Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company Pre-Filing Activity Reports

nhpipelineawareness_logo_200x200The following were submitted to the FERC under Northeast Energy Direct (“NED”) Project, Docket No. PF14-22-000

» October 2015 Activity Report


  • Tennessee has obtained survey permission for approximately 40% of the NED Project Market Path Component area, and approximately 55% of the NED Project Supply Path Component area.
  • Title work is approximately 97% completed for the NED Project Market Path Component area and approximately 98% completed for the NED Supply Path Component area.
  • Tennessee has received 262 calls as of the date of this report on the toll-free phone number established for the NED Project.
  • Tennessee is continuing to assemble permit application criteria for federal, state, county, and town road permit applications. This includes initial personal consultations with state and town officials across the entire NED Project.
  • Tennessee is continuing to communicate with and seek survey permission from affected landowners.
  • Tennessee is initiating document preparation and plat generation in anticipation of right-of-way acquisition, anticipated to commence in the first quarter of 2016.

» October 2015 Activity Report

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