Take Action!

What Can I Do?

Contact the Resistance:

Members are located in NH towns affected by the NED pipeline and expand through a coalition across state borders.  These fine folks have been actively involved for over a year and can assist with education about the process and prioritizing what actions should be taken and when.  These volunteers also need help so if you are willing to donate a small portion of your time they would certainly appreciate an extra set of hands.
» Contact NH Pipeline Awareness

easement27Deny Survey Permission:

One of the ways communities initially find out about the NED project is by residents and town officials receiving uninvited land agents at their door or Survey Permission Letters in the mail. Surveys are required for federal and state permitting for the NED project so there is considerable incentive for land agents to rush stakeholders into a hasty decision before they completely understand what they are agreeing to. For this reason, we recommend landowners deny access, contact town officials so that they may alert the community and consult the advice of legal counsel. Contrary to whatever the land agents tell you, it is your private property and you have the right to refuse access to your land.
» Resources for Landowners

File to Intervene:

Intervenors have the right to participate in a hearing, file a brief, and challenge a FERC decision.  You do not have to hire an attorney and you do not have to participate further after you have filed to intervene, but it does keep these options open to you.
» FERC: How to Intervene

Contact Elected Officials:

Elected officials are in office to hear and voice citizens’ concerns.  Call and write to them frequently requesting action and that those action requests be promoted upward to higher government officials.
» Contact Government Representatives

Town Resolutions:

13 New Hampshire towns, 54 Massachusetts towns and 2 New York towns have passed resolutions to preserve their forests, wetlands, conservation land, farmland and private property from the invasion of the massive TGP/KM pipeline proposal.
» Town Resolutions

Spread Awareness:

stop NH pipeline 18 x 24 v2Information is our ally therefore the more people learn about the NED project the less they like it. One of the easiest ways to spread the word that there is a massive pipeline project coming to New England is with lawn signs. We offer lawns signs at cost and do our best to distribute them for convenient local pickup.
» No Pipeline Lawn Signs 

Additionally Stop the Pipeline t-shirts and hoodies make a bold statement. These traffic stopping green shirts display the “STOP the PIPELINE” message and advertise our informational website.
» Stop the Pipeline Shirts

Make Allies not Enemies:

We understand that the NED pipeline project has caused an enormous amount of stress to New England residents. Whether directly or indirectly affected by the pipeline, it’s very easy to get wound up, angry and lash out at the wrong people or organizations. Allies are very valuable therefore we all need to be disciplined to avoid the mistake of turning an asset into an enemy.

The media is one such partnership we absolutely should not attempt to do without. Coverage will be of both proponent and opponent opinions of the NED project. We believe that facts are on our side but understand that it takes a while for people and organizations to gather and understand this information. This is why it is important for all of us to respond to coverage which might not favor our cause with factual corrections rather than anger and insults towards the media source or writers. We want to promote further stories from these media outlets once they learn more and can relate to our dislike of the NED pipeline project. That will not happen if media sources continue to be struck down after initial reports and then subsequently retaliate by discrediting a grass roots movement.

Treat them with respect and they will continue to cover our fight rather than mount one against us.

Petitions, Letters and Handouts

MassPLAN has done a tremendous amount of work gathering information and experience. Rather than duplicate their efforts we offer links to their information.
» Petitions, Letters and Handouts

Pipeline Awareness Network for the Northeast, Inc. (PLAN-NE)

The Pipe Line Awareness for the Northeast, Inc. (PLAN-NE) is a nonprofit corporation working to prevent the overbuild of natural gas infrastructure embodied in the Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct (NED) project.
» Read more about PLAN-NE and donate to their legal defense fund 

Take a break:

Involvement in the NED proposal either small or large can be stressful.  Whether you’re a concerned citizen, a threatened homeowner or an activist, it’s important to take a step back and remember what it is you’re trying to preserve and protect.