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NH Municipal Pipeline Coalition Letter






New Hampshire, U.S.A. March 16, 2015

Just say Nay

All nine towns with petition warrant articles on the ballot vote to oppose the proposed Kinder Morgan/TGP NED pipeline

A torrent of opposition surged through Southern New Hampshire over the past week as all nine towns with warrants concerning the proposed NED pipeline voted overwhelmingly to oppose the project. 

On Tuesday, March tenth, the towns of Winchester, Rindge, Fitzwilliam, and Amherst launched the show of opposition at town elections.  All warrant articles in these four towns sailed through by wide margins.  The next day, on the heels of these elections, Brookline and Troy voted to add their opposition to the NED pipeline project.

At successive town meetings on Saturday, March fourteenth, Richmond, Greenville, and Mason voiced their own opposition to the pipeline, making it a clean sweep.

The warrants cited a range of issues such as opposition to the seizure of property by eminent domain, the protection of wells and aquifers and denial of access to survey town properties.  The towns of Brookline and Mason voted to appropriate legal defense funds in addition to opposition to the project while two articles up for vote in Amherst, authorized the town to file for status as an intervener and to deny rezoning of a parcel from ‘residential/rural’ to ‘industrial’.  See text of warrant articles and votes on a separate supporting document attached to this email.


Sarah Lounder, Winchester, NH:
“Most of us here in Winchester just found out about the proposed NED pipeline after the New Year,” stated Sarah Lounder, resident and organizer.  “I am very proud of how quickly our citizens have educated themselves and taken a stand to protect Winchester’s future.”

James Giddings Greenville, NH:
“On Saturday, Greenville’s town meeting gave a resounding “No!” to hosting a high-pressure natural gas pipeline and an 80,000 HP compressor station,” stated James Giddings, Quaker and radio personality.

Betty Anders, Rindge, NH:
“I am very happy that an overwhelming majority of Rindge voters agreed that the NED pipeline project is not right for our community,” professed Betty Anders, past president of the Rindge Chamber of Commerce, Rotarian and local farm owner.

 John Boccalini, Richmond, NH:
“The Town of Richmond had three warrant articles opposing the building of a proposed Tennessee Gas Co. natural gas pipeline,” asserted John Boccalini, long time Richmond resident.  “All passed resoundingly and with no discussion.  Our town along with Fitzwilliam, Rindge, Troy, Winchester, Hollis, Mason, Brookline and Amherst have sent a clear message – we don’t want or need this pipeline.”

Keith F. Thompson, Brookline, NH:
“Passage of these warrant articles shows that the citizens of Brookline fully understand that this pipeline brings no benefit to our town and sets our energy policy looking backward instead of forward,” stated Keith F. Thompson, an organizer whose ancestors first settled in Brookline in 1860.

Marianne Salcetti, Troy, NH:
“At its town meeting, Troy residents resoundingly voted not to support Kinder Morgan’s pipeline proposal six times on warrant articles ranging from the Troy Superfund site, water quality concerns, property values to safety issues,” said Marianne Salcetti, Chair of the Troy Conservation Commission and journalism professor.

Joseph McCool, Amherst, NH:
“We are encouraged by the overwhelming support from Amherst residents who voted to file for intervener status”, affirmed Joseph McCool, a member of the Amherst Pipeline Task Force designated by the town’s Board of Selectmen to study local pipeline impacts.  “Our Amherst Pipeline Task Force continues its work and expects to file a statement with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on behalf of the town in the coming weeks”.

Stephanie Scherr, Fitzwilliam, NH:
“In the tradition of old New England, the Town Hall bells rang out, and a resounding voice boldly affirmed our united decision. The villagers of Fitzwilliam are as strong as the ancient granite we have built our homes upon, and we are resolved to STOP THIS PIPELINE,” asserted Stephanie Scherr, Community Liaison for Stop the NH Pipeline.

Douglas Whitbeck, Mason, NH:
“At their annual town meeting last Saturday, citizens of Mason, NH, instructed their select board to do what was necessary to oppose construction of a high-pressure natural gas pipeline that would trisect the town,” confirmed resident and organizer, Douglas Whitbeck.  “We, the people of Mason, have weighed our options and found that this pipeline presents a threat to the cherished character of the town and to the rights, safety, and well-being of its citizens.”
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The following list of these and other town actions is provided by our affiliates at Many thanks for their hard work compiling this list and of course for all those community members who are working to make these resolutions happen with landslide votes.
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