Documents, Flyers, and Handouts to Print and Share

easment22The following documents are good handouts for meetings, public events, and door-to-door neighborhood information sharing.


The online version of the petition can be found on the right side of all the pages of this website.  Printable versions of the petition are available at the links below.
» Petition: Call Upon Governor Hassan to Stop NED (docx)
» Petition: Call Upon Governor Hassan to Stop NED (pdf)

Brochures and Flyers

» Brochure (2 page)
» Flyer (1 page)
» Flyer2 (1 page)
» Flyer3 (1 page)
» Flyer4 (1 page)
» Compression and Metering Stations Flyer (3 page)

Land Surveys

» Deny Land Survey (Just Say N0)

Sample Deny Survey Letters

» Denying Survey Permission TGP
» Denying Survey Permission FERC

» Rescinding Survey Permission TGP
» Rescinding Survey Permission FERC

Safety: Construction and Maintenance

» Kinder Morgan Accidents & Violations
» Can Kinder Morgan Build a Safe Gas Pipeline through Amherst

Also see information shared by other organization to support pipeline awareness. They stand with us, and we stand with them, and we are extremely grateful for their efforts.

» New England Energy Future Website
» PST-Land Owners’s Guide to Pipelines
» PST-Government Guide to Pipelines
» Informational Video
» MassPLAN Annotated FAQs
» BEAT Presentation on why the pipeline is not necessary
» Pipeline Basics in PPT format
» Common Arguments Made in Favor of the Pipeline and Answers to Them
» MassPLAN Utility Rate-Hikes-Handout
» Kinder Morgan Accidents