinsdale, NHKeep out of NHJun 16, 2015
2,712Kara SteereLyndeborough, NHJun 16, 2015
2,711Devorah HansonTemple, NHI oppose this project and ask that my representative officials support the people they represent by helping us to stop this project.Jun 16, 2015
2,710Shirley DurhamMarlborough, New HampshireStop the Pipeline..Thank you.Jun 16, 2015
2,709Sarah FieldTroy, New HampshireJun 16, 2015
2,708James DrewJaffrey, NHIt's a bad deal for NHJun 16, 2015
2,707Kathy BassettPeterborough, NHdon't ruin our stateJun 16, 2015
2,706brumaghim tomJun 16, 2015
2,705Cheryl CathcartMount Laurel, NJStop NEDJun 16, 2015
2,704Anthony IngeneriMilford, NHStop the NED Pipeline. We the People DON'T WANT IT!!!!Jun 16, 2015
2,703merrill matthewsdublin, nhNO PIPELINE!!!!Jun 16, 2015
2,702Diane PascuWoodbury, NJJun 16, 2015
2,701Colleen PascuTemple, New HampshireThis project places a compressor station dangerously close to an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! Jun 16, 2015
2,700Carole SingelaisTemple, NHPLEASE STOP THE PIPELINE!Jun 16, 2015
2,699Kathy AllenAntrim, NHJun 16, 2015
2,698Deanna DentPepperell, MaJun 16, 2015
2,697David UnderwoodSharon, NHMy children attend Temple Elementary School which is within the "incineration zone" surrounding one of NED's pumping stations.Jun 16, 2015
2,696Bonnie Gage-AndersonHudson, New HampshireGovernor, as a txpaying voting NH resident I do not support this dangerous pipeline, which offers no benefit to the community, in our state. Please support us in fighting this pipeline, if you wish to have my support again at the voting poll. Jun 16, 2015
2,695Carol Mannarinowilton, nhJun 16, 2015
2,694Sue HanischWilton, New HampshireJun 16, 2015
2,693Aaron TyneTemple, NHJun 15, 2015
2,692Brenda TorresMerrimack, NhJun 15, 2015
2,691john latshaLITCHFIELD, New HampshireJun 15, 2015
2,690Steve PouliotHudson, NHJun 15, 2015
2,689Theodore RennaHancock, NHJun 15, 2015
2,688Jean WhitcombTroy, New HampshireIf you care about New Hampshire, help us stop the pipeline from running through our towns.Jun 15, 2015
2,687Bonny-Jo AhoNew Ipswich, NHThis pipeline does not make sense for NH and ruins property values, endangers our community and environment with no benefit to the area or NH citizens.Jun 15, 2015
2,686Jacob AhoBoulder, ColoradoMy parents live in New Ipswich, but my family owns a Tree Farm property in Sharon, NH which is within the "incineration zone". There is no reason for this pipeline to go through NH or this region, as there are no benefits to the residents of NH or this area, except those may be profiting on their New Hampshirite neighbors. Jun 15, 2015
2,685Eric GPelham, New HampshireJun 15, 2015
2,684Cynthia BabcockHudson, NHJun 15, 2015
2,683Beth TaylorHopkinton, New HampshireStop this & Northern Pass please!Jun 15, 2015
2,682Steven ShortNew Ipswich, New HampshireJun 15, 2015
2,681Raymond ShortNew Ipswich, New HampshireI don't want this to happen. Our water will turn flamible, and we don't want that among other disadvantages.. Appose this.Jun 15, 2015
2,680Kim ShortNew Ipswich, New HampshireThis would lead to a great amount of pollution, we don't want in our community and is an injustice to everyone here! Please act in protecting the people who would be affected.Jun 15, 2015
2,679Lea St LaurentMerrimack, NHPlease stop thisJun 15, 2015
2,678mark dorobialanashua, New Hampshiretoo big a risk for thge gainsJun 15, 2015
2,677Robin Thebodeau Dublin, NHJun 15, 2015
2,676Donna Pouliot Hudson, NHJun 15, 2015
2,675Corey ShawCandia, nBad for New Hampshire!!!!Jun 15, 2015
2,674Matthew GoddardAmherst, NHIt is time to do the right thing for your constituents.Jun 14, 2015
2,673Jerry PearsonTemple, New HampshireThere is not a positive benefit to New Hampshire from this "Market Route" of the pipeline expand along existing routes and do not impede the grids transition to renewables.Jun 14, 2015
2,672Gregory PrinceNewipswich, NhJun 14, 2015
2,671Mike lazzarotemple, nhSTOP THIS PLEASE! We live here for the peace, quiet and beautiful country that will all be destroyed and industrialized. Jun 13, 2015
2,670Kristin HarrisHancock , NHJun 13, 2015
2,669Erik AndersonHarrisville, NHJun 13, 2015
2,668John MainguyNashua, New HampshireJun 13, 2015
2,667Lisa Cooleywilton, nhStop this nonsense we are a beautiful state they wull ruin itJun 13, 2015
2,666Melanie WileGreenville, NHJun 13, 2015
2,665Glenn GaumondLitchfield, NHJun 13, 2015
2,664Rita DennisonJun 13, 2015
2,663Jason GarlandJun 13, 2015
2,662Elizabeth McCombsEpping, NHJun 13, 2015
2,661Brandi ConnorDerry, NHJun 13, 2015
2,660Tinamarie Ciulla Hudson, nhJun 13, 2015
2,659Jasmine DiamondGreenville, New HampshireJun 13, 2015
2,658Justice FinnJun 13, 2015
2,657Katelyn FinnJun 13, 2015
2,656Susan wisnewskipelham, nhplease ban this pipeline from southern NH communitiesJun 13, 2015
2,655norbert VautourGreenville, nhThis will destroy all the wildlife in our area and so mass is going to get the gas,it doesn't make any sense.Jun 13, 2015
2,654Lisa GuimondJun 13, 2015
2,653Susan MartisPelham, NHJun 13, 2015
2,652Christine BroyerMerrimack , NHJun 13, 2015
2,651kellee wehnerJun 13, 2015
2,650Steven DiPirroMerrimack, New HampshireJun 13, 2015
2,649Wendy EganHudson, NHJun 13, 2015
2,648LISA WARCUPTaylorsville, GeorgiaI lived in NH, best friend in MAJun 13, 2015
2,647Carly fortinmerrimack, nhJun 13, 2015
2,646kristi wallesmerrimack, nhJun 13, 2015
2,645Kristen ClaytonTampa, FloridaJun 13, 2015
2,644Neil JulianLondonderry, NHJun 13, 2015
2,643Trisha Paradisemilford, nhJun 13, 2015
2,642Dennis CorriganMerrimack, NHJun 13, 2015
2,641Michele goderreJun 13, 2015
2,640Brittany WilsonPhillipston, MAJun 13, 2015
2,639Susan CaouetteFitzwilliam, nhPlease protect our state. No PipelineJun 13, 2015
2,638Robert AlataloBedford, NHJun 13, 2015
2,637Shannon O'BrienJun 13, 2015
2,636Jillian WhalenMilford, NHJun 13, 2015
2,635Jillian WhalenMilford , NHJun 13, 2015
2,634Matthew OgilvieDAVENPORT, FloridaJun 13, 2015
2,633Laurie MarshallEpping, New HampshireJun 13, 2015
2,632Mike joslynkeene, nhJun 12, 2015
2,631Dante RuzinokTemple, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,630Timothy HaroutunianWaltham, MAJun 12, 2015
2,629Kimberly CampanellaRaynham, MAJun 12, 2015
2,628Linda DaigleFitzwilliam, New HampshireBAN THE PIPELINE!!!Jun 12, 2015
2,627abigail yonkinmerrimack , nhI cant wait for the day supporters realize the truth!! Why not build in Hollis if it's such a great thing?? Hollis knows better but Merrimack?? $$$!!!. do your research!!!! Jun 12, 2015
2,626Alyssa HaleyWinchendon, MAJun 12, 2015
2,625Holt AlbeeJun 12, 2015
2,624Andrew LasserLondonderry, NhJun 12, 2015
2,623Matt CarusoJun 12, 2015
2,622Matthew BonifaceJun 12, 2015
2,621Michael Diodati Goffstown , New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,620Lauren Dykesbrighton, Tas australiaJun 12, 2015
2,619Stephen RogersLebanon, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,618Adna GlusacMilford, NHJun 12, 2015
2,617Marion SteinerCharlestown, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,616Robyn BradyHancock, NhJun 12, 2015
2,615katharine sullivanantrim, nhplease don't let this happenJun 12, 2015
2,614Wendy DePuyAmherst, NHJun 12, 2015
2,613Owen EllerkampPeterborough, NHJun 12, 2015
2,612Jennifer PageMerrimack, NHJun 12, 2015
2,611Jonathan AmeraultMilford, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,610Sonia StatiresBedford, NHJun 12, 2015
2,609Stephen TaylorAmherst, NHGet us a better deal.Jun 12, 2015
2,608Eve KodiakTemple, NHIf this plan goes through, the rural, unspoiled nature of our communities - which is both priceless in and of itself, but also, as communities that rely heavily on tourism, key to the success of every small business in the region, directly or indirectly - will die. Our houses will be without value, no one will buy them. Who will walk the Wapack trail, or go leaf-peakin to the roar of turbines?Jun 12, 2015
2,607Calypso ThomsonGreenfield, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,606Robert ChoquetteAmherst, New HampshireFor once let's put the interests of our citizens first. This pipeline is not needed or wanted.Jun 12, 2015
2,605Robin WarrenMerrimack, NHThis is no benefit to my town, and places our award-winning aquifers at risk.Jun 12, 2015
2,604Cyd BennettNine Mile Falls, WashingtonJun 12, 2015
2,603Donna Nordengren salem, nhJun 12, 2015
2,602Louise Marinosalem, nhJun 12, 2015
2,601brandon Auchterloniemilford, nhno pipeline in Milford or anywhere.Jun 12, 2015
2,600Robert HammMerrimack, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,599donna kennedywinchester, MAJun 12, 2015
2,598maureen kennedywinchester, MAJun 12, 2015
2,597jill jarvisMILFORD, NH New HampshireSTOP THE PIPELINE!Jun 12, 2015
2,596Eve PicardMassachusettsJun 12, 2015
2,595kelsey shawmerrimack, nhJun 12, 2015
2,594Gretta Cox-GortonFrancestown, NHPlease stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline- people over profits!Jun 12, 2015
2,593Daniel McCombsEpping, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,592cher murphyboston, MassachusettsJun 12, 2015
2,591Rob ViensPortsmouth , New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,590shari vietryJun 12, 2015
2,589Megan PelletierMerrimack, NHJun 12, 2015
2,588kalee willardPortsmouth, nhJun 12, 2015
2,587Charles LynchHollis, NHThe cost to people's lives and the environment to provide a conduit for so much exported gas is prohibitive. The benefit to NH is minimal in relation to the burden. Please don't sell us out. Jun 12, 2015
2,586Mary Lou ChamberlandNashua, NHJun 12, 2015
2,585Nancy HeusslerMerrimack , NHPLEASE DONT DO IT !!!Jun 12, 2015
2,584jennifer Hiltonmilford, nhWe do not want this pipeline in our communities!!!!Jun 12, 2015
2,583Paul WillisNew Ipswich, NHPlease stop the pipeline from ruining our town!!!Jun 12, 2015
2,582Michael egan merrimack, nhno pipeline Jun 12, 2015
2,581joan AhernPeterborough, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,580Christina Emeryhooksett, NHplease do not allow the pipeline! STOP NEDJun 12, 2015
2,579Jane cottrellJun 12, 2015
2,578Jaclyn fielderriverside, caas a former resident of Temple, NH please stop this tragedy from happening. I currently live in CA. It's ugly, full of concrete atrocities and the sun is blocked out in many locations by concrete monstrasaties. Please preserve Temple for the residents and quality of life for all those still living or living NH. Jun 12, 2015
2,577Mark GliddenNashua, NEW HAMPSHIREJun 12, 2015
2,576Eve CiminoJun 12, 2015
2,575Ryan DerbyMerrimack, NHJun 12, 2015
2,574Thomas NearyMerrimack, NHJun 12, 2015
2,573Gary FreemanMerrimack, New HampshireNO PIPE LINE !Jun 12, 2015
2,572Leslie TranielloNew Ipswich, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,571Jill ManfieldMerrimack, New HampshirePlease protect the rights of the Merrimack CitizensJun 12, 2015
2,570Tom Mcmenemymerrimack, nhJun 12, 2015
2,569Leah Derbymerrimack, nhplease don't let the pipeline pass through nhJun 12, 2015
2,568Allyson Britton Jun 12, 2015
2,567mary-ann choquetteamherst, New Hampshireplease STOP Kinder Morgan!Jun 12, 2015
2,566Adam DodgeMerrimack, New HampshireNo way! This would put my neighborhood in the incineration zone as well as destroy protected town land that I hike and bike daily on.Jun 12, 2015
2,565Greg ShearmanMerrimack, NhJun 12, 2015
2,564Emily EisenhauerMilford, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,563kate blouinnewfields , nhAs a native of Temple NH, where my parents and sister still live, I am appaled that this is even a consideration. I now live in newfields, NH and call upon the governor to put a stop to this.Jun 12, 2015
2,562Kerry SchockJun 12, 2015
2,561Doris MorrisHudson, New HampshirePlease stop the gas pipeline. There is no need for it.Jun 12, 2015
2,560Cheryl FoleyNHJun 12, 2015
2,559Michael ShieldsTemple, NHThe NED pipeline is a money grab by Kinder Morgan that will not affect energy prices in NH in any way. Other energy sources should be investigated first as well as looking into new pipelines already approved that are not taken into account with the current KM/NED proposal.Jun 12, 2015
2,558George DavisonMilford, NhJun 12, 2015
2,557Kalee willardportsmouth, nhJun 12, 2015
2,556Tamika Carter Loudon, NhJun 12, 2015
2,555Nancy MovitzEpping, NHPlease do not allow this pipeline to go through our stateJun 12, 2015
2,554Pauline C MacKayConcord, NH - New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,553Kevin HirnakBedford, New Hampshire03110Jun 12, 2015
2,552Krysten Evans Pelham , NHJun 12, 2015
2,551Anne MorrillyMerrimack, NHJun 12, 2015
2,550Lauren Burke Jun 12, 2015
2,549Linette LukawitzMilford, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,548Melissa Lamont HiltonMerrimack, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,547Damiel FaxonTemple, NHJun 12, 2015
2,546CAMDEN WHEELERMerrimack, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,545Michael BrodyJun 12, 2015
2,544Paula MouradianJun 12, 2015
2,543Paul KraftonJun 12, 2015
2,542Kristi BradshawMerrimack, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,541Stephanie NewtonNew Ipswich, NHJun 12, 2015
2,540Jonathan KashBROOKLINE, New HampshireJun 12, 2015
2,539Evelyn PearsonTemple, NHNo, no, never, no, no, never at all.Jun 12, 2015
2,538Roger CrookerGreenfield, New HampshireOur way of life is in danger - please support out towns.Jun 12, 2015
2,537Allison HackmanTemple, New HampshireI feel that our safety and health is being abandoned. Can't you help us defeat this thing? The elected officials were very effective in Massachusetts. Can you not also help us?Jun 11, 2015
2,536Elena FiskeTemple, NHI am opposed to this pipeline and to the compressor station they propose to build within a half mile of our elementary school.Jun 11, 2015
2,535brad justicefitzwilliam, New Hampshireno pipe lineJun 11, 2015
2,534Alena SullivanJaffrey, New Hampshire, USPlease stop the piplineJun 11, 2015
2,533Laurence Sullivanjaffrey, New Hampshireplease stop the pipline. I am concerned about my families safetyJun 11, 2015
2,532Robin Sullivanjaffrey, New Hampshireplease stop the pipline. I will have to sell my house. Jun 11, 2015
2,531Susan PineaultJaffrey, New HampshireKeep New Hampshires small towns clean and save. We don't have the resources to fight big energy companies but we deserve a clean safe environment for our children and grandchildren whose families have been here for generations. We didn't just arrive to exploit the environment.Jun 11, 2015
2,530Judith HeddyBennington , NHWe do not want this in our communityJun 11, 2015
2,529Thayer TaftFrancestown, NHJun 11, 2015
2,528Michael RogersMilford, NHJun 11, 2015
2,527Keith Hollenbecktemple , New HampshireThis will do our communities no good!! Please support us in blocking this pipeline in NH. Jun 11, 2015
2,526Robyn AmadonJaffrey, NHThis project has too many negative impacts on our small communities! Please stop it in its tracks!Jun 11, 2015
2,525Jessica GerriorAntrim, New HampshireOn behalf of my children and our State's and Nation's children.Jun 11, 2015
2,524Danilo NavarroBedfor, NHPlease evaluate how this doesn't benefit the people of New Hampshire Jun 11, 2015
2,523Patricia LemonWarwick, MassachusettsEven the G7 countries recognize the urgency of cutting greenhouse gasses. Fracked natural gas produces MORE emissions than other fossil fuels. AND its NOT needed by New EnglandersJun 11, 2015
2,522Nycole BadejoPeterborough, NhJun 11, 2015
2,521Theresa McKillopMilford, NHPlease stop thisJun 11, 2015
2,520Rachel SMilford, New HampshireJun 11, 2015
2,519Amber KrasuckiMilford, nhJun 11, 2015
2,518Dawn LordenTemple, NHJun 11, 2015
2,517Kim GabertJun 11, 2015
2,516Michael HeddyBennington, New HampshireJun 11, 2015
2,515Eavin StonebrakerJun 11, 2015
2,514Dennis LordenTemple, NHJun 11, 2015
2,513robert donnellygreenville, n.h.the wildlife, the familys and everyone that's gonna be put out of a home because of needs to be stoped.hassan u fuckin suck.Jun 11, 2015
2,512Ronnie DrumrightJun 11, 2015
2,511Patricia WhitneySunapee, NHwill decrease nearby home values for hard-working middle-class NH residents!Jun 11, 2015
2,510Beth ComeauJun 10, 2015
2,509Phillip Denoncourtwestbrook, MEJun 10, 2015
2,508William BurgerHollis, NHJun 10, 2015
2,507Stephanie GagnonNashua, NHJun 10, 2015
2,506Jamie CNHJun 10, 2015
2,505marilyn bealJun 10, 2015
2,504Michael DionneSharon, New HampshireThis has no NH benefit. Keep it out of our state.Jun 10, 2015
2,503Rebecca WilsonNew ipswich, NhJun 10, 2015
2,502Cara NichollJun 10, 2015
2,501Dagny HedbergWilton, NHJun 10, 2015
2,499bruce Stockwelltemple, nhJun 09, 2015
2,498Lorraine StockwellTemple, New HampshireJun 09, 2015
2,497Alec MayerNew Ipswich, NHI bought my home in October of 2013, with the hopes of a peaceful and quiet location. This pipeline and compressor station would destroy my dream of a woodland sanctuary and force me to move. Please do not allow this to happen, as I doubt I could afford another move so soon.Jun 09, 2015
2,496Deb LangTemple, NHJun 09, 2015
2,495Kyla JohnsonGreenville , nhJun 09, 2015
2,494Ada KellettManchester, NhJun 09, 2015
2,493Steve ChisholmTemple, New HampshireJun 09, 2015
2,492Brandon cardinalnew ipswich, new hampshireJun 09, 2015
2,491Teresa McCuePortsmouth, NHJun 09, 2015
2,490sue aselgreenville, New Hampshirewe don't want itJun 09, 2015
2,489Liz LaRoseSharon, New HampshireJun 09, 2015
2,488john barthelmessAthens, MeThis does not seem like progress to me. I've seen too much energy company control of our lands in my life. Alaska, Maine, now right through my son's country home. New Hampshire won't live free if this is allowed. JbJun 09, 2015
2,487Joan CrookerTemple, New HampshirePlease stop this!Jun 09, 2015
2,486Ilene LopezVero Beach, FloridaJun 09, 2015
2,485Val KottleNew Ipswich, NHPlease stop the pipeline from ruining our beautiful natural wooded area..I live within a half of mile from the proposed substation...I do not want. This literally in my backyard.Jun 09, 2015
2,484Mat LambertRindge, New HampshireSTOP the Pipeline!!!Jun 09, 2015
2,483Lisa LambertRindge, New HampshireSTOP THE NED PIPELINE!!!!!Jun 09, 2015
2,482Nancy JohnsonGreenville, NhStop the pipe line!!!Jun 09, 2015
2,481Jennifer Spingola Rindge, NHJun 09, 2015
2,480Nilene TraffieThink of everyone's backyards being ruined. Think of the unsightly views this would be. Think of the animals homes destroyed. Think of the greed being fed. Think of the future fall peepers seasons. Think of..the list is endless! Of WHAT benefit for the majority would this be?!Jun 09, 2015
2,479Eileen BoyerPeterborough, NHJun 09, 2015
2,478Kelley AndersonSarasota, FLI have family and friends in NH and used to live there. Stop this dangerous greedy action.Jun 09, 2015
2,477Jill Connollytemple, nhthis will destroy our town. Jun 09, 2015
2,476Laura ClaytonTemple, Nhplease Governor Hassan, the compressor station the have plans for in New Ipswich is well within the 1/2 mile "buffer" zone, i.e.incinerator zone,Jun 09, 2015
2,475Arline GuinnGreenfield , New HampshireDon't do it.Jun 09, 2015
2,474Jan GriskaRindge, New HampshireAccess NE is a better solutionJun 09, 2015
2,473Caitlin Muhonen Jun 09, 2015
2,472Dennis GauvinNew Ipswich, New HampshireJun 09, 2015
2,471Julianne Caron-Dale Rindge, NHJun 09, 2015
2,470Miranda GoddardRindge, NHJun 09, 2015
2,469Crystal bechardmarlborough, nhJun 09, 2015
2,468Nerissa peschkenew Ipswich , nahJun 09, 2015
2,467Ken GordonMilford, NHSTOP the PIPELINE!Jun 09, 2015
2,466Carrie niskalanashua, nhplease stop the pipeline Jun 09, 2015
2,465Tanya LaFolletteWest Columbia, South CarolinaJun 09, 2015
2,464Amanda JenkinsNelson, NHplease stop NED!!!!!!! Jun 09, 2015
2,463Christopher turnermilford, New Hampshirethis needs to stop. Jun 09, 2015
2,462Kelley WickmanRindge, NHJun 09, 2015
2,461Kristen BrassardTemple, NHJun 09, 2015
2,460Andre GagnonNew Ipswich, NHJun 09, 2015
2,459Maria SchweizerMilford, NHSTOP the PipelineJun 09, 2015
2,458Norma TraffieNew Ipswich, NHWe request that you oppose this pipeline coming into NH as soon as possible.Jun 09, 2015
2,457Sandra PanekPelham, NHstop the pipelineJun 09, 2015
2,456Holleigh TlapaMilford, NHBad for NH residents... please STOP this!!Jun 09, 2015
2,455Eric SimilaPeterborough, NHGovernor Hassan should fight to maintain the quality of life for all NH residentsJun 09, 2015
2,454Gerrell SmithBrookline, NHJun 09, 2015
2,453Stacey HallGreenville, NhJun 09, 2015
2,452Jennifer DinsmoreHampstead, New HampshireJun 09, 2015
2,451Jeffrey McCabeNew Ipswich, New HampshireJun 09, 2015
2,450william woodsJun 09, 2015
2,449Judy Mitchell Greenville, NHJun 09, 2015
2,448Martha VervilleNew Ipswich, New Hampshireplease stop the pipeline and compressor from coming through New Ipswich and the surrounding communities.Jun 08, 2015
2,447amber ellismerrimack, New HampshireJun 08, 2015
2,446Patricia WaldenNew Ipswich, NhWould you want this in your backyard?Jun 08, 2015
2,445Jennifer ChandlerMilford, NHno pipeline in NHJun 08, 2015
2,444David Wilkerson Jun 08, 2015
2,443teran morrisNashua, NHJun 08, 2015
2,442Melissa Rakiey Milford, NHNo pipeline!!!!Jun 08, 2015
2,441Stephen HuggettNashua, NHKill this NOW. The potential for destruction of our drinking water and preserved wetlands is TOO great.Jun 08, 2015
2,440jason white greenfield , New HampshireJun 08, 2015
2,439jennifer White greenfield , New HampshireJun 08, 2015
2,438Robin TrecartinMilford, New HampshireJun 08, 2015
2,437Kim moltisantimerrimack, nhThere has to be a better way to get these results Jun 08, 2015
2,436deborah greeleywilton, New HampshireJun 08, 2015
2,435Denise Buchanan NHJun 08, 2015
2,434Maria SchweizerMilford, NHStop the PipelineJun 08, 2015
2,433Paul LundwallMilford, New HampshirePlease do not allow the pipe line in NH.Jun 08, 2015
2,432tina vallier milfird, nhstop the pipelineJun 08, 2015
2,431zachary steinbrecheramherst, New HampshireJun 08, 2015
2,430Sheila conleyorford, nhPlease keep New Hampshire safe. Don't allow this.Jun 08, 2015
2,429Amanda Bennett Rindge, NH if Mass stopped it, why would we want it?!Jun 08, 2015
2,428Fred DouglasLyndeborough, NHPlz stop the pipeline!Jun 08, 2015
2,427Lynda DouglasLyndeborough, nhPlz stop the pipeline!Jun 08, 2015
2,426Steve TrecartinMilford, NHJun 08, 2015
2,425Lisa Flannery toNew Ipswich, nhthis would be detrimental to our area, the economy and our housing prices and taxes. No one wants to buy a home with a pipeline in the backyardJun 08, 2015
2,424Matthew CaseNew Ipswich, New HampshireJun 08, 2015
2,423Daniel ZiarnikNew Ipswich, New HampshireJun 08, 2015
2,422Christine BergeronNew Ipswich, NH - New HampshireThey are stealing my home equity! I am 1.2 mile from the transformer proposed site! Jun 08, 2015
2,421Kerstin Dilda New Ipswich, NHJun 08, 2015
2,420Gail cook wilton, nhno pipeline!! Listen to the people please Jun 08, 2015
2,419ann desrosiershudson, New HampshireSay NO to the pipelineJun 08, 2015
2,418Elijah BarthelmessNew Ipswich, NHI don't want the pump station across the street from my house. I won't be able to hear the birds and it will drink my water.Jun 08, 2015
2,417Jeremiah BarthelmessNew Ipswich, NHStop Kinder Morgan from destryoing my home.Jun 08, 2015
2,416Josiah BarthelmessNew Ipswich, NHDon't let them take my home.Jun 08, 2015
2,415Joanna UmenhoferManchester, NHJun 08, 2015
2,414Marci LapanMilford, New HampshireJun 08, 2015
2,413Jennifer VaillancourtNashua, NHJun 08, 2015
2,412Holly KinneyMadison, MaineJun 08, 2015
2,411Mary BunkerBrookline, NHStop this pipeline all togetherJun 08, 2015
2,410Kurt CorbitMilford, New HampshireJun 08, 2015
2,409Alison CrockerPelham Jun 08, 2015
2,408William&Dodie FinlaysonWilton, NHEverything we love about life in New Hampshire, and about our town, our land, and our house, and everything we believe about health, quality of life, and buying local food— is profoundly threatened by this pipeline. We are absolutely opposed to it, and beg you to stop it in any way you can.Jun 08, 2015
2,407Mark McGradeDracut, MassachusettsJun 08, 2015
2,406Jes SiscoFitchburg, MassachusettsStop NEDJun 08, 2015
2,405Susan WrightNorthfield, MassachusettsNot in Anyone's Backyard!!!!Jun 08, 2015
2,404Sheighlin HoartyPelham, NHMy house is in the incineration zone and this needs to be stopped! Jun 08, 2015
2,402charlene LachanceTroy, NHStop The Pipe Lines. Life Is More Valuable and Your Gas Line Is Too Vulnerable Jun 07, 2015
2,401J WaltersPelham, NhJun 07, 2015
2,400Jennifer HuntRindge, New HampshireJun 07, 2015
2,399Brenda OrdeMerrimack, NHWe have other options. Don't sell us out. Geothermal, wind and solar are waiting for your support. Jun 07, 2015
2,398Kathryn HeckerNew Ipswich, nhJun 07, 2015
2,397Janice StearnsMiddlebury, VTJun 06, 2015
2,396Liz WilsonBrookline , NHHow it is taking you so long to back up the citizens of NH who's properties & safety are threatened by the pipeline travesty is horrifying. It shows ignorance about ecology, the environment, disloyalty to the states best interests vs corporate best interests.anyone who backs this kind of ignorant planin the name of the future of energy is dreaming. This is about the future of the corporate greed.Jun 06, 2015
2,395cheryl coliandrisJun 05, 2015
2,394Phil Hardcastle Hudson, NHSTOP THE PIPELINE!!!!!!Jun 05, 2015
2,393Susan Vivierpelham, New HampshireJun 05, 2015
2,392Holly TrowLitchfield, New HampshireJun 05, 2015
2,391Diane WirbalLitchfield, NhNo pipelineJun 05, 2015
2,390jillian ozmorelitchfield, New HampshireJun 05, 2015
2,389Patricia LandryPelham , N.H.Jun 05, 2015
2,388Leo GoyettePelham, NHno pipelineJun 05, 2015
2,387Fernando LazuRindge, NHThis is not a safe nor appropriate proposal. To put a gas line under power lines when there are proposed attacks on the power grid is ridiculous. Jun 05, 2015
2,386Paul McPhieRindge, New HampshireWant to be another Penn?Jun 05, 2015
2,385Brent AuCoinJaffrey, NHWe are land owners that would be impacted by this proposal. We do not want the NED pipeline.Jun 05, 2015
2,384Sharon RaskuRindge, New Hampshireplease stop Kinder Morgan in New HampshireJun 04, 2015
2,383Shirley CarneyRindge, NHN.H. land belongs to N.H people!Jun 04, 2015
2,382Colleen PokallusLondonderry, NHThere is no stated benefit for NH residents, nor do I want a gas pipeline across from my home!Jun 04, 2015
2,381Kenneth PokallusLondonderry, New HampshireThe pipeline is going right in front of our house.Jun 04, 2015
2,380Jake RJun 04, 2015
2,379clayton ahonew ipswich, New HampshireJun 04, 2015
2,378John KadlikFitzwilliam, New HampshirePlease do what is right for the people of NHJun 04, 2015
2,377Darren CoppleNew Ipswich, NHGovernor, This pipeline and compressor station are bad for NH. It has already had a negative effect on our willingness to invest in solar panels for our home and work needed to transition to a B&B. Once the compressor station goes in half a mile behind my house, my mortage will be underwater as the value of my home plummets. Please do all you can to stop this. Sincerely, Darren CoppleJun 03, 2015
2,376lindsey sargentpelham, nhNo pipeline!Jun 02, 2015
2,375Tracy Dyenashua, NHraping the land for profits isn't a good idea ever!Jun 02, 2015
2,374Eric ZaengleinAmherst, NHJun 02, 2015
2,373ROBIN CAFAZZOHampstead, NHI am opposed and call upon Governor Hassan to stop NEDJun 02, 2015
2,372Richard LaSalleFitzwilliam , NHJun 02, 2015
2,371Jean CoutuNew Ipswich, N.H.Jun 02, 2015
2,370Joseph PastierWinchester, NHproperty effected by pipelineJun 02, 2015
2,369Steve SargentPelham, NHJun 01, 2015
2,368Elizabeth MagueNashua, NHStop the pipelineJun 01, 2015
2,367denise legaultAtkinson, NHJun 01, 2015
2,366Lynda TaylorAmherst, NHNOT NEEDED NOR WANTED!Jun 01, 2015
2,365Chantal GebroMilford, NHJun 01, 2015
2,364Felicia PooleLitchfield , NhMay 31, 2015
2,363david weiselrichmond, nhMay 31, 2015
2,362Russ BradyMilford, New HampshireMay 31, 2015
2,361Rachel LeVangieNew Ipswich, NHPlease oppose ANY pipeline in NHMay 30, 2015
2,360Jared LeVangieNew Ipswich, NHNO, NO, NO, and No Pipeline!!! ThanksMay 30, 2015
2,359Paul Moriartypelham, New HampshireA new pipeline has no business in New Hmpshire. Instead of investing in reneable energy we continue to rely on antiquated fossil fuels.May 30, 2015
2,358carin moriartypelham, nhMay 30, 2015
2,357Michael Guadagni Providence, RIMay 30, 2015
2,356Elizabeth ChandlerNashua, New HampshirePlease stop NED!May 30, 2015
2,355Rachael GreenleafNew Ipswich, NHThis pipeline and associated compressor and meter stations present threats to the environment and health of the nearby residents. I wholly oppose the proposal.May 30, 2015
2,354Richard C. L. WebbJaffrey, NHMay 29, 2015
2,353Rebecca DixonHollis, NHMay 29, 2015
2,352christopher cramb rindge, nhbig business and government should not be able to push around and poison the people. End this madness and vote to keep this project and further projects from happening!!!!!May 29, 2015
2,351Chris HubertPelham, NHMay 29, 2015
2,350Alan Soneyjaffrey, NHMay 29, 2015
2,349Anne WebbJaffrey, NHMay 28, 2015
2,348David PlazaLondonderry, NHMay 28, 2015
2,347Amy PendolinoMerrimack, NHNO PIPELINE PLEASE!!!!May 28, 2015
2,346Nancy IsaacsJaffrey, New HampshireMay 28, 2015
2,345Katey OBrienAmherst, New HampshireThis goes directly behind my house/neighborhood (we're in the red zone of this invasive project). We feel our well water is at risk (our well water company Skilling's and Son's already told us we certainly should be concerned for the safety of our well), property values, and the protected wildlife refuge behind us. Plus, it goes directly next to the schools my children will be attending. May 28, 2015
2,344Susan FrenetteAmherst, NHMay 27, 2015
2,343Sarah MatternBrookline, New HampshireMay 27, 2015
2,342Kenneth D. CampbellJaffrey, NH 03452May 27, 2015
2,341Thomas J Murray, SrLondonderry, NHLack of notification has been egregious!May 27, 2015
2,340Lisa RameyMay 27, 2015
2,339Carol Gehlbach Jaffrey, NhWe need to wean ourselves from fossil fuels.May 27, 2015
2,338Bill DriscollJaffrey, N.H.May 27, 2015
2,337Rachel SoneyRindge, New HampshireI don't live in Rindge, but I support friends & relatives who do. May 27, 2015
2,336James PoplinJaffrey, NHThis program seems to ignore the rights of NH residents in lieu of corporate profits. Please move to stop this project.May 27, 2015
2,335Noora BryantJaffrey, New HampshireMay 27, 2015
2,334Edward StoutNewport, NHGranite Staters Unite!May 27, 2015
2,333Marcia KnappClinton, NYMay 27, 2015
2,332Kathleen WeibelJaffrey, NHPlease stop the pipe line from ruining our beautiful state!May 27, 2015
2,331Birgit JohansonJaffrey, NHfracking gas pollutes air, water, and soilMay 27, 2015
2,330Thomas SchieleJaffrey, NHMay 27, 2015
2,329Tony SchollJaffrey, NHI am strongly opposed to the Kinder Morgan pipelineMay 27, 2015
2,328Nancy LloydJaffrey, NHListen to the people and reject this proposal.May 27, 2015
2,327Robin BoydJaffrey, NHFossil fuels are not the answer.May 27, 2015
2,326Emily PrestonJaffrey, NHMay 27, 2015
2,325John McCarthyJaffrey, New Hampshirethis pipeline would represent the wrong choice for New Hampshire and the USA.May 27, 2015
2,324William WeibelJaffrey, NHMay 27, 2015
2,323Catherine SchieleJaffrey, NHAgainstMay 27, 2015
2,322karen ayersjaffrey, New HampshireMay 27, 2015
2,321Barbara GilbertJaffrey, NHMay 27, 2015
2,320William and Sally GrafJaffrey, New HampshireKider Morgan's reputation speaks for itselfMay 27, 2015
2,319Joshua BlakeDurham, NHSolar energy is sunsational, Wind power is wonderful: no more do we need to hurt our environment and our people for corporate greed. This technology and methods are dangerous and dirty and outdated. Lets put an end to these pipelines. May 27, 2015
2,318Grace LyonsKingston, NhMay 27, 2015
2,317Abigail St. PierreMay 26, 2015
2,316luke jarestPeterborough, New HampshireMay 26, 2015
2,315Sharissa StoutNewport, NHMay 26, 2015
2,314Kyle PotterConcord, NHMay 26, 2015
2,313Robert TyszkoPeterborough, New HampshireMay 26, 2015
2,312Theresa KuchinosNew HampshireMay 26, 2015
2,311Kevin PetersWinchester, NHMay 26, 2015
2,310Daniel MartinPeterborough, NHMay 26, 2015
2,309Willow YonikaWilton, NHMay 26, 2015
2,308Julie RemoldJaffrey, NHBetter to put infrastructure investments in cleaner forms of energy.May 26, 2015
2,307Eileen RemoldJaffrey, NHMay 25, 2015
2,306Heinz RemoldBrookline, MAI own a house close to the projected location of the new pipeline, tion of the pipeline in South Jaffrey,NHMay 25, 2015
2,305marlene DavisJAFFREY, New HampshireMay 25, 2015
2,304Linda Taylorfitzwilliam, New Hampshire (NH)Please stop the pipeline.....I live on scott pond in fitzwilliam, with all kinds of wildlife , and the pipeline will ruin all of this....we have nesting Eagles,blue herring etc...please stop this disasterMay 25, 2015
2,303Deborah RussellSwanzey, New HampshireMay 24, 2015
2,302Karen BalnisRichmond, NHi am concerned about safety and don't think the benefits to the people of NH outweigh the risks.May 24, 2015
2,301Joseph MassoneNew Boston, New HampshireMay 23, 2015
2,300Hope OShaughnessyStratham, NHMay 22, 2015
2,299Christine BrownWinchester, StateMay 21, 2015
2,298April Reynolds Keene , New HampshireMay 21, 2015
2,297Kathy LivingstonRichmond, NHMay 21, 2015
2,296Gloria BrunelleMerrimack, New Hampshireno pipelineMay 21, 2015
2,295Ronna RajaniemiRichmond, NHDear Governor Hassan: Please oppose this project, it is not a good choice for the people who make their lives here or the environment. Thank you. Ronna RajaniemiMay 21, 2015
2,294Kathleen GauvinNew Ipswich, NHI have supported you in your governor races. I am appalled that you would be so blatantly supportive of a pipeline that will ruin our quality of life, strip of beautiful rural countryside, and most importantly put our lives and future generations at risk of numerous health issues and beyond that a disaster of the compression station that will kill us all. Please do the right thing. Nix this!May 21, 2015
2,293Laura PhillipsNashua, NhMay 21, 2015
2,292Michele FauteuxNashua, New HampshireMay 21, 2015
2,291Erika HandMay 21, 2015
2,290Elizabeth TigheLowell, MassachusettsMay 21, 2015
2,289Elaine HagueChelmsford, MAPlease do not let this senseless pipeline destroy homes, businesses, and the beautiful countryside of NH and MA! May 21, 2015
2,288AnnMarie ByrnesHampstead, New HampshireMay 21, 2015
2,287LC AlexanderMay 20, 2015
2,286Sarah BrockwayMilford, NHI live close to the pipeline's proposed path. I vehemently oppose construction of the pipeline, on the grounds that it creates an unacceptable risk of accidents in a populated area, threatens the stability and quality of the water on which my house and the houses of my neighbors depend, and threatens delicate natural habitats for no reason other than to line Kinder Morgan's pockets. May 20, 2015
2,285Andy VantiMay 20, 2015
2,284Richard R. SilvestroTemple, NH 03084Whatever the previous reasoning about a possible needed increase in energy requirements, this proposed pipeline is well in excess of New England requirements of the forseeable future. As proposed, the only purpose that wouldl be met would be the ever present need of feeding corporate greed.May 20, 2015
2,283William PriceBrookline, NHStop the pipelineMay 20, 2015
2,282Rose Carespelham, nhNO kinder morgan pipeline in NHMay 20, 2015
2,281Nancy HannWinchester, NHStop the Pipeline!May 20, 2015
2,280Rob ClemensPeterborough, NHMay 20, 2015
2,279Mary GannonHudson, NHMy first major issue is: MY Family is located inside their Incineration Zone. May 20, 2015
2,278Tierney ChadwickHudson, NhMay 19, 2015
2,277Gerard GleesonSharon, NHMay 19, 2015
2,276Pamela GleesonSharon, NHHelp stop this now before they get a foothold. My concerns: Health, Safety, Pollution, Destruction of Wildlife, Loss of Property Value, Being Raped by Big Oil. May 19, 2015
2,275Sarah SmithPortsmouth, NHPipelines leak, compressors emit toxic air pollution, and it's time to invest in clean energy and not dirty gas.May 19, 2015
2,274Mark BeauregardRichmond, nhWhat give anyone the right to take my land and home...STOP THE PIPELINE THROUGH RICHMOND!!!!!May 19, 2015
2,273Susan MarsdenRichmond, New HampshireMay 19, 2015
2,272Deana DarbyWilton, NHMay 19, 2015
2,271AMy ShimkusPeterborough, NHMay 18, 2015
2,270John GageWindham, New Hampshireplease read the online comments in the wmur story about the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline through NH. Lots of good reasons to not want it are discussed there. Article: Major pipeline proposal continues to raise questions By: Amy Coveno, News Anchor/Reporter Published On: May 13 2015 05:12:53 PM EDT Updated On: May 13 2015 05:00:00 PM EDTMay 17, 2015
2,269David LindsayMerrimack, NHMay 17, 2015
2,268Karen KirbyPelham, New hampshireMay 17, 2015
2,267Joseph HerlihyMerrimack, New HampshireNO PIPELINEMay 16, 2015
2,266Sherri NixonExeter, nThe Kinder Morgan pipeline through New Hampshire poses risks to our environment that are not worth taking. May 16, 2015
2,265Stephanie Desrochers May 16, 2015
2,264Richard GulledgeNew ipswich, New HampshireMay 16, 2015
2,263Marilyn Gulledge110 Main Street, New HampshireMay 15, 2015
2,262Susan WyattRichmond, NHplease stop NEDMay 15, 2015
2,261Eva FloodEpping, NHMay 15, 2015
2,260Malia EbelConcord, New HampshireKinder Morgan plans to use the thinnest pipe permittable on this project, which shows they don't care about New Hampshire. This pipeline will not benefit NH and it will cause irreparable damage to wildlife, nature, and property values. Please oppose this.May 15, 2015
2,259Jacqueline BassJohns Creek, GAMay 15, 2015
2,258Patricia CanadayNew Ipswich, NHWe Choose Live Free. No Pipeline NHMay 14, 2015
2,257Kimberly ForniLaconia, NHMay 14, 2015
2,256Marianne CannizzaroPelham, New HampshireNo WayMay 14, 2015
2,255Laura BriedisAshuelot, NHNo pipeline!May 14, 2015
2,254Dianne DouaiFitzwilliam, NHMay 14, 2015
2,253Barbara AlixJaffrey, NHMay 14, 2015
2,252jen mustoMay 14, 2015
2,251Vincent rosaMay 14, 2015
2,250Alexis HeaphyMay 14, 2015
2,249dana carsonHudson, New HampshireMay 13, 2015
2,248Charles and Jeanne HawthorneMay 13, 2015
2,247dean emelorindge, nhif you think this is a good idea ask the DRBC out on the ny pa area or go to Montrose pa and LOOKMay 13, 2015
2,246Deborah Keyes Salem , NHMay 13, 2015
2,245pearl nickleswindham, New Hampshireexcess never helps anyone, live with what you haveMay 13, 2015
2,244cheryl desrosiersdracut, MassachusettsMay 13, 2015
2,243Shannon LeBlancAtkinson, New HampshireMay 12, 2015
2,242pam Edmondsdudley, MassachusettsMay 12, 2015
2,241Shaunda BelangerLondonderry, New HampshireThis would be a travesty to our state!May 12, 2015
2,240ed nordengrensalem, nhMay 12, 2015
2,239Kerry GauvinNashua , NHMay 12, 2015
2,238Christine Egan Merrimack, NH NO PIPELINEMay 12, 2015
2,237Caroll CarbonneauMilford, New HampshireWe don't need this pipelineMay 12, 2015
2,236Erika NordengrenTemple, NHMay 12, 2015
2,235Josee FrenetteWilton, NHNo absolutely no to pipeline in healthy Wilton NhMay 12, 2015
2,234Francis AlbanoWilton, New HampshireMay 12, 2015
2,233David CamillieriMilford, NHBAD IDEA!!!May 12, 2015
2,232Christine CamillieriMilford , NHNO, NO, NO!!!!May 12, 2015
2,231Rad RadhakrishnanAmhest, New HampshireNo to the pipeline in our stateMay 12, 2015
2,230Kyle SissonSalem, New HampshireIt's rediculous that it has even come to this. Stop it.May 12, 2015
2,229Larry HusseyEpping, New HampshireI oppose NED pipeline projectMay 12, 2015
2,228Chad DesrosiersTemple, NhStarted out as one surveyor now the whole road if full of them. Make it stop!May 12, 2015
2,227Darcy DraytonLyndeborough, New HampshireNH Politicians should vote to support the needs and health of the people of NH and not the profits of the fossil fuel industryMay 12, 2015
2,226Janet JohnstonMilford, NHWe demand the Governor unequivocally oppose the forfeiture of New Hampshire lands and the use of utility ratepayers' funds to construct the NED pipeline. We call upon Governor Hassan to stop NED.May 12, 2015
2,225Rachel VanHazingaHillsboro, NHMay 12, 2015
2,224Wendy RzasaPelham, New HampshireMay 11, 2015
2,223John Spottiswood Pelham, NHMay 11, 2015
2,222Robert SloanNashua , NHMay 11, 2015
2,221Joshua WalshNew Ipswich, New HampshireMay 11, 2015
2,220Stephanie ChaceBrookline, New HampshireMay 11, 2015
2,219Sarah BayPeterborough, New HampshireMay 11, 2015
2,218Elaine RittenhouseWindham, NHMay 11, 2015
2,216Stephanie CronisPelham, NH - New HampshireMay 11, 2015
2,215Caitlin Mitchell Amherst , NhMay 11, 2015
2,214nancy SchlosserWilmot, NHno pipeline in NH,please!May 11, 2015
2,213Susanne BuchananWilton, NHSTOP NEDMay 11, 2015
2,212Maureen Christilles Llondonderry, NHMay 11, 2015
2,211Paula PaciulanMay 11, 2015
2,210Karen MitchellAmherst , NHMay 11, 2015
2,209Maureen SloanNashua, NhMay 11, 2015
2,208Henriette IseneWilton, NHMay 11, 2015
2,207Eunice ChalmersWilton, N.H.I am opposed to this pipeline going through N.H. May 10, 2015
2,206Christine HerlihyWilton, NHMay 10, 2015
2,205Craig HerlihyWilton, NHPlease stop this pipeline for the sake of New Hampshire's integrity!May 10, 2015
2,204Deana DarbyWilton, New HampshireMay 10, 2015
2,203Bruce DarbyWilton, New HampshireMay 10, 2015
2,202Sally MuriWilton, NHThis has little benefit to the people of NH and numerous major drawbacks. We don't need this here.May 10, 2015
2,201Ann CountBrookline, NHMay 10, 2015
2,200Mary GrahamWilton, NHMay 10, 2015
2,199Steven CountBrookline , NhMay 10, 2015
2,198Oliver StrubeHarrisville, NHDear Governor, before we add new oil or gas pipeline capacity in NH, we should implement all possible conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy projects. Don't let the house and senate raid the renewable energy fund and don't let a Texas company raid our state, take lands from our people and settle us with a dangerous and unnecessary project that will not benefit our great state. May 10, 2015
2,197Valerie Vareladerry, NHMay 10, 2015
2,196Lorey ZahnWilton, New HampshireMay 10, 2015
2,195Dana MarangiLyndeborough, NHMay 10, 2015
2,194Louis BullardWilton, NHif it wasn't right for MA, it is not right for NH either.May 10, 2015
2,193chris joymason, nhkeep the pipeline out of my stateMay 10, 2015
2,192Mary MooreWilton, NHMay 10, 2015
2,191Judith KlinghofferWilton, NHWhy should NH communities be put at risk for a project that in no way benefits NH? If it’s not good enough for Massachusetts (and for that reason has been diverted to NH), why should it be good enough for NH? The gas pipeline poses a very real and serious threat to neighboring communities, and we don’t want it here!May 10, 2015
2,190Rebecca AndersonWilton, NHMay 10, 2015
2,189Erin NiemiPelham, New HampshireMay 10, 2015
2,188Juan Altmayer PizzornoWilton, NHMay 10, 2015
2,187Jeremy SelmerRindge, NHMay 10, 2015
2,186Laura SelmerRindge, NHMay 10, 2015
2,185randy wojcikpelham, nhThis pipeline is a very bad ideaMay 10, 2015
2,184Adrienne GeorgeNashua, NHMay 10, 2015
2,183Thora CardenasWilton, NHMay 10, 2015
2,182Nathalie herosLyndeborough, NHplease stop NEDMay 10, 2015
2,181Anthony GrahamWilton, NHMay 10, 2015
2,180Andrew FinlaysonWilton, NHThe fact that they are redirecting this pipline through southern New Hampshire in order to bypass wealthy Massachusetts towns is an outrage! Please do whatever is in your power to stop this.May 10, 2015
2,179Nancy MacalasterHancock, NHNO NO NOMay 10, 2015
2,178Erin MoskunHollis, NHMay 10, 2015
2,177Brian DraytonLyndeborough, NHMay 10, 2015
2,176Linda MillmanNHMay 10, 2015
2,175Georgianna HenryMilford, NHMay 09, 2015
2,174Lesley FinlaysonWilton, NHDon't mess with the glory of our state, please!May 09, 2015
2,173Carol RenwickWilton, NHIf the proposed pipeline will be carrying natural gas to export, there is NO benefit to NH, only risk.May 09, 2015
2,172Tricia Moorepelham, nhMay 09, 2015
2,171Jorge ArrunateguiLyndeborough, NhStop!!!!!!!!!!!!!May 09, 2015
2,170Nancy WightWilton, NHAbsolutely NOT!!May 09, 2015
2,169toby tarnowhollis, nhMay 09, 2015
2,168Kathi BondTemple, NHMay 09, 2015
2,167David BondTemple, NHThe people say "No!" Will the politicians listen?May 09, 2015
2,166Julie BranderNew Ipswich, NHPlease do not ruin our wilderness May 09, 2015
2,165John AvilaAmherst, NHI don't understand how this pipeline will be beneficial to the residents of New Hanpshire.May 09, 2015
2,164Patti KincmanPelham, New HampshireNo pipeline needed! May 09, 2015
2,163Mary mcdonoughWilton, NEW HAMPSHIREPlease stop the pipeline May 08, 2015
2,162Vadim GuitmanHancock, NHMay 08, 2015
2,161Karen GuitmanWilton, NHMay 08, 2015
2,160rebekah kaymenWilton, New HampshireMay 08, 2015
2,159glynn grahamwilton, New Hampshirewe are counting on you Govenor HassanMay 08, 2015
2,158Siobhan TullyWindham, New HampshireMay 07, 2015
2,157Jeanne enosWoburn, massachusettswould like to move in this area an would be greatly discouraged. this effects the land, water and air quality for miles. please reject fracking we are to advanced to resort to prehistoric measures pertaining to energy. thank youMay 07, 2015
2,156Michael MaddenTemple, NHMass stopped it from going thru their state, why can't NH stop this? Why scar the landscape anymore?May 07, 2015
2,155Christopher AdamsBrookline, NHMay 07, 2015
2,154Representative Jack FlanaganBrookline, nhWrong for NHMay 07, 2015
2,153Shirley BeckwithBrookline, NHI wish I could sign this 1000 times!May 07, 2015
2,152Alice ChemerynskiNew Ipswich, NHStop the PipelineMay 07, 2015
2,151Mary anne LaningHollis, New HampshireMay 06, 2015
2,150Kim DraperGoffstown, NHWant to build in Greenville. May 06, 2015
2,149Dean RubineLee, NHMay 06, 2015
2,148Ruth SampleLee, NHThis is nothing but trouble for NH. PLEASE VETO THIS!May 06, 2015
2,147Nancy FellhoeltertNew Ipswich, New HampshirePlease stop Pipeline, the people do not support Pipeline. A company of investors should not be able to get dominion domain on public and especially private property.May 06, 2015
2,146Louise KnightPepperell, MAMay 06, 2015
2,145Nancy Bulkleydurham, nhPlease stand up for our quality of life in environmentally friendly New Hampshire. May 06, 2015
2,144Bradley HardyRindge, NHMay 06, 2015
2,143nicole davislitchfield, nhMay 05, 2015
2,142Linda AndersonMay 05, 2015
2,141sean SullivanHancock, NHMay 05, 2015
2,140Mary GannonWinchester, NHNo No NoMay 05, 2015
2,139Florence NewcombPelham, NHStop NEDMay 05, 2015
2,138Lisbeth MillerWinchester , New Hampshire There is no local-or state-level gain compared to the infringements and impacts. Please help us to stop this. May 04, 2015
2,137Carol AngellHudson, NHPlease save our state from this project which will cause more harm than good to our state now and in the future. May 04, 2015
2,136Amy BonesOmaha, NebraskaMay 04, 2015
2,135jonathan spillanepelham, nhMay 04, 2015
2,134Robert RenzulloHudson, NHMay 04, 2015
2,133Jim ParishConcord, New HampshirePlease stand up to this company and stop the waste that will come to New Hampshire if this pipeline is built.May 04, 2015
2,132Robert HammMerrimack, New HampshireMay 04, 2015
2,131Joe DesRochersMason, New HampshireStop the pipeline May 04, 2015
2,130Amanda DesRochersMason, NHMay 04, 2015
2,129Suzanne DesrochersMason, NHNO PIPELINE. May 04, 2015
2,128Ronald HolmesWrentham, MassachusettsMay 04, 2015
2,127Erika GounisMason, New HampshireMay 03, 2015
2,126Frederick RogersRindge, New HampshireMay 03, 2015
2,125Ann KrchakSwanzey , NhMay 03, 2015
2,124Keith KrchakSwanzey, NhMay 03, 2015
2,123Robert DonovanLynn, MassachusettsMay 03, 2015
2,122Courtney MartineauLunenburg, MaMay 03, 2015
2,121John St George Brookline, NHThe pipeline is a bad idea. It will ruin property and the environment of NHMay 03, 2015
2,120Paul AndersonNew Ipswich, New HampshireMay 03, 2015
2,119Whitney BeauregardNew ipswich, NhMay 03, 2015
2,118tomNothing but lies and gre keatingwilton nh, nhnothing but lies and greed, unneeded.May 03, 2015
2,117Marvin HundleyMay 01, 2015
2,116Shannon a HundleyMay 01, 2015
2,115Andrew VergeWest Lebanon, New HampshireEminent domain goes against the grain of the fabric of New Hampshire. Our pristine land and water is a resource which is not renewable. Please do not squander this resource over an unnecessary pipeline. May 01, 2015
2,114nick moultonmanchester, nhMay 01, 2015
2,113Patrick HickeyPittsburgh, PARelocating to NH to avoid the frackfest in Pennsylvania. May consider VT now.May 01, 2015
2,112Denise FiorentinoHolderness, NHThis bully needs to be stopped from bulldozing through residential neighborhoodsMay 01, 2015
2,111Emma ZaengleinAmherst, NHMay 01, 2015
2,110Max ZaengleinAmherst, NHMay 01, 2015
2,109Eric ZaengleinAmherst, NHMay 01, 2015
2,108Barbara ZaengleinAmherst, NHMay 01, 2015
2,107Daniel Caulfield Keene , New HampshireMay 01, 2015
2,106Amanda EatonMason, NHPlease do not allow this pipeline ruin our natural small town.May 01, 2015
2,105Sarah GenckWest Hartford, CTWill be moving to Nh in the next month.May 01, 2015
2,104Christopher ComstockEast Aurora, NY: NEW YORKApr 30, 2015
2,103Kenneth RobertsGardner, MassachusettsApr 30, 2015
2,102Michele LinnHarrington Park, NJApr 30, 2015
2,101aaron shieldskeene, nhthis hits too close to home and would run through my friend's back yard. Apr 30, 2015
2,100Hannah Edgecombnew philadelphia, ohioApr 30, 2015
2,099Alicia TagueApr 30, 2015
2,098Ian SpencerRichmond, NHPlease fight this pipeline!!!Apr 30, 2015
2,097Lisa NorthrupTemple, New HampshireApr 30, 2015
2,096Stephen ChristoRichmond, NHApr 30, 2015
2,095Patty RenaudPelham, New HampshireApr 29, 2015
2,094AmyBeth GallagherNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 29, 2015
2,093Stephen GallagherNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 29, 2015
2,092George FoleyApr 29, 2015
2,091marian rogerskeene, New HampshireApr 29, 2015
2,090Tina SmileyNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 29, 2015
2,089John HalbmaierWindham, New HampshireApr 29, 2015
2,088Ross LanninMason, New HampshireApr 29, 2015
2,087Summer BrooksKeene, New HampshireApr 29, 2015
2,086Viktor ArsenovWilton, New HampshirePlease help to stop the Pipeline in NH.Apr 29, 2015
2,085Sarah HarpsterKeene, NHThis project will do more harm than good for NH and future generations across the nation.Apr 29, 2015
2,084William AllisonMerrimack, New HampshireYour legacy will be known for bowing to big corporation dollars, stomping on the rights of New Hampshire landowners, and eroding a little bit of our freedom. Big industrialists have always dictated the direction of this country to puppet-politicians. Welcome to your history, puppet. Apr 28, 2015
2,083John GollihueGoffstown, NHApr 28, 2015
2,082Amanda SteinerRichmond, NHApr 28, 2015
2,081Katherine DuchesneWilton, NHNo Pipeline anywhere in NHApr 28, 2015
2,080Donna ClarkNew Ipswich, NH - NEW HAMPSHIREStop this plan...please!!Apr 27, 2015
2,079Andrew CapenAmherst, NHApr 27, 2015
2,078Stephen HillApr 27, 2015
2,077Dave MackinnonAmherst , NHNot in my neighborhood ! Apr 27, 2015
2,076Kerri MorrisonHudson, NH - New HampshireDo NOT allow fracking in our beautiful and safe state!!!Apr 27, 2015
2,075John WyndhamPeterborough, New HampshireApr 27, 2015
2,074barbara neubertmason, nhno pipeApr 27, 2015
2,073dean neubertmason, nhno pipelineApr 27, 2015
2,072Mary NuttingTemple, nhApr 27, 2015
2,071Marianne GrahamNew Ipswich, NHDear Governor, I urge you to take a strong stand to oppose the pipeline and protect our rural heritage. Any short term energy needs we may face in the future would be better addressed by developing comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable energy policies by your administration.Apr 27, 2015
2,070Gerald MargandRichmond, NHSay NO! to Kinder Morgan,Apr 26, 2015
2,069Susanne RiemerNew Ipswich, New HampshireThis pipeline does not benefit our state. We will not benefit from a substantial increase in jobs, or tax revenues, and instead will be placing our population and rural lands at risk! Apr 26, 2015
2,068Peter LeCountMason, NHThe proposed route has the spur going down to MA going right through my backyard. Not only will it cause me great inconvenience at my age (84) but it is full of shallow bedrock that will have to be blasted. I own acreage behind me left forested in order to provide natural habitat to NH's wildlife. Please oppose this unnecessary ruination to our neighborhood.Apr 26, 2015
2,067Joshua BrowningNorth Conway, NHAbsolutely NotApr 26, 2015
2,066James CourounisPelham, NhApr 26, 2015
2,065Leanne WitkowskiPelham, NHNo Thank YouApr 26, 2015
2,064Stephanie GuaraldiHampstead, NhApr 26, 2015
2,063Sherry BrooksNewton, NHSay no to this pipeline. Preserve our pristine state.Apr 26, 2015
2,062Patrick McLaughlinMerrimack, New HampshireApr 26, 2015
2,061Cindy McLaughlinMerrimack, New HampshireApr 26, 2015
2,060Mike MeehanManchester, NHApr 26, 2015
2,059constant guayraymond, nhApr 26, 2015
2,058marion guayraymond, nhApr 26, 2015
2,057judy laferriere-mank Pelham, nh my house is in the incinerator zone...I have 2 small children 1 elderly parent . put it in your town if you want it so bad. I'm saying NO.!!!!Apr 26, 2015
2,056Jessica MixerApr 25, 2015
2,055Sean DwyerApr 25, 2015
2,054Jim portMerrimack, New Hampshireno pipeline pleaseApr 25, 2015
2,053Brian StallMerrimack, NhPlease, please stop this. Apr 25, 2015
2,052Henry AnthonyBrookline, NHStop this hostile land grabApr 25, 2015
2,051Eric EstevezPelham, New HampshireState Representative Apr 25, 2015
2,050Rachel DavisGardner, MAMy kids play in the lake that will be effected. Please stop thisApr 25, 2015
2,049Mark LoretteTemple, NhApr 25, 2015
2,048Natalie LaBonteApr 24, 2015
2,047Matt SauvolaRindge, NHStop this pipeline Apr 24, 2015
2,046Michelle BourassaKeene, New HampshireApr 24, 2015
2,045james reedpelham, New HampshireApr 24, 2015
2,044Gregory SmithPelham, NHAlternative pipelines exist - Spectra Atlantic Bridge insteadApr 24, 2015
2,043Karen BassettPelham, NHStop the Pipeline!!!Apr 24, 2015
2,042Gregory ButkoRichmond, NHWe don't want this pipeline in our town. Put it through Washington DC!Apr 24, 2015
2,041Susan BrassardHollis , NHplease don't let the pipeline go through. Apr 24, 2015
2,040Sanjay KakkadPelham, NHSTOP THE PIPE LINE PROJECTApr 24, 2015
2,039Cory WilliamsNashua, NHApr 24, 2015
2,038Jenn DupontApr 24, 2015
2,037Diane MichaudLitchfield, NHApr 24, 2015
2,036Nicole LeducNashua, NHi say NO!Apr 24, 2015
2,035Brandon PhillipsRochester, NH / USAApr 24, 2015
2,034Cindy PerkinsNashua, NH03063Apr 24, 2015
2,033Christine McCallApr 24, 2015
2,032Nia SharaTroy, NHplease hear us! We don't want it!Apr 24, 2015
2,031Harry Young Jaffrey, NHApr 24, 2015
2,030Rachel DavisFitzwilliam, NHplease do not destroy our towns!Apr 24, 2015
2,029David PattersonFitzwilliam, NHNo pipeline in NH!!!!!!Apr 24, 2015
2,028Melanie PattersonFitzwilliam, NHGov Hassan WE DONT WANT THIS IN OUR STATE! YOU'VE HEARD OUR CRIES. NOW STOP THIS!Apr 24, 2015
2,027Beth MacDonaldGreenfield, MassachusettsApr 24, 2015
2,026Troy SeppalaNew Ipswich , New hampshireApr 24, 2015
2,025Michelle DunnApr 23, 2015
2,024Eric McCallApr 23, 2015
2,023Annmarie Pintal TurcotteAmherst, NHApr 23, 2015
2,022Carol E KrausPeterborough, NHIf residents of NH don't want this pipeline, there is no reason to have it forced upon us.Apr 23, 2015
2,021Erin MeehanManchester, NHApr 23, 2015
2,020Mary RaymondApr 23, 2015
2,019Lorena Swatzell-StoneNew Ipswich, NHApr 23, 2015
2,018Deanna BullockLitchfield , nhApr 23, 2015
2,017Denise ParzychMerrimack, NHProtect our State.Apr 23, 2015
2,016Mark LaheyMason, NHApr 23, 2015
2,015Dori DrachmanPeterborough, New HampshireApr 23, 2015
2,014Beth DraperApr 23, 2015
2,013Jeremy BonoLondonderry, NHSeriously - running it under soccer fields where hundreds of kids play???? Apr 23, 2015
2,012Susan BaynesApr 23, 2015
2,011Melinda SauvolaRindge, NhApr 23, 2015
2,010Kerri BertramJaffrey, NHApr 23, 2015
2,009Kristie CardulloNashua, NHApr 23, 2015
2,008John LocherAmherst, NHI feel you have been very silent on this issue. Please take a stand one way or another. Thank you. Apr 23, 2015
2,007Deborah FredericksPeterborough, NHPlease Stop NED.Apr 23, 2015
2,006Jennifer VaillancourtGreenville, NHApr 23, 2015
2,005Kendra AlixNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 23, 2015
2,004Justin AlixNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 23, 2015
2,003Michelle CoutoumasMerrimack, NHApr 23, 2015
2,002donna mahoneye hampstead, nhTHIS is just WRONG..... UNSAFE and NOT in the state's BEST interest!Apr 23, 2015
2,001Sharon PaglicciaNew Ipswich, NEApr 23, 2015
2,000Lisa VogesBaldwin, New YorkApr 22, 2015
1,999Nancy FlynnDracut, MaApr 22, 2015
1,998Scott CampbellNew ipswich, NhApr 22, 2015
1,997Logan Levesque Brookline Apr 22, 2015
1,996Janis SeppalaNew Ipswich, NHvote NOApr 22, 2015
1,995Kenneth GrossmanBarrington, NHApr 22, 2015
1,994Scott LevesqueBrookline, NHI do not want the pipelineApr 22, 2015
1,993Barbara ViscianoDover, NHThe Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct pipeline should be stopped. It will scar our landscape and put our citizens at risk. Apr 22, 2015
1,992Muriel PelletierGreenville, New HampshireApr 22, 2015
1,991Cheves WallingRindge, New HampshirePlease stop this pipelineApr 22, 2015
1,990Maureen MannDeerfield, NHApr 22, 2015
1,989Lou EastmanPETERBOROUGH, New Hampshireeminent domain + pollutants = stolen freedom and deathApr 22, 2015
1,988Gloria PrunierMerrimack, New HampshireApr 22, 2015
1,987Raymond PrunierMerrimack, New HampshirePlease oppose this pipelineApr 22, 2015
1,986Katina SwanPelham, NHApr 22, 2015
1,985Susan LamportPelham, NhStop NEDApr 22, 2015
1,984Paula CunioApr 22, 2015
1,983Cynthia ChaseKeene, NHApr 22, 2015
1,982Marie UlwickPelham, New Hampshirenot good for Pelham NHApr 22, 2015
1,981Mary HeathManchester, NHApr 22, 2015
1,980Jean FordFitzwilliam, NHApr 22, 2015
1,979Linda EadGreenville, NHApr 22, 2015
1,978Jacqueline SmithMilford , NHNo thanks Apr 22, 2015
1,977Deb AshPeterborough, New HampshireApr 22, 2015
1,976Dorothy WentworthLitchfield, New HampshireApr 22, 2015
1,975John RosenfelderNew Ipswich, New HampshireAfter years of supporting Governor Hassen, I cannot believe that she is now turning her back on her supporters by apparentlly supporting the fossil fuel industry instead of New Hampshire residents.Apr 22, 2015
1,974Thomas AdamickNewmarket, NHMassachusetts who will benefit the most from this can also have the pipeline.Apr 22, 2015
1,973Elizabeth MeehanNewmarket, NEW HAMPSHIREApr 22, 2015
1,972Bruce McSheehyNelson, NHApr 22, 2015
1,971Ruth LemayNelson, NHlet`s make every effort to stop this from going forwardApr 22, 2015
1,970Jeneen Hulse-Amadorindge, NHApr 22, 2015
1,969Melane GoodrichFitzwilliam, NhPlease stop this shortsighted projectApr 22, 2015
1,968John CarlsonNashus, NHRenegotiate, pay eminent domain property owners good for at least 130% of current not future property value.Apr 21, 2015
1,967Edward ZadravecApr 21, 2015
1,966Gail CarlsonNashua, NhApr 21, 2015
1,965Erica Meehanamherst, New HampshireApr 21, 2015
1,964Lionel CARONNwe Ipswich, New Hampshire Apr 21, 2015
1,963Katey MakiApr 21, 2015
1,962Nancy WooleverWilton, NhApr 21, 2015
1,961Robert SundstromMilford, NHI am opposed to the Pipeline. They want to take some of my property, a woodlot which is used to grow firewood and timber for my occupation as a Logger and Firewood producer. This does not just affect the value of my property but has a direct impact on my ability to provide for my family.Apr 21, 2015
1,960Bruce PrideTEMPLE, New HampshireApr 21, 2015
1,959Wendy McEttrickMilford, NHApr 21, 2015
1,958Sarah doughertyApr 21, 2015
1,957Walter MakiNew Ipswich, NHApr 21, 2015
1,956Erin SullivanBrookline, NHApr 21, 2015
1,955Mark BeauchampPelham, NHApr 21, 2015
1,954Michael MakiNew Ipswich, NHApr 21, 2015
1,953Jerry MurphyNHApr 21, 2015
1,952Keri McDonoughNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 20, 2015
1,951Brett Wilsonnew Ipswich , NHApr 20, 2015
1,950Janet DahlbeckNew Ipswich, NHPlease save this beautiful town and the value of our homes....Apr 20, 2015
1,949Richard PendletonPeterborough, New HampshireApr 20, 2015
1,948William SmithPeterborough, NHPlease do not take our land for the pipeline, or use our money to fund it.Apr 20, 2015
1,947Elinor ScotlandRindge, NHApr 20, 2015
1,946June KramarczykBrookline, NHApr 20, 2015
1,945Ronald Roberts, JrLyndeborough , NHApr 20, 2015
1,944Diane StephensBrookline, New HampshireApr 20, 2015
1,943John CarlsonApr 20, 2015
1,942Stacie ConnollyMason, NHNo PipelineApr 20, 2015
1,941Shawn LinnMason, NHPlease stop and prhibit the instalation of this pipe lineApr 20, 2015
1,940Danielle LinnMason, New HampshireApr 20, 2015
1,939Gene JonasMason, NHApr 20, 2015
1,938John McGurkNew Ipswich, NHApr 20, 2015
1,937David koskiRindge, New HampshireApr 20, 2015
1,936Michael NormanMerrimack, NH - New HampshireApr 19, 2015
1,935kyle jenkinspelham, nhdont want this in PelhamApr 19, 2015
1,934Karen DudraHancock, NHApr 19, 2015
1,933Elise MacDonaldNashua, NHWrong for NH ...Apr 19, 2015
1,932Susan Miller-BartonPelham, NHi say No to the pipeline in Pelham I want my children as well as myself to live in a safe place!Apr 19, 2015
1,931Joan NuttingTemple, NHApr 19, 2015
1,930Beverly catanzaropelham, New HampshireApr 19, 2015
1,929Zelda PhilbrickApr 18, 2015
1,928David HusakWindham, NHApr 18, 2015
1,927Rachael DeSantisHollis, NHstop NED asap!!Apr 18, 2015
1,926Brian BuresPelham, NHApr 18, 2015
1,925Cathleen CalmerNHPlease do everything you can to avoid this construction, it will devistate Southern landApr 18, 2015
1,924joseph belangernew ipswich, nhApr 18, 2015
1,923Arthur MercierWilton, New HampshireApr 18, 2015
1,922Isaac BuckBoston, MassachusettsApr 18, 2015
1,921Iris O'DonnellPelham, NHApr 18, 2015
1,920Sonja GonzalezEpping, New HampshireApr 18, 2015
1,919Joy FlemmingPeterborough, NHPlease stop the Kinder Morgan Pipeline, it is not right for New Hampshire.Apr 18, 2015
1,918Elizabeth trippApr 18, 2015
1,917Donald BurrisMilford, NHApr 18, 2015
1,916Darlene BurrisMilford, nhApr 18, 2015
1,915Will CollinsKeene, nhApr 18, 2015
1,914James WoznicaApr 18, 2015
1,913Andrew BangsRaymond, NHApr 18, 2015
1,912Shelby TuckerNew Ipswich , NHApr 17, 2015
1,911Christa DanisewiczPelham, NHApr 17, 2015
1,910Tiana WithersKeene, NHStop this pipeline. It is inefficient and UNSUSTAINABLE. What is the plan for this pipeline once our planet runs out of oil? Is this the future we want to leave our children ? Apr 17, 2015
1,909graham messenew ipswich, New Hampshireno pipelineApr 17, 2015
1,908Ivy VannPeterborough, New HampshireApr 17, 2015
1,907Ryan MichieHudson, NApr 17, 2015
1,906Alouette IselnNelson, NHPlease please use whatever powers you have to stop this pipeline. It is toxic. It is an accident waiting to happen. It is unnecessary; we should instead be investing in alternative energy sources. It seeks to take over private property for private, not public, good.Apr 17, 2015
1,905Sara MichieHudson, NhStop NEDApr 17, 2015
1,904Gregory BlaisNew Ipswich, New HampshirePlease oppose this project. There is no direct benefit to the taxpayers or the state of NH. Our land will be taken for no other reason than profit for Kinder MorganApr 17, 2015
1,903Kathleen KellyBallston Lake, NYApr 17, 2015
1,902Julia DalyNorwood, MAReally? You don't have live this toxic waste mistakeApr 17, 2015
1,901callen aubretpelham, nhApr 17, 2015
1,900Angel EvansFrancestown, NHgrew up in Mason, Greenville area. NOT a place for this pipeline!Apr 17, 2015
1,899jason irishnew ipswich, nhApr 17, 2015
1,898Fred SimmonsGreenfield, NHApr 17, 2015
1,897Scott McGovernPeterborough, NHApr 17, 2015
1,896Thomas PerkinsIntervale, NHApr 17, 2015
1,895Barb SylvestreMilford, nHwe need to look to tue future but not destroy residents homesApr 17, 2015
1,894Robert BoltPeterborough, New HampshireApr 17, 2015
1,893stephen powerskeene, nhplease stop this project. It is a bad deal for the communities affected in nhApr 17, 2015
1,892WENDY JACQUESApr 17, 2015
1,891Eva RuutopoldHancock, NHApr 17, 2015
1,890Jeffrey ValliantGreenville, NHJustify our election of you as governor!Apr 17, 2015
1,889Katie FeatherstonKeene, NHApr 17, 2015
1,888Patricia FitzpatrickNewton, NHApr 17, 2015
1,887Aaron DermanGreenville , NHWould you want a 747 running it's engines at full tilt 24 by 7 in your backyard?Apr 17, 2015
1,886Marjorie MargolisSharon, New HampshireApr 17, 2015
1,885Linda GurugeNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 17, 2015
1,884Robert FederHollis, NHApr 17, 2015
1,883Kathleen ColpittsSudbury, MAApr 16, 2015
1,882Amanda DipippoLincoln, RIApr 16, 2015
1,881Nancy SalmonApr 16, 2015
1,880Marsha FederHollis, New HampshireApr 16, 2015
1,879Susan HammMerrimack, NhHorse Hill in Merrimack has a beautiful conservation area that should not be ruined!! Apr 16, 2015
1,878Tara NicholsMerrimack, New HampshireApr 16, 2015
1,877June ReichGreeley, PAStop ruining the environment.Apr 16, 2015
1,876Barb AmaralMerrimack , NHApr 16, 2015
1,875Cheyenne devincentismason, nh no pipe line Apr 16, 2015
1,874John PoltrackNew Ipswich, NHApr 16, 2015
1,873Michael PaulMilford, NHApr 16, 2015
1,872Heather ClarkMerrimack, NHApr 16, 2015
1,871Jennifer SpillaneMerrimack, NHI don't want this in our town!! It'll cut through conservation land and won't even benefit our residents!Apr 16, 2015
1,870katie forgetmilford, nhApr 16, 2015
1,869Melissa Hoskinsmason, nhNo Pipeline!!!Apr 16, 2015
1,868Deb HarrityNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 16, 2015
1,867gerard baileydeerfield, MassachusettsApr 16, 2015
1,866Matthew GoldsmithBoston, MassachusettsGovernor please consider cleaner forms of energy for NH.Apr 16, 2015
1,865audra garlandpelham, nhApr 16, 2015
1,864Johniene PapandreasApr 16, 2015
1,863Alicia DrakiotesMarlborough, NHplease protect precious NH lands!Apr 16, 2015
1,862Robert CookAmherst, NHApr 16, 2015
1,861Susan CezanneKEENE, NH - New HampshireWe don't need this extra capacity. Why should we endure higher prices, lower property values and increased risks to our health so that this company can export a great deal of that gas? It's just not right. Stop the pipeline.Apr 16, 2015
1,860Ann Goodrich-BazanWinchester, NHPlease stop Kinder Morgan!Apr 16, 2015
1,859Andrew M. ZubaNashua, NHNot the New Hampshire way. Apr 16, 2015
1,858Sue CholletPeterborough, NHApr 16, 2015
1,857kathryn Debruijnamherst, nhApr 16, 2015
1,856Patricia Fickettbrookline, NHApr 16, 2015
1,855Rhonda BrownPeterborough, NHApr 16, 2015
1,854Monica PooleWinchester, New HampshireApr 16, 2015
1,853Kevin Bazan WInchester , NH No Pipeline. No eminent domain! Apr 16, 2015
1,852richard gwinnmerrimack, New HampshireApr 16, 2015
1,851Trevor CroteauWinchester, NHNH does not need this pipeline. It will not benefit NH, it will take away from our quality of life, harm our water resources and allow Kinder Morgan to make billions of dollars off the use of our property. The main reason for this pipeline is to export it out of the United States at our expense.Apr 16, 2015
1,850Michael LennertonRindge, NHApr 16, 2015
1,849Judith FineRindge, NHApr 16, 2015
1,848jennifer spazianiamherst, nhApr 16, 2015
1,847Michael LaskaQuechee, VermontApr 16, 2015
1,846cristina vaianiApr 16, 2015
1,845Dawn CaseyCTApr 16, 2015
1,844Peggi BroganRindge , NhApr 16, 2015
1,843John Kenneyamherst, nhApr 16, 2015
1,842nancy delaneymilford, NHApr 16, 2015
1,841Margaret DarlingApr 16, 2015
1,840Amanda LuntAshuelot, NhApr 16, 2015
1,839Sarah CallenderKeene, New HampshirePlease help protect the people of New Hampshire, and stop the pipeline.Apr 15, 2015
1,838Wendy LaRochePeterborough, NHApr 15, 2015
1,837Kasey MillerPelham, New HampshireApr 15, 2015
1,836Ben KilanskiWinchester, New HampshireNo pipelineApr 15, 2015
1,835Kevin MillerPelham, New HampshireApr 15, 2015
1,834shelby lackienorh haverhill, nhApr 15, 2015
1,833Annelies SpykmanKeene, NHApr 15, 2015
1,832scott gradyhenniker, nhNo pipeline!Apr 15, 2015
1,831Sean JeffreyPortland, MaineApr 15, 2015
1,830Alex SaffranSouthboro, MAOur family loves Windblown in New Ipswich, NH.Apr 15, 2015
1,829Gretchen RicksMerrimack, NHApr 15, 2015
1,828Richard SaffranSouthboro, MAApr 15, 2015
1,827Jeff RicksMerrimack, NHApr 15, 2015
1,826Karen Guadagninew ipswich, New HampshireApr 15, 2015
1,825BEVERLY BURBAJAFFREY, New HampshirePlease stop Kinder Morgan NO TO PIPELINESApr 15, 2015
1,824Laura BedardPeterborough, NHApr 15, 2015
1,823David BrowerNew Ipswich, NHWill there ever in our life be a time when local people can stop big business from ripping them off??? can Government get beyond its usual lousy job and do something for the people that pay its bills?Apr 15, 2015
1,822Donald SmithPelham, NHApr 15, 2015
1,821Ivan krakowpeterborough, nhplease stop this pipelineApr 15, 2015
1,820Rachel Lunan HillFrancestown, New HampshireApr 15, 2015
1,819Bill LynchWArner, NhApr 15, 2015
1,818Bob MillerLeominster, MassachusettsApr 15, 2015
1,817barbara obriensarasota, flApr 15, 2015
1,816Bonnie RoderickHollis, NHApr 15, 2015
1,815Charles Frederic AndrosWalpole, NHApr 15, 2015
1,814kimberly robbinsw peterboro, New HampshireApr 15, 2015
1,813karen lowenthaldublin, nhApr 15, 2015
1,812Amy BoyleKeene, NHApr 15, 2015
1,811Jennifer SaffranSouthborough, MAApr 15, 2015
1,810Abram SeppalaNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 15, 2015
1,809Beth SomersetPeterborough, NHNo pipeline, please!Apr 15, 2015
1,808Mary Vallier-KaplanPeterborough, NHI would prefer you don't use the word "demand in the future. While I am against this, we are a country and if it truly was needed for others and there was a way to do it more effectively I think NH has to help the "we" of our neighbors. Apr 15, 2015
1,807Martha BuchananWeare, NHApr 15, 2015
1,806Suzanne McDonaldPeterborough, NhApr 15, 2015
1,805Ellen CrowleyJaffrey, NHDear Govenor Please do not agree to this constructionit is not necessary in any way for our current and future citizens.Apr 15, 2015
1,804Elisabeth DieselWindham, New HampshireThis pipeline is a terrible idea for NH. Please stop it.Apr 15, 2015
1,803Hannah St. GeorgeBrookline, New HampshireThis is harmful to our environment and our state. There are too many risks for a project like this with no benefit for our citizens, and I cannot support this pipeline.Apr 15, 2015
1,802Carol BrownHollis, New HampshireApr 15, 2015
1,801Anthnony StanizziHollis, NHThe need for the pipeline is to bring Natural Gas to Salem MA to supply the previously coal power plant, currently being modified to run on Natural Gas. Also, to supply Natural Gas to the Salem MA port for export. This has no benefit to NH. Apr 14, 2015
1,800Ellen WalkerHollis , New HampshirePlease put the interests of NH residents over those of big business. Apr 14, 2015
1,799lucy hutchingsnew ipswich, nhApr 14, 2015
1,798Pat GilesSpring Lake, NJPlease stand up to Kinder Morgan and say no to eminent domain for a privately held for profit corporation Apr 14, 2015
1,797Helene RogersRindge, New HampshireApr 14, 2015
1,796Robert HopkinsMilford, New HampshireThe whole idea stinks there are better ways to get energy without kiling the environment and taking over peoples propertyApr 14, 2015
1,795Tammie HaydenApr 14, 2015
1,794Carol RowletteBrookline, New HampshireStop NED bad for everyone.Apr 14, 2015
1,793Carol BlaisNew Ipswich, NHApr 14, 2015
1,792sebastian BarthelmessNew Ipswich, NHStop the PipelineApr 14, 2015
1,791Rebecca BarthelmessNew Ipswich, NHStop the PipelineApr 14, 2015
1,790Judith CarrHollis, NHApr 14, 2015
1,789Charles PaysonPelhamApr 14, 2015
1,788Laurie Ann Lorenzopelham, nhApr 14, 2015
1,787Sean BrownellMerrimack, New HampshireApr 14, 2015
1,786Patrick Lo SquadroMerrimack, NHApr 14, 2015
1,785Elizabeth CelentanoAdams, MassachusettsThis pipeline will not only polute your beautiful state but the damage cannot be undoneApr 14, 2015
1,784Judy desreuisseaugill, MassachusettsApr 14, 2015
1,783Wilfried EggersNew ipswich, NhApr 14, 2015
1,782Joyce EggersNew ipswich, NhThis pipeline is not for the benefit of our town or for that matter our state. It is for the benefit of an out of state corporation and will destroy our lands.Apr 14, 2015
1,781John RyanDover, New HampshireApr 14, 2015
1,780Lea KlugBow, NHApr 14, 2015
1,779Audrey BroyerMerrimack, New HampshireApr 14, 2015
1,778Lucas BroyerMerrimack, New HampshireApr 14, 2015
1,777Ben KroukNew Ipswich, NHApr 13, 2015
1,776Michael GorzochNew Britain, CTApr 13, 2015
1,775Robin BabinNew Ipswich, NHThe proposed pipeline is not welcomed in our town nor any other NH towns. It is misleading and not of any benefit to the inhabitants nor the wildlife. Please help stop Kinder Morgan!Apr 13, 2015
1,774Jean GuadagniLincoln, RIApr 13, 2015
1,773marjorie lanepeterborough, nhI strongly oppose this backward-thinking destruction of rural landscape for fossil fuel investment.It will benefit no one in the long run for the future is in development of "clean" energy.Apr 13, 2015
1,772Lucia Houcktemple, NH - New HampshireStay away from my land!Apr 13, 2015
1,771Karl ThorkildsenMason, NHNot for us!Apr 13, 2015
1,770Teresa BouleyMerrimack, NHApr 13, 2015
1,769Jean HallstoneNashua, NHApr 13, 2015
1,768Whitney DudzikMerrimack, New HampshireApr 13, 2015
1,767Kathy ChadwickWindham, NH New HampshireApr 13, 2015
1,766Kat McGheeHollis, NHCleaner fossil fuels are not a 'clean' energy solution. Opting for natural gas as the path of least resistance is a disservice to the people of NH. While some NG may be part of a bridge strategy, giving over so much of our energy portfolio to a dirty energy source is a bad move for NH and the region.Apr 13, 2015
1,765Kerri PorterYarmouth, MaineCC:NHDESApr 13, 2015
1,764Lisa MoranGreenfield, NHApr 13, 2015
1,763Margaret HuardHudson, NHApr 13, 2015
1,762Christopher AllenNH, 03071Apr 13, 2015
1,761Katherine DerbyBrooklyn, New YorkApr 13, 2015
1,760Kathleen BleaseNew Ipswich, NHApr 13, 2015
1,759H OShaughnessyStratham, NHApr 13, 2015
1,758Timothy FryeNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 12, 2015
1,757Gloria GreenHarwichPort, MassachusettsApr 12, 2015
1,755Renee MoloneyApr 12, 2015
1,754Linda SmithLitchfield, New HampshireApr 12, 2015
1,753Diana hailehampton , nhPLEASE NO PIPE LINE Apr 12, 2015
1,752Lawrence Smith03052, New HampshireApr 12, 2015
1,751Steve JeffreyLincoln, Rhode IslandApr 12, 2015
1,750Deborah OpramollaRindge, NHApr 12, 2015
1,749Cynthia Day-KingDeering, NHApr 12, 2015
1,748Christine KrugerAmherst , New HampshirePlease keep NH a beautiful and a good state to live in.Apr 12, 2015
1,747Agatha FryeNew Ipswich, NHPlease help us to save NH!Apr 12, 2015
1,746Jutka VarhegyiNew Ipswich, New HampshireNO PIPELINE PLEASE!Apr 12, 2015
1,745Elizabeth DumouchelleApr 12, 2015
1,744Gloria FosterNew Ipswich , N.H.Apr 12, 2015
1,743Linda StevensNew Ipswich, NHApr 12, 2015
1,742Paul StevensNew Ipswich, NHApr 12, 2015
1,741Michael FerulloNew ipswich, NHThis pipeline is going to devalue my house, cause potential danger to my growing family.Apr 12, 2015
1,740Marge HeggisonLincoln, Rhode IslandPlease NO!!Apr 12, 2015
1,739barbara ferullonew ipswich, nhApr 12, 2015
1,738Alfred GuadagniNew Ipswich, New HampshirePlease stop the pipeline project in New Hampshire. Please!Apr 12, 2015
1,737Jeff KroukNew Ipswich, NHIf MA says no NH can also!Apr 12, 2015
1,736Marilyn StoweNew Ipswich , NHApr 12, 2015
1,735Laurel BlaineNew Ipswich, NHApr 12, 2015
1,734Lewis FifieldNew Ipswich, New HampshireEnuogh is enoughApr 12, 2015
1,733Alice AltmanNew Ipswich, NHApr 12, 2015
1,732Gail RobinsonLoudon, NHApr 12, 2015
1,731Kila CaresApr 12, 2015
1,730john kazimierczykRichmond, NHApr 12, 2015
1,729Carrie CormierNEW IPSWICH, NHApr 12, 2015
1,728tara mccueconcord, New Hampshireplease understand the community consultation is seriously lacking on this. Apr 12, 2015
1,727Julia CormierNew Ipswich, NHApr 12, 2015
1,726Mary HemenwayBrookline, NhApr 12, 2015
1,725L WeirOverall, just a very bad ideaApr 11, 2015
1,724Heather SmithDurham, NhApr 11, 2015
1,723Heather BertolamiBrookline, NHApr 11, 2015
1,722Marcia ClarkRichmond, New HampshireApr 11, 2015
1,721Thomas HydeMilford , NhApr 11, 2015
1,720Jennifer Derby-millerLeominster, MaApr 11, 2015
1,719Sandra FisherSouthborough, MANO. NH does not need dirty oil or gasApr 11, 2015
1,718Elizabeth FreemanNew Ipswich, NHApr 11, 2015
1,717J Westonconcord, NHApr 11, 2015
1,716Ron HuletteRindge, NHI am against the building of NED pipline in the state of New HampshireApr 11, 2015
1,715Charlene AndersenNHthis pipeline does not benefit the people of NHApr 11, 2015
1,714Tammy MartineauMerrimack, NH New HampshireApr 11, 2015
1,713john KramarczykBrookline, NHNO ONE needs - and very few want - a pipeline that will rape the lands. PLEASE do the right thingApr 11, 2015
1,712Noel AdererMarlborough, New Hampshirestop pipelineApr 11, 2015
1,711Frances RiggsNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 11, 2015
1,710Melissa CurtinManchester, New Hampshire"Live Free or Die"Apr 11, 2015
1,709Debra Hanninen fitzwillam, nhSay NO to this pipeline and Kinder MorganApr 11, 2015
1,708C L LawrenceBrookline , NHDo NOT sell out the citizens of NH, ruin our water quality, and endanger our lives to protect corporate interests not interested in preserving the quality of life we value in NH. Do not support the greed of the top 1%. They do not need more money at the expense of our lives and health. Our families, lives and health and the health of our environment and ecosystems have more value than profits.Apr 11, 2015
1,707Jolanta ContiHollis, NHApr 11, 2015
1,706John Mullinhollis, nhApr 11, 2015
1,705Jason ParkerNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 11, 2015
1,704Kim BohannonSwanzey, NhApr 11, 2015
1,703Marion BerganDalton, MAThere are more efficient ways to produce energy that his method that ravages the earth and will compromise the enviroment it will pass through. The push for this is pure greed. Please put a stop to this.Apr 11, 2015
1,702Matthew ClarkSwanzey, NHPlease STOP the Pipe line, its not about money or jobs for NH its a large scale mess....Apr 11, 2015
1,701Charles MobayedNew Ipswich, NHApr 11, 2015
1,700Thomas HallockBrookline, MAApr 11, 2015
1,699Sharon RosenfelderNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 11, 2015
1,698Barbara Johnson`New Ipswich, NHApr 11, 2015
1,697Stephanie CassanoAshby, MAApr 11, 2015
1,696Maria BatsonHollis, nhApr 11, 2015
1,695Jane GagnonGreenfield, New HampshireApr 11, 2015
1,694sabine duranharrisville, nhApr 11, 2015
1,693brian zahnApr 11, 2015
1,692Paul Ordemanngreenville , New Hampshirestop the pipelineApr 11, 2015
1,691Eric RantamakiMason, New HampshireApr 11, 2015
1,690Dominic ViglioneNew Ipswich, NhApr 11, 2015
1,689Kristin EliasMerrimack, NHApr 10, 2015
1,688Thomas GuineyBoston, MAApr 10, 2015
1,687Stephanie OrdemannGreenville, NHApr 10, 2015
1,686Marilynn EzellTemple, NHApr 10, 2015
1,685Carol SheaffN. Swanzey, NHApr 10, 2015
1,684wilfred richardsonwest chesterfield, nhApr 10, 2015
1,683Ruth KowalskyFitzwilliam, NHApr 10, 2015
1,682Chris DuvalHudson, NHApr 10, 2015
1,681Pamela Doughty Apr 10, 2015
1,680Scott JensenHollis, NHApr 10, 2015
1,679Jeanne SableFitzwilliam, NHNH must take the lead on this. It's time to wean oursellves off fossil fuels, not ruin our environment by extending them into an uncertain future.Apr 10, 2015
1,678Kathy caronGREENVILLE, NHApr 10, 2015
1,677Heidi RobinsonGreenville, NHNO PIPELINE!!! NO COMPRESSOR STATION!!Apr 10, 2015
1,676Kimberley JensenHollis, NHApr 10, 2015
1,675Marlene YoungBrookline, NHSave our homes, health and environmentApr 10, 2015
1,674Hillary DerbyRoslindale, MAApr 10, 2015
1,673Holly KoskiRindge, New HampshireThe people that live in the Towns that this Proposed Pipeline is going through -do not want this pipeline. You Are an Elected Official - that is suppose to Represent "us" the voters. STOP NEDApr 10, 2015
1,672Robert HornePelham, New HampshireApr 10, 2015
1,671Suzanne ArtemieffApr 10, 2015
1,670Roberta FranziniHollis, NHWE DON'T WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Apr 10, 2015
1,669Carol FigueroaMerrimack, New HampshireApr 10, 2015
1,668Catherine MooreTemple, NHApr 10, 2015
1,667John ZavgrenWilton, New HampshireThis pipeline does not add value to the state of New Hampshire. It also facilitates the big carbon industry a second wind at a time when we should be accelerating the development of cleaner renewable energy sources.Apr 10, 2015
1,666Jen PApr 10, 2015
1,665Steve BenoitLitchfield, New HampshireApr 10, 2015
1,664Paul LeonardPelham, New HampshireApr 10, 2015
1,663Robin GerryMilford, NHApr 10, 2015
1,662Constance KieleyTemple, NhApr 10, 2015
1,660peter traverHollis, NHApr 10, 2015
1,659Colleen PascuTemple, New HampshireApr 10, 2015
1,658Jim CarlenAmherst, NHApr 10, 2015
1,657Gerri-Ann Garonnashua, New Hampshireplease help stop this pipeline. Nobody really wants it. You going to stop this. I also believe it will help your future vote if you stand behind this toApr 10, 2015
1,656Jill StockwellTemple, New HampshireApr 10, 2015
1,655Robert StockwellTemple, New HampshireApr 10, 2015
1,654Bruce StockwellTemple, NHApr 10, 2015
1,653Scott StockwellTemple, New HampshireApr 10, 2015
1,652Lorraine StockwellTemple, NHApr 10, 2015
1,651Jennifer DalerTemple, NHWe need to focus on renewables. Apr 09, 2015
1,650Carolyn SaariPeterborough, New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,649Michael PedersenNashua, New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,648Ida FuocoSalem , NHApr 09, 2015
1,647Rhechelle Pinckney Exeter, NHApr 09, 2015
1,646priscilla hamiltonhollis, New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,645Cheryl CourounisPelham , NhNo pipeline in Pelham Apr 09, 2015
1,644Marc courchesnemerrack, nhApr 09, 2015
1,643Angela StenuisNew ipswich, NhApr 09, 2015
1,642Jennifer CoteNashua, New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,641Sean RadcliffeTemple, New HampshirePlease save southern New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,640Herb GardnerApr 09, 2015
1,639Kristi Lacasselitchfield, NHno pipeline!Apr 09, 2015
1,638Cindy CarosPortsmouth, NHApr 09, 2015
1,637Joseph PastierWinchester , NHdo not want pipeline on my property Apr 09, 2015
1,636Tammy FoxHollis, NhApr 09, 2015
1,635Tamara LawLitchfield, NHPlease put families first. No pipeline, there are too many hazards already. Apr 09, 2015
1,634Donna glowackiweedsport, nyApr 09, 2015
1,633Gina DortonaHollis, NHApr 09, 2015
1,632Bryant MorrisApr 09, 2015
1,631carol meedzanApr 09, 2015
1,630Paul Newton-IrelanLenox, MA - MassachusettsNo means No!Apr 09, 2015
1,629Jayne BeatonAmherst, NHApr 09, 2015
1,628Jerry AmosHollis, NHKinder- Enron is set to ram a high pressure gas line thru our communities. Over 300 gas line leaks occur in a year. Kinder - Enron caused an electricity shortage in CA just to raise electric rates sky high. Trust Kinder to raise prices here.Apr 09, 2015
1,627Susan GellmanAmherst, NHApr 09, 2015
1,626David GellmanAmherst, NHApr 09, 2015
1,625David UdelsmanHollis, NHApr 09, 2015
1,624Sylvia SnapeHaydenville, MassachusettsApr 09, 2015
1,623Anthony RobbinsConcord , New Hampshire No to ANY pipe line thru New Hampshire Apr 09, 2015
1,622jeannette hallermanhollisnh, New Hampshirejust say NOApr 09, 2015
1,621Karen BridgeoHollis, New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,620Shannon SinclairBrookline, New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,619Cathy StankusLitchfield, NHGovernor Hassan I demand you to stop supporting the pipeline which may go through my town. To chose the pipeline rather than preserve nature and human habitat is a sin!Apr 09, 2015
1,618Janet MerrithewHollis, New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,617Elizabeth GilbertHollis, NHApr 09, 2015
1,616Kenneth MerrithewHollis, New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,615Geoffrey JamesHollis, New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,614Nicole OlivierConcord, NHNo more pipelines - certainly not in NH! Signed, Your Constituent :)Apr 09, 2015
1,613Carol HammondTownsend, MAFor the future of our childrenApr 09, 2015
1,612julia Dowertroy, nhStop it now! It is not good for NH or it's affected residents and especially the small towns it will ruin.Apr 09, 2015
1,611Barbara GilbertJaffrey, NHApr 09, 2015
1,610John SzyszloIm a Pelham NH property ownerApr 09, 2015
1,609Kate Weiss-GordonJaffrey, NHApr 09, 2015
1,608Jimmy BettsNorthampton, MassachusettsStopNEDApr 09, 2015
1,607Mary MartinCornwall, VTApr 09, 2015
1,606Ilona KwiecienJaffret, NhApr 09, 2015
1,605Louisa ThoronJaffrey, New HampshireWe are talki9ng about southwest NH (the Monadnock area) where most retired individuals pay income tax to NH, where the roads are so bad that the lifespan of cars is shortened, where property taxes are huge and Phone service is spotty, cable is availble only to those who live on state roads. Give us a break. We do not need a just passing through highpressure gas pipeline. Stand up for NH not NorthApr 09, 2015
1,604Tory McCaggJaffrey, NHApr 09, 2015
1,603Herbert GrammJaffrey, NHApr 09, 2015
1,602delta carneyashfield, MassachusettsApr 09, 2015
1,601Deborah ThurberJaffrey, NHApr 09, 2015
1,600John FieldJaffrey, NHApr 09, 2015
1,599chad dowdenmanchester, nhApr 09, 2015
1,598james seleskyHampstead, nhApr 09, 2015
1,597Charlie Zilchnottingham, nhApr 09, 2015
1,596Jennifer EganLondonderry, NHApr 09, 2015
1,595Ann TaylorWindham, NHApr 09, 2015
1,594Sandra DeryPelham, NHAlready have Tennessee pipeline in my back yard. Do not want to see another Pipeline. Apr 09, 2015
1,593LIsa PesentiNew Ipswich, NHApr 09, 2015
1,592Barbara HealyBrookline, NHRemember, we elected you to represent us, not big business.Apr 09, 2015
1,591Donna BluteNashua, New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,590William DesrochersMerrimack, New HampshireThe NED's environmental destruction is unacceptable. Apr 09, 2015
1,589Sal TollisWest Chesterfield, NHTired of energy companies expanding at the cost of environmental decline and displacing folks!Apr 09, 2015
1,588Sandra McKinleyNashua, New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,587David McKinleyNashua, New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,586JUDY OUELLETTEJaffrey, New HampshireApr 09, 2015
1,585Candy TinerBrookline, nHApr 09, 2015
1,584Jason DaceyMilford, NhNo thanks :/Apr 08, 2015
1,583Stephanie DaceyMilford, NhNo pipeline please!Apr 08, 2015
1,582Andrea Hatziyannis Litchfield, NhNo pipeline through litchfield, I urge you to review other alternatives like solar and wind.Apr 08, 2015
1,581john weidmanbrookline, New HampshireNO TO NED PIPELINE, thank you.Apr 08, 2015
1,580rhoda lamberthudson, nhno to everything from fracking fields to finished productApr 08, 2015
1,579mindy demersApr 08, 2015
1,578meghann dinsmorepelham, New HampshireApr 08, 2015
1,577marguerite dinsmorepelham, New Hampshirethis needs to stopApr 08, 2015
1,576Doreen VachonBrookline, NhApr 08, 2015
1,575Raquel tomic-Beardbrookline, nhno pipeline in NHApr 08, 2015
1,574Amy BosseJaffrey, New HampshireApr 08, 2015
1,573Greg PuglieseMason, New HampshireApr 08, 2015
1,572Kevin MeyersNashua, New HampshireApr 08, 2015
1,571Amanda muldoonpelham, nhApr 08, 2015
1,570Gloria ChaputMason, nhApr 08, 2015
1,569Jan ReimersBrookline, NHApr 08, 2015
1,568Jesse KeilPelham, NHApr 08, 2015
1,567Sydney FordManchester , New HampshireApr 08, 2015
1,566Robert McIlvaineBrookline, NHApr 08, 2015
1,565Richard Obinnashua, NHApr 08, 2015
1,564Michael Comeaupelham, New HampshireApr 08, 2015
1,563Terri McGrewBrookline , New HampshireApr 08, 2015
1,562Susan And David McCarthyNew HampshireStop NED It's A Bad Deal For New Hampshire!Apr 08, 2015
1,561Debbie DouglasApr 08, 2015
1,560Deborah ThompsonBrookline, New HampshireStop NEDApr 08, 2015
1,559Loring websterBrookline, NHApr 08, 2015
1,558Richard GribbleBrookline, NHI believe that the worst part about this is that it takes from the community without giving anything in return.Apr 08, 2015
1,557Margaret RiceManchester, NHApr 08, 2015
1,556Linda Garrish ThomasManchester, NHApr 08, 2015
1,555John G comeau, jrpelham, nhApr 08, 2015
1,554Heather MASTERSONpelham, new hampshireApr 08, 2015
1,553Kathleen McLeanMilford, New HampshireApr 08, 2015
1,552Kathleen R AlbertPelham , NHPlease stop the pipelineApr 08, 2015
1,551Jordan BaileyBrookline, NHThis project does not benefit communities affected by it, it only makes a profit for a private company. Apr 08, 2015
1,550Lisa WhippBrookline, NHApr 08, 2015
1,549Claudia WellsNorthfield, MAApr 08, 2015
1,548Linda ConstantinPelham, NHI live close to the anticipated pipeline and do not agree with it; it is a very risky venture for homeowners in the immediate area!Apr 08, 2015
1,547Cindy HannMerrimack, nhIt will ruin our beautiful land! We don't want it, we don't NEED it!Apr 08, 2015
1,546Allison LammiMilford, NHApr 08, 2015
1,545Sean ThynePelham, NHApr 08, 2015
1,544John HazeltonBrookline, NHApr 08, 2015
1,543Catherine SommaPelham, NHApr 08, 2015
1,542Lauren GandyHudson, New HampshireGrew up in Pelham, New Hampshire lover Apr 08, 2015
1,541Catherine HazeltonBrookline, New HampshireApr 08, 2015
1,540Kevin Haleynew ipswich, nhApr 08, 2015
1,539Anthony Capodilupo Mason , NHApr 08, 2015
1,538Pauline DawsonBoscawen, NHLets go solar.Apr 08, 2015
1,537Lora StanleyHopkinton, NHApr 08, 2015
1,536Robert StanleyHopkinton, NHApr 08, 2015
1,535Steven MasiApr 08, 2015
1,534Susan GreenboweHingham, MAApr 08, 2015
1,533Angela WoodhamsBarre, VermontApr 08, 2015
1,532Sylvia GaleNashua, NHApr 08, 2015
1,531Loraine WarnerPelham, New HampshireApr 08, 2015
1,530Brenda TigheWilton, NHApr 08, 2015
1,529Robert MurrauNashua, nhApr 08, 2015
1,528Roberta KosekWindham, New HampshireApr 08, 2015
1,527Marlies phillipsNew ipswich , New HampshireApr 08, 2015
1,526Roberta Murraynashua, nhApr 08, 2015
1,525John PalmerNew Ipswich, NhApr 08, 2015
1,524Minta NotiniPelham, NhApr 07, 2015
1,522Nancy ZadravecApr 07, 2015
1,521Melissa RileyPelham, New HampshireApr 07, 2015
1,520Teresa ShatzerMason, NhApr 07, 2015
1,519Elizabeth GlowackiMason, NhApr 07, 2015
1,518Karen hodgeLitchfield, NHI strongly oppose the purposes gas lineApr 07, 2015
1,516larry tigheMont Vernon, nhApr 07, 2015
1,515Claire HELFMAN Hollis, NhApr 07, 2015
1,514Tina AtkinsonMason, NhNo pipelineApr 07, 2015
1,513Elizabeth MatthewsWindham , NhStop the pipelineApr 07, 2015
1,512Michael C SautaMilford, New HampshireApr 07, 2015
1,511Donald R McGettigan JrMilford, New HampshireThis is not live free or die Stop the pipelineApr 07, 2015
1,510Deb SprattGreenville, NHApr 07, 2015
1,509Elizabeth and Dominic BuonarosaPelham, NHApr 07, 2015
1,508Amy AustinPelham, NhApr 07, 2015
1,507Kerry HamelMason, New HampshirePlease stop the pipeline. There is no benefit to NH residents only potential hazards to our environment, wells and future property values.Apr 07, 2015
1,506Julie O'ConnorPelham, NhApr 07, 2015
1,505Randy ClarkPelham , NhApr 07, 2015
1,504Jacques SavoieHudson, NHKeep the pipeline out of Hudson, surrounding towns and out of NH.. We don't want it, it is going to destroy my home, that I have worked all my life for !!Apr 07, 2015
1,503Patty StoneBrookline , NhStop the greed and corruptuonApr 07, 2015
1,502Callie McMahonMilford, NHApr 07, 2015
1,501Marc DeschenePelham, NHNo pipeline Apr 07, 2015
1,500Lillian BaileyWindham, NHNo pipeline,pleaseApr 07, 2015
1,499Christine St. GeorgeBrookline, NHPrivate companies should not trample on the rights of citizens so they can make huge profits!!Apr 07, 2015
1,498Douglas Joly New Ipswich, NHNo Pipeline for NH!Apr 07, 2015
1,497Russell BlanchetteLitchfield, NHApr 07, 2015
1,496Corinne JolyNew Ipswich, NHNo Pipline if you care about NHApr 07, 2015
1,495Constance PaquinNashua, NHApr 07, 2015
1,494meade cadothancock, NHUntil the fracking process is cleaned up and made more transparent and with water consumption, use of more gas should not be encouraged.Apr 07, 2015
1,493Kathie RoyMerrimack, New HampshireApr 07, 2015
1,492Heidi WeishaarPelham , NhApr 07, 2015
1,491Jason PancoastWindham, New HampshireEminant domain is a weapon that should be removed from the books. Expanding natural gas infrastructure is a step backwards in energy sourcing.Apr 07, 2015
1,490Susan HunterStrafford, NHApr 07, 2015
1,489Elizabeth BurnsBedford, NHApr 07, 2015
1,488Daniel MichaudWindham, NHApr 07, 2015
1,487Sherrie votowindham, nhApr 07, 2015
1,486Joy ClarkPelham, NHApr 07, 2015
1,485Krissy MichaudWindham, NHThe incineration rate is 1000ft. If my family is home and there is an explosion what will happen to us??Apr 07, 2015
1,484Kathryn Salvatipelham, nhApr 07, 2015
1,483Jennifer GilbertLitchfield, NHApr 07, 2015
1,482Lynne Aboujaoudepelham, NHPlease stop NED!Apr 07, 2015
1,481John RussellPelham, New HampshireNO PIPELINE IN PELHAM!!!!!Apr 07, 2015
1,480Emily LearnerHollis, NHApr 07, 2015
1,479Steven DoucetteLitchfield, NHApr 07, 2015
1,478Susan St Pierrepelham, nhApr 07, 2015
1,477Brendan SullivanPelham, NHNO PIPELINE IN PELHAM, NHApr 07, 2015
1,476Tammy DudalAtkinson, New HampshireStop NEDApr 07, 2015
1,475Melanie LevesqueBrookline, NHThis issue has brought people together with a common concern. People are speaking loudly that they do not want a pipeline across their communities. The voice of the people should be stronger than any corporation!Apr 07, 2015
1,474Patricia McCannTyngsboro, MassachusettsApr 07, 2015
1,473Tina VaillancourtRindge, NHApr 07, 2015
1,472Stephen MatthewsNew Ipswich, New HampshireDon't forget safety - danger from fire in wooded areas if there is an accidentApr 07, 2015
1,471Mary Jane WolbersTemple, NHApr 07, 2015
1,470julie jettedracut, MassachusettsThe time has come for our leaders to s tand up for what is right. What is wrong is pushing through another extraordinarily large pipeline that is being created to export 95% of the methane it will be leaking through those pipes. Time to stand up Governor Hassan, stop big oil from destroying our climate. We cannot live without clean water. We cannot live without clean air and soil. julie JetteApr 06, 2015
1,469jenn arsenault pelham, nhApr 06, 2015
1,468Rick TshudyPelham, New HampshireApr 06, 2015
1,467Beth TshudyPelham, New HampshireApr 06, 2015
1,466Phyllis HallPelham, NHNO pipelineApr 06, 2015
1,465Douglas RickMilford, NHApr 06, 2015
1,464Mike migliorepelham, nhApr 06, 2015
1,463lisa migliorepelham, nhApr 06, 2015
1,462Karen BAnakospelham, nhApr 06, 2015
1,461Deanna Basnettpelham, nhApr 06, 2015
1,460nathaniel plazahudson, New HampshireWe don't neede it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Apr 06, 2015
1,459Debbie Desmarais Pelham, New HampshireSTOP THE PIPELINEApr 06, 2015
1,458Thomas LavoieRichmond, New HampshireApr 06, 2015
1,457Christine Pricepelham, nhApr 06, 2015
1,456Tara PeranelliApr 06, 2015
1,455Sean WeiskopfPelham, NHI am well within the incineration zone. That's not cool.Apr 06, 2015
1,454cheryl nicolosipelham, nhApr 06, 2015
1,453Elisabeth FarnsworthLitchfield, NHApr 06, 2015
1,452Elaine MartonePelham, NHApr 06, 2015
1,451Nathan CaronApr 06, 2015
1,450Shauna Martone Pelham, NHApr 06, 2015
1,449Donna CaouettePelham, NHApr 06, 2015
1,448sharon maxwellpelham, nhApr 06, 2015
1,447Denise BlinnPelham, NHI don't want this to go through my neighborhood as it is very dangerousApr 06, 2015
1,446Jeffrey EganPelham, NHPlease stop the NED. It doesn't benefit Pelham and will have a negative impact on the environment and my drinking well water. IApr 06, 2015
1,445James KimberlyAmherst, NHPlease stop this from ruining NH's beautiful Souhegan riverApr 06, 2015
1,444Matthew IwanickiLitchfield, New HampshireApr 06, 2015
1,443Laura MoranNew Ipswich, NHPlease help stop the NED pipeline. We need your help.Apr 05, 2015
1,442Jonathan PickenDerry, New HampshireI'm from Pelham. Lived there first 25 years of my life.Apr 05, 2015
1,441Adrienne BeckNew Ipswich, New HampshireApr 05, 2015
1,440Vicki LougheryWILTON, NEW HAMPSHIREI was just about to purchase a house in New Ipswich until I learned the proposed pipeline would go thru the backyard! What is going to happen to the real estate market if all these homes along the pipeline are suddenly up for sale and being sold below market value, how many will be upside down in their mortgage due to falling values?Apr 05, 2015
1,439MICHAEL MURRAYNEW IPSWICH, New HampshireApr 05, 2015
1,438Christopher LaMarcheFitzwilliam, New HampshireThis poipeline doesn't benefit NH and is a danger to our towns.Apr 05, 2015
1,437Gary GoldsmithNew Ipswich, New HampshireThere are existing pipelines that can be utilized without carving a new pipeline through pristine areas. The NED pipeline will not benefit New Hampshire but is slated primarily for foreign export.Apr 05, 2015
1,436michael stolzeroneonta, NYApr 05, 2015
1,435reta macgregorgoffstown, NHApr 05, 2015
1,434Barbara O'çonnorpelham, hno pipeline through PelhamApr 04, 2015
1,433Jud-e StramagliaSalem, NhApr 04, 2015
1,432Jus-e StramagliaSalem, NHNo pipe line !!!!Apr 04, 2015
1,431Sara ComeauApr 04, 2015
1,430Perry KapsambelisMerrimack, New HampshireApr 04, 2015
1,429Melissa KapsambelisMerrimack, New HampshireApr 04, 2015
1,428Gerry CoffeyWilton, New HampshireApr 04, 2015
1,427Douglas MassonPelham, NHWhy send American gas overseas and have a few make billions on it, with American consumers money. While they steal our land and jeapordize our safety in the process.There is a major fault line where this line is to run through. Common sense, not greed should make the decision.Apr 04, 2015
1,426Justin IngrassiaNew ipswich, N.h.Opposed to pipelineApr 04, 2015
1,425Purnima SrinivasanWindham, NhWe do not want the pipeline in NHApr 04, 2015
1,424Tiani ColemanAmherst, NHPlease stand up for protecting the rights and interests of private property owners, our natural resources, our quality of life, our renewable energy future, and New Hampshire's semi-rural character and beautiful land. Apr 04, 2015
1,423Lee BaldwinNorthwood, NHwe do not need to destroy our state to profit the oil/gas companies.Apr 04, 2015
1,422Roland bergeronlitchfield, nhlitchfield is home to many rare species of animalsApr 04, 2015
1,421Jocelyn VanBokkelenSouth Hampton, NHApr 04, 2015
1,420Chan RSPelham, NHApr 04, 2015
1,419Kimberly VocellMason, NHApr 04, 2015
1,418Larry GirouardAmherst, NHPlease listen to your New Hampshire citizens and stop NED. Your interests or perception should not override facts and the true needs of the citizens of your citizens. Efforts should be put towards renewable energy sources in our state. Thank you.Apr 04, 2015
1,417Jane MathewsWindham, NHGovernor, you MUST stop this-No benefit for NH!Apr 04, 2015
1,416Mary BoulangerNashua, NHWe the people say NO!Apr 04, 2015
1,415emily burkeApr 04, 2015
1,414sophia rowemerrimack, nhApr 04, 2015
1,413Michael PalliesBrookline, NEW HAMPSHIREApr 04, 2015
1,412Steven KloppenburgMilton, New HampshireApr 04, 2015
1,411Jan SchmidtNASHUA, NHThis route was chosen because we were an easier target... doesn't that tell you anything?Apr 04, 2015
1,410Amy PetersApr 04, 2015
1,409Rebecca FeelyLitchfield, New HampshireApr 04, 2015
1,408Kristen Lynn temple, New Hampshirewe would not benefit from this as our gas prices would go higher only to ship our gas overseas and be a go between for PA Apr 04, 2015
1,407Susan McLeishrindge, nhApr 04, 2015
1,406Joe Paquettesalem, nhNO PIPE!Apr 03, 2015
1,405Sean MinutiPelham, NHPlease put a stop to this pipeline that has no benefit to NH!Apr 03, 2015
1,404Nancy LaPolicePelham, NHApr 03, 2015
1,403Nicole GreenMerrmiack, NHApr 03, 2015
1,402Matthew OstrowskiAmherst, NHApr 03, 2015
1,401Josefine Garciaamherst, nhApr 03, 2015
1,400Jonathan FreemanNashua, New HampshireApr 03, 2015
1,399kevyn bollingerNew Hampshirepipeline Apr 03, 2015
1,398Lori Callahanmerrimack, NHApr 03, 2015
1,397Jill manfieldmerrimack, nhPlease governor we need your help to stop km. There is no for NED!Apr 03, 2015
1,396Paul BeaudetLitchfield, NHApr 03, 2015
1,395Clyde SmithRichmond, NHApr 03, 2015
1,394Carrie Ingrassianew Ipswich , NHi don't want the pipeline running through our state or backyard. Stop NED now!Apr 03, 2015
1,393John CunneyMason, NhApr 03, 2015
1,392Marcia CunneyMason, NhApr 03, 2015
1,391Teresa GriecoLitchfield, NHApr 03, 2015
1,390Brady DeVitoWeare, NHApr 03, 2015
1,389timothy hirschpelham, New HampshireApr 03, 2015
1,388Elaine SimmonsApr 03, 2015
1,387Katrina WaterhouseNashua, NHApr 03, 2015
1,386Michael RonayneAmherst, NHApr 03, 2015
1,385carol culhanenew ipswich, nh.I strongly oppose NED negative effects in NH.Apr 03, 2015
1,384Robert SennevilleMANCHESTER, New HampshireApr 03, 2015
1,383Thomas GormanPelham, NhDon't devalue my property for the sake of utility profitApr 03, 2015
1,382Philip HardcastleHudson, NHDo not want pipeline!!!!Apr 03, 2015
1,381Lydia ManigliaMerrimack, NHApr 03, 2015
1,380Michelle RonayneApr 03, 2015
1,379Marilyn CheathamWinchester, NHApr 03, 2015
1,378Joan DowningAmherst, NHApr 03, 2015
1,377Catherine WittsPelham, NHApr 03, 2015
1,376Keith BarnardNorth Andover, MassachusettsApr 03, 2015
1,375Andrea GenereuxPelham, New HampshireApr 03, 2015
1,374David SilvaPelham, NHI am against this Pipeline. I am asking you to stand with the citizens being negatively impacted by this project. It will not benefit Pelham or NH.Apr 03, 2015
1,373Lisa HastingsRindge, NHApr 03, 2015
1,372denise legaultatkinson, New HampshireApr 03, 2015
1,371Thomas HoeyPelham, NHits not in your back yard. if it was you would not support itApr 03, 2015
1,370Deborah Holland-SavoieHudson, NHthe pipeline will devastate and destroy neighborhoods !! As Governor you should be ashamed of yourself!! Not enough money in the world !! This will hurt families and you don't care!! How much money did they out in your pocket !! Stop the pipeline from destroying our neighborhoods !!Apr 03, 2015
1,369Joseph OuelletteAtkinson, New HampshireApr 03, 2015
1,368Margaret AnnuttoNashua, NHPlease!!!!! Governor Hassan don't let the Pipe line come to Merrimack or anywhere in our Beautiful State!!!! Lets protect our people and our land.. Thank you!!!Apr 03, 2015
1,367Frances CoganAmherst, N.H.Three buildings just blew up in. N.Y. Because of a "small" gas leak, Pls do not insult our intelligence about what could happen here with a pipes the size of trains.Apr 03, 2015
1,366Elyssa BaileyHudson, New HampshireThere are other ways to get natural gas and other power needs to residents, without allowing something that will have a lasting negative impact on property value and safety. Apr 03, 2015
1,365Jodi HardcastleHudson, NHIn addition to the safety risk to my family this pipeline will be devastating to my property value. It should not be run through neighborhoods!!Apr 03, 2015
1,364Karen fournierpelham, NHApr 03, 2015
1,363Matt KobzikApr 03, 2015
1,362mark wholleypelham, nhApr 02, 2015
1,361Brian DillonApr 02, 2015
1,360melissa sharppelham, nhApr 02, 2015
1,359David SutherlandAmherst, New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,358Linda SutherlandAmherst, NEW HAMPSHIREApr 02, 2015
1,357cheryl fendelanderpelham, New HampshireSTOP NEDApr 02, 2015
1,356Donna NiemaszykPelham, NHApr 02, 2015
1,355Tom TracyPelham, NHApr 02, 2015
1,354theresa tarsaPelham, nhprotect your people, Pelham residents!Apr 02, 2015
1,353Cindy suppapelham, nhApr 02, 2015
1,352Stephanie GranvillePelham, NHApr 02, 2015
1,351Roger MondorAmhersy, NHApr 02, 2015
1,350Paul TrudelWindham, New HampshireSave our properties!Apr 02, 2015
1,349Brian SimmonsMason, NHPlease do not support this rapacious, company at the expense of citizens. The taking of private property for the benefit of a few, with insignificant to no public benefit is an outrageous act. Dont be blinded by their promises of tax money. Do the right thing. bwsApr 02, 2015
1,348Dianne Paquettesalem, NHCare about your constituents and not the greed !!!Apr 02, 2015
1,347Craig FifieldApr 02, 2015
1,346Peter Resendespelham, NHApr 02, 2015
1,345Mark ducharmepelham, nhno to the pipelineApr 02, 2015
1,344Dori ducharmepelham, nhno to the pipelineApr 02, 2015
1,343Paul DampoloLitchfield, NHApr 02, 2015
1,342Leon Jr. Dutton Litchfield , NhThis pipe is less than a mile from my home and a high school. Please do not ruin our town and home/land values because of state "profit". This pipe line is unnecessary. I will do everything within my rights as a citizen and American to keep this from happening. Please hear our pleas and stop this at once. Don't forget the people of NH, and our town, our how you got your seat. Apr 02, 2015
1,341Katgherine MessnerHudson, NHApr 02, 2015
1,340mary gayle thibaultpelham, nhApr 02, 2015
1,339Elizabeth KeeganDerry, NHI fully agree with this petition. I do not want this pipeline anywhere in our state.Apr 02, 2015
1,338David vachonpelham, nhstop the pipelineApr 02, 2015
1,337Anthony DuttonManchestee, NHThis is about "Living Free" not money. I'm also a biologist and if I were gov wouldn't want the destruction on my hands should a leak or explosion occur. I always like living free of obvious terror targets on my back door. Why not just build a giant explosive target that spans the nation of the state? Oh...that's what the pipeline is. Scary!Apr 02, 2015
1,336Melissa GannonPelham, NHApr 02, 2015
1,335Charles GannonPelham, NHApr 02, 2015
1,334Frances MartinoAmherst, NHApr 02, 2015
1,333Maria DuttonLitchfield, NHProtect our small towns and the NH way of life. Protect our property values, home insurance rates, and safety. Apr 02, 2015
1,332Robert PattenAmherst, NHApr 02, 2015
1,331Kathy HastingsApr 02, 2015
1,330Amy GoldbergAmherst , NHApr 02, 2015
1,329Dana B. HastingsRindge, New HampshirePlease do not allow construction of the NED pipelineApr 02, 2015
1,328Joan BerryAmherst, NHApr 02, 2015
1,327kristie remeispelham , nhApr 02, 2015
1,326Brian McAlpineWINDHAM, NH - New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,325Jon RickardsPelham, NHApr 02, 2015
1,324Marcia BlackmanConcord, NHWhy would NH want fracked gas pipeline? We need to stop fracking now before it is too late. What will you drink when all the water is poisoned? Why don't you care that corporations are killing us?Apr 02, 2015
1,323Lisa LloydPelham, New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,322carole gillis-hayespelham , nhApr 02, 2015
1,321David Etlingerlyndeborough, NHProtect our woodlands! Apr 02, 2015
1,320Becky RanesAmherst, New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,319Karen TuthillAmherst, NHthe pipeline is a good thing but not through New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,318Sally HooperApr 02, 2015
1,317Richard BlackPelham, NHStop NEDApr 02, 2015
1,316Ann BlackPelham, NHStop NEDApr 02, 2015
1,315Mark GravelPelham, NHStop NEDApr 02, 2015
1,314Christine GravelPelham, NHStop NEDApr 02, 2015
1,313christine millerneedham, MassachusettsApr 02, 2015
1,312Laura BuresPelham, NHApr 02, 2015
1,311Claudette MaharApr 02, 2015
1,310Danis MaharApr 02, 2015
1,309Colleen CostelloPelham, NHApr 02, 2015
1,308Tammy MondorAmherst, New HampshireI am against the NED pipeline in the town of Amherst and the state of New Hampshire.Apr 02, 2015
1,307Paul LinAmherst, NhApr 02, 2015
1,306Mike & Denise GendreauPelham, NHEnough!Apr 02, 2015
1,305Gloria CorbettPelham, New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,304Leigh MullenBow, Nh 03304This is a terrible idea! Please do not pass this plan!Apr 02, 2015
1,303Janet WhiteAmherst, New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,302Sharon BelliveauMerrimack, New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,301Jeffrey TowneAmherst, New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,300Kathleen BeaneAmherst, NHApr 02, 2015
1,299cathy spinneypelham, NHwe need to support renwable energy nowApr 02, 2015
1,298Victor CarlsonAmherst, NHWe do NOT want the pipeline in Amherst,NHApr 02, 2015
1,297Gail CoffeyWilton, NHThere is no need for another gas pipeline in NH or New England. This is fracked gas from NY which creates environmental havoc in areas where the toxic chemical are poured into bedrock. NH needs to invest in a fossil free infrastructure not one that dooms our children's health and future!Apr 02, 2015
1,296Christy DayAmherst, NHPlease, Governor Hassan, do what is right for our beautiful state, for terribly-impacted Amherst, and for the environment. Apr 02, 2015
1,295Stephanie GrundAmherst, NHI truly believe the reason for the pipeline coming through New Hampshire is because Massachusetts' residents did not want it coming through their towns. Neither do I. It will not benefit our town. There will be very little, if any, benefit to our state. It takes beautiful conservation property, rivers, and homes. Also, the pipeline is coming right next to our middle school and high school.Apr 02, 2015
1,294Rick CataldoWinchester, New HampshireKinder Morgan is not looking out for Southern New Hampshire at all. We do not want a very high pressure gas line under ground here or anywhere for that matter. These ungrateful corporations don't care anything but money. These people need to be told not asked by our Governor to go away and stay away.Apr 02, 2015
1,293Shon HaleyLitchfield, New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,292Cheryl PattenAmherst, NHplease stop the pipeline! Apr 02, 2015
1,291Tracy VeilletteAmherst, NEW HAMPSHIREApr 02, 2015
1,290Jennifer StoverAmherst, NHWe are a beautiful rural and historic town. The proposed placement of this pipeline will not work and ask that they move the proposed line out of Amherst.Apr 02, 2015
1,289Christina ColamtuoniAmherst, NHApr 02, 2015
1,288Susannah HumphreyAmherst, NHPlease support and enact legislation to bring clean energy solutions to NH.Apr 02, 2015
1,287Candy ShireyAmherst, NHApr 02, 2015
1,286Kathy CarnahanAmherst , NH Apr 02, 2015
1,285Meredith KobzikAmherst , NHApr 02, 2015
1,284Leslie SternAmherst, New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,283David SturrockAmherst, NH - New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,282Rita spenceamherst, nhthus is unsafeApr 02, 2015
1,281Gina AbudiAmherst, NHApr 02, 2015
1,280Kenneth Bellamherst, NHApr 02, 2015
1,279Michael LynchPelham, New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,278Frank ProvenzanoWindham, New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,277Ryan SmithLitchfield, NHThis project will endanger my family and residents along the proposed path, in addition to de-valuing property and destroying local habitats..Apr 02, 2015
1,276Wendy ConwayAmherst, NHPlease look closely at the impact this will have on Amherst residents. We do not have the infrastructure to support a catastrophic event, nor do the surrounding towns.Apr 02, 2015
1,275Thomas VenturaAmherst, NHPlease stop this pipeline plan it is too close to schools and ripping up conservation lands.Apr 02, 2015
1,274Michael ThibodeauTemple, NHApr 02, 2015
1,273Laurie VeilleuxAmherst, NhPlease stop this pipeline! Apr 02, 2015
1,272Angela HornorApr 02, 2015
1,271Anne ShattuckAmherst, NHApr 02, 2015
1,270Denis ProulxDerry, NHSafety concerns; too many incidents, loss of property value not recoverableApr 02, 2015
1,269Roger MelloAmherst, NHThis pipeline is a ticking bomb!!Apr 02, 2015
1,268Ryan BennettWindham, New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,267Nancy MelloAmherst, NHApr 02, 2015
1,266John CookNew Ipswich, New HampshireNo PipelineApr 02, 2015
1,265Connie CookNew Ipswich, New HampshireNo PipelineApr 02, 2015
1,264Stephanie HusbandLitchfield, NH - New HampshireApr 02, 2015
1,263robert wilkinsGreenville, NHmajor harm to environment,prop valuesApr 02, 2015
1,262Emilea RaymondLondonderry, New HampshireThis proposal is an irresponsible approach to a problem that destroys citizens' welfare and tourism. The pipeline goes straight through frequently travelled areas (102, 101A, 13), which poses a safety hazard and travel concerns. NH is kmown for its natural beaity, amd the pipline would disrupt many views that bring in tourists, hurting rather than helping our economyPlease reconsider this projectApr 02, 2015
1,261Diane DaughertyWindham, NHApr 02, 2015
1,260Judy holtWindham, NHplease keep us safeApr 02, 2015
1,259Donna LombardoWINDHAM, NHApr 01, 2015
1,258Bevderly ProulxDeryy, New HampshireI am calling on Gov.Hassan to Stop the NEDApr 01, 2015
1,257Francis LearyLitchfield, NhApr 01, 2015
1,256Stephanie TenczarApr 01, 2015
1,255Susan gaspardclaremont, nh