Concerned about possible shortages of energy grid supply once the region’s coal, oil and nuclear plants are off-line in a few years, all six New England Governors signed a letter, urging regional cooperation between them to make sure the grid stays sufficiently supplied. They asked ISO New England and NESCOE to investigate what would be necessary. Studies by these organizations resulted in a plan to upgrade efficiency of the grid and to bring an extra 0.6 Billion cubic feet a day (Bcf/day) of natural gas capacity into New England, along with an unprecedented tariff on all electric ratepayers to cover the costs of the new infrastructure.

According to KM/TGP’s meetings with select boards across the state, thier pipeline proposal is in direct response to this plan, but the pipeline they’re proposing is 2.2 Bcf/day. They say they will need to secure at least 0.7 Bcf/day to make the project worth their while but have not publicly disclosed how much is already slated in contracts they’re currently developing.

Concerns over how the Governor’s letter and NESCOE’s creation of the tariff came about were raised in a report from Conservation Law Foundation, which presented a substantial amount of evidence that closed door meetings with energy companies led to the request for more pipeline capacity.
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