The town of Temple, New Hampshire

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The following letters are from Temple residents

Letter to PUC
In reading the testimony of Liberty Utilities, it is not evident that they experienced a shortage of natural gas for their customers in NH. But if they had or if they were legitimately concerned about having an adequate supply of natural gas available to cover winter and summer peaks in NE, they would presumably be seeking a timely resolution. Contracting with Kinder Morgan would not provide that. Read more …

Pipeline not good solution for NH
Are you willing to forcibly take your neighbor’s land for lower energy prices?

The Northeast Energy Direct (NED) Pipeline will affect over 70 miles of private and state owned property in New Hampshire. Many of the affected property owners will demand their property be taken by eminent domain. They don’t want to give, sell, lease, or place any easement on their property for a natural gas pipeline managed by a private corporation.Read more …

Highway for fracked gas is a punch in the gut
“A heavy thud landed in my chest when we got the news that Kinder Morgan had finalized its decision to put the pipeline’s NH compressor station on the SCAT land in New Ipswich, just south of Temple’s border. Not that it was a surprise. We’d seen their out-of-state vehicles parked along the roads and knew they were surveying it again and again. But seeing the public listing of where it will be sited if the proposal gets approved made it feel less like a potential nightmare and more like a real one.” Read more …

Threats Heading Our Way
Threats galore will be heading our way if Kinder Morgan’s Northeast Energy Direct (“NED”) pipeline gets approved. Our water supplies, environment, conservation land, wildlife, property values and private property rights, as well as the historic, rural character of our towns will all be impacted. Contrary to the popular belief that the pipeline will lower our electric rates, energy experts predict that we’ll see a rise in energy prices resulting from Kinder Morgan’s exportation of 75% of the natural gas to higher paying countries in Europe and Asia.Read more …