The town of Troy, New Hampshire


Mt. Monadnock, Troy

Information on Troy can be found on the Town of Troy website






The following letters are from Troy’s representatives and residents:

Pipeline Coming Anticipating Environmental Devastation in New Hampshire

Southern New Hampshire became an “elsewhere” about eight months ago when Kinder Morgan announced its plans to gouge land, forests, wetlands, residences, meadows, farms, ponds and lakes to dig several feet or so into, through and despite, layers of granite unyielding for centuries, but now expected to move aside, leaving ruined lives and property in its wake. Pipeline coming… Pipeline coming…”  Read more …

What you should know about natural gas consumption

If I thought this pipeline could be safely built and have a positive impact on energy security, I would support it. There is more than one way to address our region’s energy problems. This NED pipeline unfairly burdens New Hampshire.”  Read more …




Troy has a Facebook page for social media sharing of information. Click the link to be redirected to STOP THE NH PIPELINE: Fitz/Troy/Rich/Win